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A wrongful death lawyer in his office passionately working on a case to get compensation for a client.More than 250,000 people die every year from medical errors, according to a study by John Hopkins patient safety experts, and that is only one example of a cause of wrongful death.

Losing a family member is a life-changing tragedy that can leave you devastated and unsure of the future. If your loved one’s death was caused by someone else’s actions or inactions, a wrongful death attorney will be able to help you.

When Do I Contact a Marietta Wrongful Death Attorney?

When someone dies because of the reckless, intentional, or negligent actions of someone else, their death is considered a wrongful death. The cause of their death may have been the fault of another person or a business or entity, such as a government agency.

When a wrongful death has occurred, the victim’s family may be able to receive compensation for their losses through a wrongful death claim against the person or party responsible. The first step is to contact a Marietta wrongful death attorney to learn about your legal rights and options in your unique circumstances.

What Qualifies as a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A wrongful death claim is a claim against a person who can be held liable for a death. Eligible family members of the victim of a wrongful death are able to pursue a wrongful death claim in Georgia.

No amount of money will ever be enough to make up for the loss of your loved one. The purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit is for financial compensation for the victim’s family. Damages typically include:

  • Any remaining medical expenses
  • Cost of the funeral
  • Pain and suffering of the family as well as the victim before the death
  • The surviving spouse and children may also request financial support depending on the circumstances

A wrongful death lawsuit is a civil case that must prove that the victim died because of the wrongful actions of others. In order to be successful, the wrongful death attorney must prove four elements showing that the defendant is responsible for the victim’s death.

If any of these factors cannot be proven, the death of the victim would not constitute a wrongful death and would be considered to have been caused by some other reason.

What Are the Four Elements of a Wrongful Death Claim?

The four elements required to prove a wrongful death claim are as follows:

  1. The defendant owed your family member a duty of care
  2. The defendant breached that duty of care
  3. The breach of care caused the accident
  4. Your family member was killed as a result of the accident, and your family has suffered damages from that death

Duty of Care

Your family member must have been owed a duty of care from the defendant. The duty of care generally means that someone must refrain from causing harm to another person.

For example, when someone drives a car on a public road, they owe a duty of care to everyone else sharing that road and must, therefore, drive safely and abide by the rules of the road. Your lawyer must prove that the defendant was obligated to keep your family member safe.

Breached Duty of Care

Once the duty of care has been established, the lawyer must then prove that the defendant did not uphold the duty owed to the victim. For example, the defendant may have been speeding or failed to stop at a red traffic light.

The Breach of Care Caused the Accident

Every wrongful death case is different. There are countless scenarios, circumstances, and situations that cause accidents.

The lawyer must be able to prove that the breach of duty is what caused the accident. For example, if the defendant was speeding and collided with the victim, the lawyer must prove that the excessive speed was to blame for causing the accident.

They can do this by proving that the accident would not have occurred had the defendant been driving at a safe and legal speed using expert witnesses and evidence of stopping distances and reaction times. This is where the lawyer will need as much proof as possible and evidence to back up the claims.

The Victim’s Death Was Caused by the Accident, and Your Family Has Suffered Damages From Their Death

The final element of a successful wrongful death case is to prove that the victim’s injuries and death were caused by the accident. This means that the victim must have suffered injuries and death as a result of the accident.

Obviously, there would be no wrongful death claim if the victim had survived the event. The death of the victim must have been caused by the breach of duty that caused the accident.

Your family must have also suffered damages, such as funeral expenses or pain and suffering, in order to seek compensation. After these four elements have been established, the wrongful death attorney must present evidence of damages for which compensation is being pursued.

The proof only has to show the defendant’s recklessness is true by above fifty percent of surety because wrongful death cases are civil trials and not criminal trials where the evidence must prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

The main two factors to consider while building your case are whether the defendant was negligent and the amount of compensation you should receive for your damages. Strong evidence of negligence includes any legal documentation showing fault or the verdict of a criminal trial, if available.

However, you may still file a claim without a criminal trial, as it may not take place until after your case has been filed and possibly even settled. Your Marietta wrongful death attorney will help you by investigating your family member’s accident to determine fault and to find proof of negligence.

Your personal injury lawyer will also consult with an economist to determine the full amount of compensation that you will be able to pursue.

People without legal knowledge and experience in investigating accidents will find proving their case very difficult. The Marietta wrongful death attorneys at The CEO Lawyer know how to build a strong case and will get you the compensation that you are entitled to receive.

What Types of Damages Can Be Claimed in a Wrongful Death Case?

The deceased victim’s family is the plaintiff in a wrongful death lawsuit. If successful, the court will order the defendant to pay the plaintiff’s claimed damages.

The determination of the value of the award for damages potentially includes the following factors:

  • Funeral Expenses
  • Transportation Of the Deceased
  • Burial or Cremation Expenses
  • Medical Bills For the Deceased As a Result of the Accident
  • Lost Wages the Victim Would Have Earned Had They Lived
  • Pain and Suffering of the Deceased
  • A Reasonable Value For Non-Economic Damages

Funeral Expenses

According to Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, the average cost for a funeral in Georgia is between $7,000 and $12,000 and varies depending on the city, elected services, and service provider. Wrongful death accidents are unplanned events that may leave families unable to afford funeral arrangements.

Transportation of the Deceased

Not all wrongful death accident victims die close to home. The cost to bring them home varies wildly depending upon the following criteria:

  • Distance They Must Travel
  • Fees for Shipping Arrangements
  • Method of Transportation
  • Weight of the Deceased

Burial or Cremation Expenses

Direct burials without the additional cost of a funeral are about $5,136. Cremation without funeral services costs $1,922, according to Funeralocity. The cost for each method fluctuates depending on location and the type of coffin or urn chosen.

Medical Bills for the Deceased As a Result of the Accident

Wrongful death accidents are horrific, especially when high speeds or falls are involved. Many people survive the initial accident only to succumb to injuries and die later in the hospital.

Any treatment they received before their death, including transportation to the hospital, will be charged to their estate. While families are not responsible for paying these expenses, medical bills are expensive and would take a large portion, if not all, of the deceased’s estate.

Some families could be left with nothing, especially if family assets were only in the deceased’s name.

Lost Wages the Victim Would Have Earned Had They Lived

The income the deceased would have earned if the accident had not happened is also calculated into a claim for damages. This amount is significant to families who depend on the victim as the household’s primary source of income.

Pain and Suffering of the Deceased

The family can also receive financial compensation for any pain the victim experienced from the accident until death. Some deaths happen instantly, while other victims experience extreme pain from their injuries, and they may have suffered for a long time before help arrived or if they were trapped somewhere.

A Reasonable Value for Non-Economic Damages

Family members are owed compensation for the loss of their loved one. Non-economic damages are for the loss of the individual.

For example, a child who lost a parent also loses a guide, counselor, and comforter; a spouse is losing a companion, support, and consortium. They are losing future memories and will suffer emotionally for the rest of their lives.

There is also consideration given to the value of the victim’s life. For example, if the victim had provided professional services, that would have allowed them to increase their earning potential exponentially.

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