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An open door of a blue bus awaiting to be boarded by passengers.If you or a family member have suffered severe injuries from a bus accident in the Bronx or nearby areas, reach out to the experienced attorneys at the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm to explore your legal options. Our dedicated team can guide you towards achieving the best possible outcome for your injuries.

Traffic is a constant challenge in New York City’s bustling urban environment. According to transportation analytics leader INRIX, New York is the second most congested city in the U.S. and the third most congested city worldwide.

This heavy congestion contributes to numerous vehicle accidents, including severe or fatal injuries related to bus travel. Choosing public transportation, such as MTA buses, school buses, and private buses, does mitigate some challenges of city driving but introduces its risks.

For those impacted by bus accidents in or around the Bronx, experienced legal representation is crucial from the onset of your case to its resolution. Our attorneys are ready to provide the professional legal counsel you need.

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When choosing a bus accident attorney, it’s important to perform due diligence and assess the credentials of different firms to ensure you select the best possible lawyer for your case. The firm’s success rate, client testimonials, and overall experience handling similar cases are key factors to consider.

If you’re considering our Bronx Bus Accident Lawyers for your case, here are some advantages of working with us that may help address your concerns.

Securing justice for our clients has been our firm’s constant mission. This continuous commitment has led to multiple successes and an expanding clientele, highlighting our enthusiasm for standing up for people hurt in bus accidents nationwide.

We refrain from making irrational promises because we understand that every situation is different and that past performance does not guarantee future outcomes. We can promise our ongoing dedication to giving you outstanding legal counsel and working to get you the most money possible.

We at the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm have an excellent reputation because we diligently pursue justice and take a proactive stance. Our clients are the main reason for our firm’s existence, and this success motivates us to keep aiming for perfection in our representation of them.

Our Bronx personal injury attorneys handle every case with understanding and compassion because they are aware of the significant effects that bus accidents may have. Our experienced group of attorneys, paralegals, and support personnel will begin working on your case as soon as possible. They will be accessible to answer any questions you may have and will help you as you handle the legal system, making your experience with us helpful and well-informed.

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Bus accident cases are our focus at the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm. Bus collisions can be devastating, and our skilled attorneys are ready to guide you through the complexities of these incidents.

You shouldn’t bear the financial burden caused by the negligence of an overworked, inexperienced, or distracted bus driver.

We understand how intimidating accidents involving large vehicles like city buses and school buses can be and how challenging it is to deal with insurance companies and bus operators. We will manage every aspect of your case to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Choosing a Bronx personal injury lawyer from our firm means you’ll benefit from our contingency fee basis agreement. Under this arrangement, our attorneys are paid only if we successfully secure a settlement or verdict in your favor.

You pay nothing upfront. Instead, you agree to let your attorney retain a portion of your recovery as payment for their services. This payment structure encourages your lawyer to strive for the best possible outcome, increasing your chances of obtaining maximum compensation.

Bus accident litigation can be complex, involving facets of personal injury law, workers’ compensation, employment laws, and sometimes even criminal statutes. The public transportation sector is heavily regulated, and our attorneys are well-trained to handle the intricate maze of inspections, regulations, and laws enforced by both state and federal authorities.

The complexity of bus accident cases often demands specialized legal expertise. It’s essential to recognize that a bus accident claim requires more nuanced legal knowledge and negotiation skills than a typical car accident claim.

If you’ve been involved in an accident with a negligent bus driver, contact the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm today. Schedule a free consultation, and let us start the process of securing the settlement you deserve.

Who Is Liable for a Bus Accident?

In New York, various parties may be held financially responsible for injuries or deaths caused by negligence in a bus accident. Establishing liability begins with a Bronx bus accident lawyer who identifies the negligent parties and gathers evidence such as medical records, eyewitness reports, and maintenance logs to support the claim.

The following parties could potentially be liable:

  • Drivers: Bus drivers may be held accountable for accidents due to negligent driving, inadequate maintenance, improper inspections, or violations of driving regulations. Since drivers and maintenance teams are considered agents of the bus company, the company itself can also be held liable for its actions under agency law.
  • Employers: Organizations such as common carriers, school systems, or independent transportation companies are responsible for their drivers’ actions and any damage caused by vehicles they own and control. If an employer was aware of a driver’s adverse driving history or safety issues, it could be liable for negligent hiring and entrustment. Additionally, as the principal to the driver’s agent, the employer may be liable for the driver’s actions.
  • Bus Owners: If a bus is leased from another entity, the owner may share liability for any maintenance failures or vehicle defects. Owners are accountable for accidents stemming from inadequate maintenance or unaddressed vehicle defects.
  • Maintenance Contractors: Maintenance companies must uphold their duty to properly maintain the fleet. Failure to do so that results in injuries makes the maintenance contractor financially liable.
  • Bus Manufacturers: Manufacturers bear legal responsibility for accidents caused by defects in their buses. If a manufacturer fails to correct or disclose a defect, it could be held accountable for any injuries that result from such defects.
  • Contractual Liability: Sometimes, liability is transferred through contractual terms like hold harmless clauses, indemnification agreements, or duty-to-defend contracts. The effectiveness of these agreements can vary, and a skilled Bronx bus accident lawyer can help determine their applicability in a specific case.

