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The aftermath of a collision between two hatchbacks caused by a distracted driver.Distracted driving is a dangerous and often deadly behavior. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), distracted driving results in nine fatalities and 1,000 injuries every day.

All drivers are legally responsible for focusing on the road to protect themselves and others.

If you or a loved one has been affected by a distracted driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your expenses and suffering. You do not have to face this alone; consider contacting a distracted driving accident lawyer to help you recover from your accident and pursue the compensation you deserve.

The CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm can assist you in negotiating with insurance companies or filing a lawsuit against the distracted driver. Call us today for a free consultation.

We are not afraid of taking challenging cases, and since we operate on a contingency fee basis, you will not owe us anything unless we secure a settlement for you.

How Our Goose Creek Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys Can Help

At the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm, we are not only dedicated to informing the public about the dangers of distracted driving, but we are also committed to defending the rights of innocent individuals who have been seriously injured in distracted driving accidents.

Have You or a Loved One Been Hit by a Distracted Driver?

Whether it’s a car accident, a truck accident, or one of the many motorcycle accidents that occur each year, you may be entitled to economic or punitive damages for your injuries.

Struggling with Medical Bills and Other Expenses?

If someone else’s negligence negatively impacts your life, you shouldn’t have to bear the burden alone. The other driver is responsible for the pain and economic damages caused to you and your family.

How We Can Assist You

If you are a car accident victim, please contact our office today. We can:

  • Conduct a Thorough Investigation: We will investigate the circumstances of your auto accident to gather strong evidence supporting your claim.
  • Negotiate with the Insurance Company: We strive to secure a full and fair settlement for you.
  • Fight for You in Court: If negotiations don’t succeed, we will aggressively fight for an optimal verdict on your behalf.

Don’t suffer alone. Reach out to us today and let our experienced team help you get the justice you deserve.

Why Choose Our Goose Creek Distracted Driving Accident Law Firm?

  • Free Consultation: We offer a free consultation to discuss your recent car accident. During this meeting, you will receive honest, dependable counsel and will not be obligated to retain one of our lawyers.
  • Strong Success Record: Our impressive success record demonstrates our commitment to achieving top results for seriously injured clients. We consistently strive for the best outcomes in every case.
  • Trial Experience: We have extensive experience taking distracted driving car accident cases to court in Riverside. Our trial lawyers are dedicated to helping you maximize the potential of your case.
  • Contingency Fee Basis: We handle cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you won’t pay any fees unless we secure a compensation award. This ensures that you can pursue your case without financial risk.

What Is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is operating a motor vehicle while distracted by a secondary activity, such as using a cell phone, applying makeup, or adjusting the music player. These distractions are dangerous as they threaten the lives and property of the driver and others on the road.

An average driver traveling 55 miles per hour requires about the length of a football field to come to a complete stop when braking suddenly. This distance can increase significantly for a distracted driver as their attention is not fully focused on the road.

Staying focused and applying the brakes on time is crucial in many situations where failure to do so may result in serious injury or death.

Accidents caused by distracted driving can lead to penalties and may also result in a civil lawsuit if personal injury is involved. Contact an attorney immediately if you have been involved in an accident.

How to Prove Distracted Driving in Goose Creek?

In Goose Creek, you may be entitled to compensation after a distracted driving accident if you can prove that the other driver was at fault for your collision and resulting damages. To do this, you or your lawyers must demonstrate that the other driver was distracted and that this negligence caused the accident.

Car accident claims based on negligence require four main elements of proof:

    • Duty of Care: Your lawyer must show that the other driver owed you a duty of care during the accident. This includes paying attention to the road and obeying Goose Creek’s distracted driving laws.
    • Breach of Duty: Distracted driving constitutes a breach of this duty. The driver knowingly engaged in a dangerous activity that could endanger others’ lives, demonstrating negligence or recklessness.
  • Specific Damages: You must prove that you suffered specific damages from the distracted driving accident. These include physical injuries, pain and suffering, lost income, or property damage.
  • Causation: Finally, it must be established that the driver’s distraction or negligence directly caused your car accident. If an unrelated factor caused the crash, the other driver may not be liable for your damages.

Managing the elements of a distracted driving car accident claim in Goose Creek is simpler with the assistance of our attorney. Our lawyer can gather evidence and build a case to prove your eligibility for compensation, allowing you to focus on your medical care.

Our distracted driving injury attorney from the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm will know how to demonstrate driver distraction to an insurance company, judge, or jury.

Why Is Driving While Distracted Dangerous?

Distracted drivers pose a significant threat to everyone on the road. When drivers divert their attention from driving, even for a few seconds, the consequences can be severe, especially at highway speeds.

For example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that when it takes to read or send a text message, a vehicle traveling at highway speeds can cover the length of a football field.

During this brief distraction, a driver may miss emergencies or hazards that a fully attentive driver would avoid. When the distracted driver refocuses on the road and gets both hands back on the wheel, there may not be enough time or space to react safely, often resulting in serious collisions.

Additionally, distracted driving can cause other dangerous behaviors, such as drifting into neighboring lanes or off the road, increasing the risk of accidents.

