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There is no greater burden in life than losing a close loved one. When their loss is caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongful acts, it becomes all the more painful. As a result of medical care needed prior to your loved one’s passing, you and your family may be facing financial hardship on top of your emotional suffering. There is also the loss of the loved one’s income to grapple with, on top of the other financial and emotional burdens.

During this difficult time, know that you can have help. Working with experienced wrongful death attorneys can allow you to determine what resources are available for your losses. While there is no way to replace the life and love of someone you have lost, pursuing a wrongful death claim can at the very least prevent further financial hardship for you and your family.

CEO Lawyer Ali Awad understands the anguish, the frustration, and the sense of confusion that can come from trying to hold responsible parties accountable for your loved one’s damages. A passionate legal advocate for individuals facing unfair power dynamics, Ali Awad has built a reputation for helping people exercise the full extent of their legal rights.

Contact the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a wrongful death lawyer near you. You can reach us online or by calling (833) 254-2923. We can help you determine what damages you can seek and what the next steps are to start making your family financially whole again.

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What Is a Wrongful Death Claim?

A wrongful death claim is filed in the event that an accidental or wrongful injury results in an injury victim’s death. Similar to a personal injury claim, this claim can seek to recover damages for the deceased’s financial losses prior to their death. This type of claim is often known as a “survival action” because it is brought forth by the surviving family members or representatives of the decedent’s estate.

Typical damages sought under a survival action include the costs of life-saving healthcare rendered immediately before the decedent’s death, as well as other financial losses they may have experienced during their accident.

Surviving family members can also take up a wrongful death claim seeking restitution for their own losses. These losses commonly include the income the loved one brought to the household as well as the intangible value of the loved one’s companionship and domestic assistance, particularly when minor children are left behind.

Through both types of actions, wrongful death claims seek to hold negligent parties accountable for their actions — and the irreversible consequences of those actions.

Most Common Scenarios Where a Wrongful Death Lawyer Is Needed

Wrongful death can involve any type of fatal accident, as well as intentional acts or other wrongful behavior that directly leads to someone’s passing.

Some of the most common reasons for wrongful death include:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Slip and fall
  • Aviation accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Dangerous drugs
  • Defective products
  • Workplace accidents
  • Nursing home neglect
  • Negligent security
  • Violent assault

What Damages Can Be Sought With the Aid of a Wrongful Death Attorney?

A wrongful death claim seeks to restore all of the losses wrought by the negligent behavior of the at-fault party to the extent legally allowed. Unfortunately, the laws on what damages can be sought vary from state to state. Consulting with a wrongful death attorney can allow you to determine what types of recovery actions are allowed in your state and who in the family is eligible to pursue said actions.

Generally speaking, most states allow for surviving family members and representatives of the estate to pursue the following types of damages in a wrongful death claim:

  • Medical bills accumulated by the decedent as a result of their accident
  • Pain and suffering of the decedent
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of household income
  • Loss of domestic services
  • Pain and suffering of the surviving family
  • Loss of companionship and consortium
  • Estate administration costs related to the accident
  • Related out-of-pocket costs absorbed by the surviving family

Speak with an experienced wrongful death lawyer near you to determine what damages may be available in your case and how to calculate the full estimated value of your claim.

Will My Wrongful Death Lawyer Need to File a Lawsuit?

In many cases, a wrongful death recovery action can take the form of an insurance claim filed against the liability policy of the at-fault party. If insurers are willing to negotiate a reasonable settlement according to all of the coverage available in the relevant policy, then it is possible to resolve your damages entirely out-of-court.

However, because of the high level of damages inflicted by a wrongful death, at-fault parties may try to deny liability, and their insurer may try to limit the provided benefits to the extent possible. When the other party refuses to negotiate or make a reasonable settlement offer for all applicable damages, then it may be prudent to file a wrongful death lawsuit to encourage your case to proceed. Filing a lawsuit allows for discovery, where more evidence and information regarding the wrongful death can be obtained. The allegedly at-fault party may also be more willing to negotiate a settlement that reasonably pays for the damages suffered by the plaintiff.

Some cases may proceed to a civil trial, where a jury weighs the evidence and makes a determination as to whether the alleged at-fault party is legally liable for the damages suffered by the plaintiff. CEO Lawyer Ali Awad has found a high amount of success in the courtroom for these types of cases, sometimes winning millions in damages for the grieving parties. While these results cannot be guaranteed, our wrongful death law firm can guarantee that we will use every legal resource available to seek the money your family needs to begin healing.

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Wrongful Death Law Firm?

Wrongful death cases involve significant material and intangible losses. Individuals feeling the loss of their loved one may simply want to “move on” and take the path of least resistance rather than fight for these losses. But the plain truth is that at-fault parties cannot be relied upon to voluntarily offer compensation for all of the losses you have experienced. The result is that you and your family may continue to suffer financially as well as emotionally.

Working with a wrongful death law firm, like the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm, allows you to at very least fully understand the scope of your losses and the legal strategies available to seek repayment.