Establishing liability involves careful investigation and legal analysis to pinpoint the responsible parties and prove negligence in all these scenarios.

What Damages Can You Recover for Bus Accident Injuries?

When recovering damages from a bus accident in the Bronx, compensation typically falls into three categories: economic, general, and potentially punitive.

Economic Damages are the tangible, quantifiable losses resulting from the accident. These include:

  • Lost Income: Verified by paycheck records showing earnings before the accident.
  • Diminished Earning Capacity: Based on the difference between your potential earnings before and after the accident.
  • Medical Expenses: Covers all hospital and doctor bills, including any receipts or invoices for medical care received.
  • Medications: Costs for all medications required during hospitalization and ongoing treatment.
  • Prosthetics and Mobility Devices: Expenses for necessary devices like artificial limbs, which aid in maintaining quality of life.
  • Physical Therapy: Costs associated with rehabilitation and adaptation to new physical conditions.
  • Transportation Costs: Includes travel expenses to and from medical appointments and other essential locations.
  • Home Care and Services: For those with catastrophic injuries, the ongoing costs of home care are also recoverable.

General Damages address non-economic losses, which are more subjective and harder to quantify:

  • Pain and Suffering: Compensation for physical discomfort and distress experienced as a result of the accident.
  • Emotional Distress: Covers psychological impacts, such as mood disorders or emotional difficulties due to life changes following the accident.
  • Impact on Personal Relationships: Compensation for strain on marital and familial relationships.
  • Loss of Bodily Functions: Compensation for the loss of ability to engage in work or leisure activities.
  • Scarring and Disfigurement: Addresses the emotional and psychological impact of visible injuries.
  • Permanent Disabilities: Covers long-term impacts on work, social life, and personal satisfaction.

Punitive Damages may be awarded in cases where the responsible party’s actions were exceptionally negligent or malicious. These are not common and aim to punish the offending party and deter similar future conduct.

Factors that might warrant punitive damages include negligent hiring practices by the bus company or a failure by the bus manufacturer to recall a faulty vehicle.

Consulting with a Bronx bus accident attorney is crucial for understanding the specific damages applicable to your case and handling the complexities of legal claims in such situations.

How Do Bus Accidents happen in the Bronx, NY?

Bus accidents in the Bronx, NY, arise from various causes, not merely coincidental events. Understanding the root causes is crucial for legal claims, as it establishes who is responsible and liable for damages.

Here, we outline typical causes, although other factors not listed might also be involved.

Negligent Bus Drivers

A frequent cause of bus accidents is the bus driver’s negligence. Negligence implies carelessness that leads to injury.


Establishing a bus driver’s negligence is necessary to claim damages. Negligence could manifest as speeding, ignoring traffic signals, or distractions.

Additionally, overworked drivers might experience fatigue, increasing the risk of accidents.

Other Drivers’ Negligence

Accidents can also occur due to negligence from other road users. The actions of these drivers might not directly impact the bus but cause the bus driver to react, potentially leading to an accident.

For example, a vehicle speeding through traffic might force a bus driver to maneuver unexpectedly, leading to an accident.

Vehicle Defects

Defects in the bus itself can lead to accidents. These defects might stem from issues during manufacturing or inadequate maintenance.

For instance, a faulty axle due to poor-quality materials or maintenance shortcuts can cause serious accidents. Legal action in such cases would be directed at the manufacturer or the maintenance provider.

Poor Road Conditions

Inadequate road maintenance, such as potholes or unclear road markings, can also cause accidents.

Typically, government entities are responsible for maintaining roads. However, suing a government body involves specific legal considerations and procedures, and sometimes, it might be more practical to target contracted companies responsible for maintenance.

What Is the Process of a Bus Accident Case?

In cases where the defendant is a private bus company, there is a three-year statute of limitations from the accident to file a lawsuit, according to NY CPLR § 214. A Personal Injury Claim Form must be submitted for an accident involving city buses within 90 days following the accident.

Most personal injury claims related to bus accidents are filed under the legal framework of negligence. This framework holds that the bus driver and the bus company had a duty to ensure the plaintiff’s safety.

A breach of this duty, leading to the plaintiff’s injury, establishes the defendants’ legal responsibility for resulting damages. This duty extends to other bus drivers, pedestrians, and passengers.

For example, suppose an injured party and their Bronx lawyer can demonstrate that the defendants violated the duty of care by driving recklessly, speeding, or disobeying red lights, resulting in an accident that resulted in injuries. In that case, the defendants may be found liable for the injuries.

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As an experienced car accident lawyer and the founder of the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm, Ali Awad is committed to helping Bronx bus accident victims. At our legal practice, we know the enormous impacts of severe injuries on your life, including your capacity to care for your family, support yourself, and continue your work.

Even though money will never replace what has been lost, getting financial compensation is an essential first step toward healing.

Our Bronx personal injury law firm aims to provide you with the best possible support by investigating the accident in great detail and gathering all relevant information so you can concentrate on improving. Talking with insurance adjusters should be avoided since they could pressure you into accepting a lower offer than you deserve.

Remember that insurance companies frequently put their profits ahead of your health.

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