By staying focused and attentive while driving, we can help ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

How to Prove the Driver Was Distracted?

Proving that another driver caused an accident due to distracted driving can be challenging. Working with a distracted driver accident lawyer can be highly beneficial. 

Here are five ways to demonstrate that the other driver was on their phone at the time of the accident:

Police Reports

A police report is filed immediately after an accident. The details you provide to the officer or what the officer observes should be documented in the report.

If you or another witness mentioned seeing the other driver on the phone, it should be recorded in the report and accessible to all involved parties.

Driver Admits Fault

Sometimes, the driver responsible for the accident might admit to being distracted. This confession can occur directly to the officer or be overheard by witnesses.

Such admissions should also be noted in the police report.


Witnesses can provide important evidence. Other drivers, pedestrians, or bystanders might have seen the driver on their phones. Be sure to collect contact information from all witnesses at the accident scene.

Cell Phone Records

If you suspect the other driver was on their phone, your attorney can request or subpoena their cell phone records. These records may be admissible in court and can help establish that the driver was using their phone illegally during the accident.

Videos or Cameras

Surveillance and dashcam cameras are ubiquitous and can capture the driver in action, either on their phone or driving erratically. An experienced personal injury attorney can investigate and locate such evidence if it exists.

If you need help proving that a distracted driver caused your accident, consider contacting our qualified lawyer.

What Are the Three Main Types of Distracted Driving in Goose Creek?

While texting and driving is widely recognized as a dangerous distraction, it’s not the only type of distracted driving in Goose Creek. Interestingly, the most common type is daydreaming. When our minds wander, we don’t pay attention to what we’re doing.

Although it’s a natural tendency, staying aware of this behavior when behind the wheel is important.

The three main types of distracted driving include:

  • Mental Distractions: Mental distractions occur when you daydream or focus on anything other than the task. The best way to avoid this is to focus on driving and the road ahead consciously. It requires a deliberate effort to keep your mind on driving.
  • Physical Distractions: Physical distractions happen when you take your hands off the wheel. This should never happen, as you need to be able to react quickly to avoid hitting another car. Activities like combing your hair or searching the glove box can significantly impair your driving ability.
  • Visual Distractions: Visual distractions occur when you take your eyes off the road. Unfortunately, this happens frequently. You might look at something outside the car; before you know it, you’re rear-ending the vehicle in front of you.

Any of these distractions can lead to serious and dangerous accidents. People can get hurt or even killed when drivers don’t pay attention to what’s happening in front of them.

It’s essential to take every step to avoid distracted driving accidents. If you’re a victim of a distracted driving crash in Goose Creek, contact our distracted driving accident attorney immediately.

Common Causes Of Distracted Driving

  • General Distraction: Also known as daydreaming or being lost in thought, general cognitive distraction is one of the leading causes of distraction-related accidents, accounting for about 62% of all fatalities involving a distracted driver. General distraction often results from boredom, carelessness, or simply not being alert. You might think the road is safe or that driving is a good time to ponder various issues. However, safe driving requires your full and undivided attention. Distractions like being lost in thought can lead to property damage, injury, and even death.
  • Phone Usage: The second most common distraction while driving is phone use. This includes taking a phone call, dialing a number, sending a text, composing an email, or otherwise using a cellphone. Teen drivers, in particular, are frequently distracted by texting while driving. Goose Creek statutes prohibit texting or typing while driving for this reason. If you need to take a phone call, look up information online, or send a message, it’s best to park in a safe place first.
  • Distraction Outside the Car: Events outside the car, such as a crowd on the roadside or activities in another vehicle, can be major distractions. These external distractions are often intriguing and can distract a driver from the road. When a distraction is long enough, it may prevent a driver from braking in time or staying on course.
  • Passengers in the Car: Passengers, such as friends or family, can also be major distractions. Social interactions, like talking to passengers, looking towards them, or gesturing, can divert the driver’s attention from the road. Passengers in the car can lead to all three types of distractions: cognitive, visual, and manual.
  • Eating or Drinking: Many drivers routinely eat or drink while driving. Whether having coffee on the way to the office or eating a takeaway meal in the car, these activities constitute serious distractions. Spilling coffee or other drinks can become even more dangerous distractions, leading to accidents.
  • Using Audio or Adjusting Climate Controls: Adjusting the radio or climate controls draws your eyes and hands away from the road and the wheel. High speeds mean you may not see several hundred meters of the road while distracted. Such accidents can be avoided by slowing down to a very safe speed before adjusting the settings and resuming normal driving.

Staying aware of these common distractions and minimizing them can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. If you have been involved in a distracted driving accident, consider seeking our legal assistance to protect your rights and pursue compensation.

What Types of Injuries Does Distracted Driving Cause?

Distracted driving can cause a wide range of injuries, affecting drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists involved in accidents. These injuries can vary in severity from minor to life-threatening. 

