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A lawyer with hands clasped together while sitting at his desk waiting for a client to come in.If you or someone you care about has suffered from an animal attack, particularly a dog bite, it’s essential to recognize the seriousness of these incidents. Such encounters can lead to significant injuries, including permanent scars, broken bones, or even life-threatening conditions, and are especially traumatic for children.

Managing these difficult times requires medical attention and legal counsel to ensure you obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

At the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm, our team of dedicated dog bite attorneys based in Brooklyn is here to help. We serve clients across the five boroughs, Long Island, and surrounding areas, offering compassionate and steadfast legal advocacy.

We aim to help our clients heal and rebuild their lives following severe animal bite injuries. If you’re facing difficulties after such an incident, contact our experienced Brooklyn personal injury lawyers today to learn how we can assist you.

Our Brooklyn Dog Bite Attorneys Can Help You Prove Negligence

Proving negligence in a dog bite case in Brooklyn can be challenging but not impossible. Our expert attorneys at our Brooklyn personal injury law firm have the successful resources and experience to demonstrate responsibility in dog bite incidents.

A successful claim hinges on proving that the dog had previously exhibited dangerous or vicious behavior.

By choosing our firm, you’ll benefit from a detailed approach to building your case, including:

  • Collecting all relevant police and incident reports.
  • Conducting thorough interviews with all witnesses.
  • Obtaining and securing any photographs or video evidence of the attack.
  • Performing an on-site investigation of the incident location and speaking with neighbors.
  • Examining animal control records related to the dog in question.
  • Requesting a detailed, sworn statement from the dog’s owner about the animal’s history and behavior.

Our proactive steps are designed to gather the necessary evidence to establish fault and support your claim effectively.

How Does Our Brooklyn Dog Bite Law Firm Support You?

Experiencing a dog bite can be deeply traumatic, particularly for children. The consequences often involve extensive medical care, missed work or school, and even possible psychological effects like post-traumatic stress disorder.

During this challenging time, you must focus on recovery—both physically and emotionally—while we handle the legal complexities.

At the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm, we are committed to:

  • We’ll establish fault and demonstrate the extent of your injuries.
  • Dog bite injuries can range from facial disfigurement and severe lacerations requiring surgical intervention to infections needing medication, significant scarring, chronic pain, and, in extreme cases, fatalities.
  • If negligence causes your injuries, we will dedicately seek comprehensive financial compensation for your pain and suffering, medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses.

Before you contact us, there are a few things you should do right away if a dog has attacked you:

  • Identify the dog and its owner: Obtain the name and address of the dog’s owner.
  • Document the incident: Take photographs of the dog involved.
  • Notify the authorities: Contact the police to report the attack.
  • Get medical attention: Get immediate medical help to address your injuries.
  • Report the bite: In Brooklyn, notify the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
  • Keep records: Document all related expenses and capture images or videos of your injuries and any property damage.
  • Consult with a lawyer: Contact an attorney without delay. There are strict deadlines for filing a claim after a dog attack; missing these can forfeit your right to compensation.

What Are New York’s Dog Bite Laws?

New York’s dog bite laws stipulate that dog owners may be held accountable for injuries caused by their pets if the dog has previously shown signs of aggression. To claim damages from a dog owner, you need to prove that the owner was aware of the animal’s potential for aggression, even if they attempted to control it.

A dog may be deemed vicious if it attacks without provocation or just cause, and under such circumstances, its behavior could render it legally vicious.

In cases where a dog bite occurs, the owner might be strictly liable for any resultant injuries, which include covering costs for medical expenses, property damage, and pain and suffering inflicted by the incident.

At the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm, we recognize the distress caused by animal attacks, particularly when the victims are children. Our team of expert dog bite attorneys is prepared to listen to your case, conduct a thorough investigation, and manage the legal processes with you.

Compensation for Brooklyn Dog Bite

Dog bites not only result in physical injuries but also lead to significant financial burdens. Victims often face costly medical treatments and may lose the ability to work, not to mention the severe emotional impact these incidents can cause.

At the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm, we are dedicated to securing comprehensive compensation for victims of dog bites, which includes:

  • Complete medical coverage: Covering all treatments related to the bite, including surgeries, prescription medications, and necessary rehabilitation.
  • Reconstructive surgery costs: Addressing expenses for surgeries required after severe injuries, particularly facial damage.
  • Income recovery: Compensation for lost wages or income due to time away from work.
  • Pain and suffering: Acknowledging the physical pain and emotional turmoil caused by the attack.
  • Emotional and mental distress: Providing for the psychological impact following a dog bite, which might include anxiety, fear, or depression.
  • Quality of life: Compensation for loss of enjoyment of life due to the incident’s long-term effects.
  • Physical appearance: Addressing scarring or disfigurement that may require ongoing medical treatments.

Most dog owners have coverage through their renters or homeowner’s insurance policies, which can be used to pay compensation. Our law firm is skilled in negotiating with insurance companies to ensure you receive the most favorable settlement possible under your specific circumstances.

Common Injuries Caused by Dog Bites

Dog bite incidents can lead to severe injuries, and victims often seek legal assistance to pursue compensation.

