How Can My Dashcam Help My Car Accident Investigation?

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A dashcam captures images before an accident.In today’s age, dashboard cameras, known as dash cams, have become very popular. Insurers may offer a discount for drivers who agree to install a dashcam on their vehicle. While many people may agree that using a dashcam can be incredibly helpful, using one should also require some consideration. For example, if you are involved in an accident, dashcam footage can be incredibly helpful or incriminating, depending on who is at fault in an accident. In addition, even your own dashcam footage may be used against you.

If you have been involved in an accident in Georgia and have dashcam footage, it will be best to speak to a car accident attorney so that it can be used to assist you with your case. Dashcam footage provides critical evidence which may significantly affect your chance of winning your claim. Many individuals are choosing to install dashcam footage. Contact Ali Awad, ‘The CEO Lawyer’ and his team of experienced personal injury attorneys at the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm by calling (833) 254-2923 or contacting us online to receive your free and confidential case evaluation. Attorney Ali Awad, ‘the CEO Lawyer,’ established the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm and quickly turned it into one of the fastest-growing law firms in the country. If we take your case, you won’t pay anything until we win.

What Are Dashcams?

Dashcams are digital video recorders, often small in size, installed on a driver’s windshield or dashboard. While driving, the camera will continuously record camera footage of the road conditions. In addition, it may be able to pick up movements around your vehicle, such as when it is parked. Like police dash cameras, car dash cameras are used by consumers to pick up road conditions and keep a footage record that may be referred to later if necessary. Unfortunately, dashcams often have little storage space, and newer footage may consistently rewrite older footage. However, you may manually choose to save older footage that you may need to refer to later. Dashcams can be:

  • Basic: Basic dashcam models are typically around $100.00-200.00 and will only have basic recording capabilities.
  • Advanced: High-definition, GPS-enabled, Bluetooth & WiFi-enabled dashcams are now available on the market. Prices typically begin around $250.00 and may exceed $1,000.00 for high-quality cameras.
  • Factory-Installed: Some luxury vehicle brands such as BMW, Cadillac, Audi, and Lexus have vehicles available with factory-installed dash cams inside.

Can Dashcam Evidence Help My Car Collision Claim?

It may assist your case if you have been involved in a car collision and have dashcam footage of the accident. However, it would be best if the dashcam footage were to include:

  •   A recording of the accident making the at-fault party’s liability clearly visible.
  •   You inside your vehicle to show how the crash affected you and any other occupants.
  •   Speed data – some dashcams can add speed data to the recordings.
  •   GPS data – this will be helpful to more accurately determine events leading up to the accident and where precisely the accident scene occurred

Car Accident Investigation

Having dash cam footage will indeed aid in the car accident investigation. Car accident investigations are a regular part of the procedure following a car accident and a car accident claim being filed. Here are some more things you should know regarding the potential benefits of installing a dashcam:

Obtaining Witness Data

Car dash cams may be utilized to find car accident scene eyewitnesses. In addition, faces, license plate numbers, vehicle descriptions, and other identifying information may be found to make tracking witnesses easier.

Vandalism/Theft Protection

Dashcams can provide valuable evidence if your car is vandalized or broken into.

Insurance Claims

Whether submitting a claim from adverse weather, theft, or any other type of accident, dashcams can streamline insurance claim processes and reduce insurance fraud.

Infraction Disputes

In the event that you receive a ticket that you disagree with, video evidence can be used to dispute driving infraction tickets.

Car Dashcam

If you have dashcam footage of your accident, police officers may choose to seize it as evidence when responding to the accident if the cause is unclear. Suppose it is not taken by officers immediately. In that case, you may face additional legal charges later if you attempt to delete, discard, or alter any of your dashcam footage and the court subpoenas it. Suppose you become aware that another driver has dashcam footage of the accident. In that case, it is essential to let your attorney know as soon as possible so that they can work to get the footage before anything happens to it.

If you have been involved in an accident or have dash cam footage, it is best to hand it over to your lawyer, even if you find it incriminating. You should never tamper with dashcam footage. If you are found tampering with evidence, such as selectively deleting footage from a camera, it could be considered a crime, and you may be penalized. Moreover, it will likely raise suspicion from any investigating parties and may hamper your claim.

However, suppose the at-fault party has dashcam footage of the collision and is unwilling to disclose the evidence voluntarily. In that case, your lawyer may obtain the footage from them by issuing a subpoena. After a car collision, if you are able, give the other vehicle a lookover to see if you notice a dashcam installed on the windshield or dashboard of the car.

Car Accident Attorney

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