Benefits of working with Ali Awad and his wrongful death attorney team include:

Full and Accurate Valuation of Your Damages

Calculating the full extent of your damages can be difficult. Many clients can also tend to under-value the losses they have and will continue to experience. Undervaluation is especially common when projecting the full costs of the loved one’s lost income.

Ali Awad and his team are highly experienced with wrongful death claims and the damages that can be experienced. We help you document every cost related to the negligence or wrongful acts of the at-fault parties, including a reasonable projection of the income your loved one would have otherwise brought to the home. Our experience also allows us to project a fair and reasonable amount for the emotional suffering and pain you have collectively experienced.

Analysis of Available Forms of Compensation

Understanding the liability claims available to you after your loved one’s death can be complicated. Insurance companies, in particular, want you to feel overwhelmed and powerless when it comes to making use of liability coverage after a fatal accident.

The CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm can analyze the full set of circumstances surrounding your loved one’s death. We can determine all potentially at-fault parties and whether instruments like insurance policies are available to expedite your recovery process. We can also carefully analyze the language of any insurance policies to determine what coverage should be available to you and other grieving survivors.

Rigorous Research and Investigation

Your loved one’s fatal circumstances may involve complex questions of the law, including whether the alleged at-fault party is considered legally responsible according to your state’s liability laws and relevant prior case outcomes. By studying past cases and the letter of the law itself, our wrongful death attorneys can determine the best legal strategy available when seeking the compensation you need.

Your case may also require extensive private investigation to uncover the true circumstances and influencing factors behind your loved one’s death. At-fault parties can sometimes put a high amount of effort into obscuring information or making it difficult to retrieve, preventing you from fully understanding how and why your loved one has passed. Through our efforts and our partnered service providers, we can seek to uncover all relevant factors and build a strong case for negligence and liability.

Full-Service Legal Representation at No Up-Front Cost

The CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm will represent you at no up-front cost to you and your family. Our attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t owe us for our services unless we are able to recover a settlement or award for your case. Your first appointment is also always free and confidential, with no obligation to continue working together afterward.

When you agree to become our client, we provide you with a full assessment of your case and your available legal options. You will be able to make informed decisions that you feel are in the best interests of you and your family, and you will be kept up-to-date during every step of legal proceedings.

Hire a Wrongful Death Law Firm That Cares About Your Future

Moving past the wrongful death of a loved one is never easy. Even waking up in the morning can feel painful as you mourn your loss while feeling anxious about your family’s future stability.

Ali Awad and his wrongful death attorney team are here to help you feel more confident and in control of your life in the wake of your loved one’s passing. We cannot ease the emotional pain you feel, nor the tangible hole left in your life. But we can help you seek a fair outcome as we pursue all liable parties for the damages they have inflicted through their wrongful acts.

Reach out to us today online or call (833) 254-2923 to schedule your free, no-obligation case review. Our injury and accident attorneys are ready and waiting to assist you.

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Help Negotiating with Insurance Carriers

To quickly resolve matters following an accident, insurance companies will offer you less than you deserve in compensation for your injuries. Many victims feel pressured to accept these offers as the bills begin to pile up, but that is rarely a good idea. The insurance company is looking to protect its bottom line; and will offer injured victims less than they deserve. An experienced personal injury attorney understands how to negotiate with the insurance company and can look out for your best interests by getting you the compensation you deserve after an injury. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, it is important to avoid negotiating or providing recorded statements to the insurance company without first seeking help from a qualified personal injury attorney.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Case?

The best way to determine if you have a personal injury case is to speak with a knowledgeable attorney. Our legal professionals have the expertise to evaluate your case and determine a strong legal strategy so that you can obtain the greatest amount of compensation possible under the law. We will enlist investigators, assistants, and other specialists to collect accident reports, speak with witnesses to your accident, and put together a plan. While you focus on your physical recovery, we will remain committed to fighting for the compensation that you deserve.

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Accident victims have a limited time to file a personal injury lawsuit. This time period is referred to as the statute of limitations, and in Atlanta, it lasts only two years. This means that if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you have only two years to pursue a personal injury suit. If you wait too long to reach out to an experienced attorney, you might be forever barred from seeking the compensation you deserve.

What to Expect From Your Initial Consultation With a Personal Injury Attorney?

During your initial consultation with CEO Lawyer team, we will go over the important details of your personal injury accident, which include the nature and extent of your injuries, how your injuries have impacted your ability to earn a paycheck, the cost of your medical treatment, and whether further medical treatment will be required. We will answer any questions you might have, as well, in regards to our experience, our track record of success, and what to expect from the legal process. Many personal injury victims wonder if they will be able to afford the legal fees required to pursue a lawsuit. CEO Lawyer injury and accident attorneys will not ask for any type of upfront fee unless we are successful in obtaining compensation for you. That means that if you have been harmed in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall accident, defective product accident, or any other type of personal injury accident, you can absolutely afford to contact our law office today for assistance. In fact, you cannot afford to wait. Reach out today. We understand that some accident victims might have already obtained the assistance of an attorney but may be dissatisfied with the services provided. We are standing by and prepared to help you change legal representation, regardless of where you are in the process.

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