Can a Childhood Head Injury Cause Problems as an Adult?

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A child with a head injury is cared for by a doctor.Unfortunately, yes. A head injury at any age can cause permanent difficulties or disabilities. Research on children and young adults has revealed multiple associations between early head injuries and health risks later in life:

Do You Need a Head Injury Lawyer If Your Child Has a Head Injury?

You should speak with a head injury lawyer about the circumstances of your child’s injury right away – in particular, discuss how the accident happened and who might have been responsible. It may be difficult to predict if your child will have long-term issues that could require expensive medical care, so you should have a conversation about responsible parties and potential insurance coverage now.

When Can You File a Lawsuit for Your Child’s Head Injury?

Under Georgia law, most personal injury lawsuits must be filed within two years of the injury. In some instances, a minor child’s potential claim may be “tolled” or extended until their 18th birthday, allowing them to file a claim as an adult. However, the child’s parent or legal guardian should still file a claim for reimbursement of their medical expenses or other costs involved with the child’s care within two years. It’s essential to speak with a qualified personal injury attorney so they can help you estimate how much your child’s care is likely to cost between now and their eighteenth birthday.

What Happens If a TBI is Not Treated?

It depends on the severity of the injury. In some cases, mild TBIs don’t require any treatment; the doctor may keep the patient in the hospital for observation, then release them if they seem to recover normally.

But in more serious cases, an untreated TBI could cause severe problems and may even lead to death. TBIs occur when some outside force, usually a blow to the head, causes damage to the brain. Small amounts of damage may heal on their own. But with more extensive damage, the brain may begin to swell, putting pressure on the skull – this is known as increased intracranial pressure, or ICP. As the pressure in the cranium rises, it can cause more brain or spinal cord damage, leading to serious complications or death.

Fortunately, ICP can usually be treated with prompt medical attention. Doctors may prescribe medication to reduce the swelling, but if this doesn’t work well enough, they might drill a small hole in the skull to relieve the pressure. These measures can allow patients time to recover and prevent death or permanent damage in many situations.

Bleeding in the brain is another potential problem. Small amounts of bleeding may only need observation, but more significant bleeding can cause blockages that stop blood flow to parts of the brain, also known as a stroke. Identifying the bleeding early and performing surgery to stop it may prevent permanent brain damage.

For these reasons, it’s crucial to seek medical care as soon as possible after a head injury. Even if your child seems fine, they should be examined by a doctor to rule out any serious issues that require treatment. Your doctor may run tests like a CT scan or MRI to look for signs of bleeding or injury in the brain.

Other Long-Term Issues Caused by Head Injuries in Childhood

Even with prompt treatment, a TBI can cause chronic or long-term health issues. Some are noticeable immediately, such as paralysis or difficulty walking or talking. But others may not be apparent at first, particularly cognitive difficulties in younger children. These may be attributed to the child’s age or developmental level, and the deficits might not be noticed until the child is several years older.

If your child seems to have recovered completely from their head injury, it’s still a good idea to monitor any new health issues they experience, even those that don’t seem serious. Ask your child’s pediatrician about any new difficulties or challenges you’ve noticed. For example, if your child begins struggling in school, especially with subjects they found easy before, you might seek an evaluation to determine if they have any learning difficulties that need to be addressed. It’s also helpful to learn the signs of mental illness in children, so you can help your child get support if they ever become depressed or anxious.

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Many children recover fully from a head injury and have no further problems. But a childhood head injury can put them at a higher risk of health problems later in life. Since it’s difficult to know for sure what the future will bring, we recommend speaking with a head injury lawyer today. They can advise you on options for seeking compensation for your child’s medical costs and other damages so that you can plan for your child’s future.

At the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm, your initial consultation is always free, and we won’t charge you anything until we win or settle your case. Please contact us today to learn your options for pursuing compensation after you or your child have a head injury.

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