Common types of injuries caused by distracted driving include:

  • Bone fractures: High-impact collisions can lead to broken bones, including fractures of the arms, legs, ribs, and other parts of the body.
  • Brain injuries: Head injuries, such as concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), can occur during a collision. Even mild concussions can have lasting cognitive and physical effects.
  • Spinal cord injuries: These injuries may result in paralysis, loss of sensation, and other severe neurological complications.
  • Internal injuries: The force of a collision can cause internal injuries, including damage to organs like the liver, spleen, or kidneys, which may require surgery.
  • Scarring and disfigurement: Cuts and lacerations from broken glass, sharp objects, or debris can cause scarring, which may require stitches or more extensive medical treatment.
  • Burns: In some cases, accidents can lead to fires or explosions, causing burns that may require extensive medical treatment and surgery.
  • Whiplash: Common in rear-end collisions, whiplash can cause neck pain, stiffness, headaches, and reduced range of motion.
  • Soft tissue injuries: These include sprains and strains affecting muscles, tendons, and ligaments, causing pain, swelling, and limited mobility.
  • Psychological injuries: The emotional trauma of an accident can result in conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression.
  • Fatal injuries: Tragically, some accidents result in fatalities, leaving grieving families to cope with the loss of a loved one.

The severity of injuries in distracted driving accidents depends on factors like the speed of the collision, the use of seatbelts and airbags, the type of vehicles involved, and the overall health and age of the individuals affected. Getting quick medical attention after an accident is crucial, as some injuries may not show symptoms immediately.

Additionally, consulting with our qualified car accident attorney can help you understand your legal rights and pursue compensation for your injuries and losses.

Damages in a Distracted Driving Accident Claim

After a distracted driving accident, you can file a claim to pursue compensation for damages, which are financial losses associated with the incident. You can seek compensation for any damages resulting from the negligence of the at-fault party, including those already incurred and those that may occur in the future.

A distracted driving lawyer can help assess both economic and non-economic damages to calculate the full cost of your losses.

Economic Damages have a specific monetary value and include:

  • Medical bills: Costs for hospital stays, surgeries, medications, physical therapy, and other healthcare expenses.
  • Property damage: Repair or replacement costs for your vehicle and other personal property.
  • Lost wages: Compensation for income lost due to time off work for recovery.
  • Lost earning potential: Future income loss if your ability to work is permanently affected.
  • Disability costs: Expenses related to long-term disability, including modifications to your home or vehicle.

Non-economic damages do not have a specific economic value but significantly impact your quality of life:

  • Mental anguish: Emotional distress caused by the accident.
  • Pain and suffering: Physical pain and emotional suffering resulting from the accident.
  • Loss of companionship: The negative impact on relationships with family and friends.
  • Loss of consortium: Loss of the benefits of a family relationship, including affection and support.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life: Reduced ability to enjoy daily activities and hobbies.
  • Loss of society: Diminished social interactions and connections due to the accident.

The following are some of the specific car accident damages you can pursue compensation for in a distracted driving accident claim:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Disability costs
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of society

By consulting with our qualified car accident attorney, you can better understand your legal rights and the potential compensation you may be entitled to for your injuries and losses.

Contact Goose Creek Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys for Help With Your Accident Claim

At the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm, our car accident attorneys have extensive experience assisting distracted driving accident victims. We understand the complexities of these accidents, the relevant laws across different states, and the most effective strategies for proving the at-fault party’s liability.

Our dedicated team provides personalized legal counsel, maintains constant communication, and invests time and resources to maximize your chances of recovering fair compensation.

Suppose you were involved in a distracted driving accident. In that case, you can get a free consultation with the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm to explore how we can help you recover compensation for your damages.

Contact us at (864) 664-3865 or schedule a complimentary initial consultation via email to discuss your Goose distracted driving accident case and learn how we can help you!


  1. What  Is the Compensation Available to Victims in a Distracted Driving Accident?

Injuries resulting from a distracted driving accident can be severe and require a long time to heal. Medical bills can be substantial and long-lasting. It’s crucial to receive financial restitution for these injuries and related expenses.

A distracted driving accident attorney from our team can provide you with the right legal counsel for your situation. We can help you recover the funds you have lost in damages and obtain the compensation needed to adjust to the changes in your life caused by the accident.

The compensation available to victims in a distracted driving injury case may include:

  • Medical bills for present and future care
  • Lost wages and earning potential
  • Pain and suffering, including both physical and emotional distress
  • Therapy
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Repair or replacement of destroyed property

Reach out to a distracted driving accident attorney with our legal team. The legal advice that can make a difference in your case is well within your reach. With a lawyer from our team, you can leverage our expertise in the law. Call us now to schedule a FREE case evaluation with a distracted driving accident lawyer.

  1. What Happens When a Driver Is Distracted?

Distracted drivers can experience several dangerous outcomes, including:

  • Failing to stay in their lane
  • Hitting pedestrians or bicyclists
  • Losing control of their vehicle

Accidents caused by distracted driving can end lives, destroy families, and cause financial ruin.

  1. What Is the Greatest Cause of Distracted Driving?

Talking and texting. People who use their cell phones to talk or text while driving are the most common cause of distracted driving accidents. The National Safety Council estimates that 26% of all car crashes involve cell phone use.

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