Here are some common injuries associated with dog bites:

  • Puncture Wounds: Larger dogs are more likely to cause puncture wounds due to their size and strength. Even though dog teeth are not extremely sharp, their bite can still penetrate the skin, necessitating medical treatment such as stitches.
  • Teeth or Claw Marks: As a dog leaps to attack, it can tear through clothing and skin, leading to significant bleeding.
  • Broken Bones: These injuries can occur if a large dog knocks you over during an attack or if you fall while trying to escape. Common scenarios include a dog biting your arm or leg, which can result in fractures.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): When a dog attack causes a person to fall, particularly with larger breeds, the impact can lead to TBIs. These range from mild concussions to severe brain damage and require immediate medical attention to prevent long-term consequences.
  • Facial Injuries: Attacks to the face can be particularly traumatic, potentially resulting in the need for reconstructive surgery and leaving permanent scars.

After any dog bite incident, it is essential to consult a medical professional and obtain a detailed report of the injuries. This documentation is vital for your legal case and helps ensure you receive appropriate compensation for your injuries.

Our experienced attorneys are here to support you throughout this process, using all available evidence to build a strong claim on your behalf.

How to File a Claim for Dog Bite Injuries in Brooklyn?

Establishing the dog owner’s liability is crucial when pursuing a claim for injuries sustained from a dog bite. This involves demonstrating that the owner was negligent in controlling or supervising the dog or that they were aware of the dog’s aggressive tendencies but failed to take appropriate precautions to prevent an attack.

To substantiate liability, the victim needs to present evidence such as:

  • Witness Testimonies: Accounts from individuals who witnessed the event can provide crucial details.
  • Medical Documentation: Records detailing the injuries help link the bite to the claims.
  • Photographic Evidence: Images of the injuries and the dog can support the victim’s attack account.

Seeking Compensation for Injuries

Once liability is confirmed, the victim might be eligible for compensation, which can cover:

  • Medical Costs: Expenses for immediate and ongoing medical treatment.
  • Lost Earnings: Compensation for wages lost due to the injury.
  • Pain and Suffering: This covers physical pain and emotional distress experienced due to the incident.
  • Punitive Damages: In some cases, these may be sought to penalize the owner for gross negligence.

The amount of compensation largely depends on factors such as the severity of the injury and its impact on the victim’s quality of life.

What Factors Influencing Compensation in Dog Bite Injury Claims?

Several aspects determine the compensation amount in dog bite injury claims:

  • Injury Severity: More severe injuries typically result in higher compensation.
  • Age and Occupation of the Victim: These elements can influence the calculation of lost wages and impact on daily life.
  • Lifestyle Impact: How the injuries affect the victim’s everyday activities and overall lifestyle.
  • Medical Costs Incurred: The total expenses for medical treatment contribute to the compensation calculation.
  • Owner’s Negligence Level: The degree of negligence exhibited by the dog’s owner can also affect the outcome.

It is advisable to consult with an experienced dog bite attorney in Brooklyn for detailed guidance and to maximize the potential compensation. Considering all the contributing factors, an attorney can offer insights specific to your case.

What Are the Statutes of Limitations for a Dog Bite Injury in Brooklyn, NY?

In New York, the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit following a dog bite incident is three years from the bite date. This strict deadline means that victims have a three-year window to initiate legal action against the dog’s owner to seek compensation for damages.

Missing this deadline could result in losing the opportunity to claim compensation for your injuries. To avoid this, consulting with an experienced Brooklyn personal injury attorney quickly after a dog bite is crucial to explore and execute your legal options effectively and within the allowed time frame.

Liability in Brooklyn, NY Dog Bites

In New York, to seek compensation for a dog bite, you need to establish that the dog owner was negligent or violated a specific canine-related statute. Both scenarios typically involve proving that the owner knew of the dog’s aggressive tendencies.

To label a dog as dangerous, evidence must show that the dog has either injured a person, another animal, or poses a legitimate threat. Behaviors such as unprovoked attacks or actions that could harm a person or animal can contribute to this classification.

For example, a dog might be deemed dangerous if it has a history of attacks or even aggressive greetings towards visitors. If such behavior results in an injury, the owner can be held responsible for the resulting damages.

A liability claim can also be made if a dog owner has breached any local or state laws regarding dog handling. For example, under New York City’s leash law, dogs must be on a leash or chain no longer than six feet in public spaces or unfenced areas.

Failure to adhere to this law can lead to the owner being considered negligent and liable for any injuries caused by their dog.

Our Brooklyn Dog Bite Lawyers – Your Advocates in Difficult Times

At the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm, you receive legal representation and personal services that distinguish us from larger firms. Our attorneys are deeply involved in every case, ensuring that each client is treated with the care and attention they deserve—just like family.

We understand the challenges you face and are dedicated to providing compassionate support and skilled legal counsel.

We offer flexible appointment scheduling at our Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Long Island offices, including evenings and weekends. We can meet you at your home or hospital if you cannot travel due to illness.

Serving residents of Brooklyn, the Bronx, all five boroughs of New York City, and beyond, we are here to assist you.

We also extend our dedicated services to tourists affected by dog bites, providing the same level of thorough attention. Additionally, we offer Spanish services to cater to a broader community.

Let us help you seek the compensation you deserve to aid in your recovery. Reach out to us at (516) 689-1132 to arrange a no-cost consultation with our Brooklyn Dog Bite Lawyer and answer your questions.

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