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Every day, unsuspecting drivers find themselves faced with dangers on the road, some caused by defects in the road itself. Everything from exposed potholes caused by ongoing storm damage to lopsided, poorly completed construction can quickly lead to a life-changing accident.

In extreme examples, engineering mistakes have led to catastrophic collapses and other consequences.

Luckily, the law recognizes that you have the right to drive on safe, well-maintained roads. Those who design and maintain roadways have a responsibility to exercise due diligence and not pose unreasonable dangers to those who travel.

Incidentally, that includes public agencies, like the Georgia Department of Transportation, as well as those who maintain private roadways for commercial or residential use.

If you’ve been injured in an accident that you believe was ultimately caused by dangerous road conditions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today. At the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm, we can review your case and help you determine whether another party’s negligence led to your accident — and help you hold them accountable.

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The Importance of Collaborating With a Dangerous Road Condition Accident Attorney

A dangerous road condition accident attorney specializes in helping individuals who have been involved in accidents caused by hazardous road conditions. This can include road conditions that directly led to an accident, such as a sinkhole enabled by an engineering flaw, or that indirectly made a serious accident more likely to occur, such as a roadway with poor visibility, given the posted speed limit.

You should reach out to a dangerous road condition accident attorney if you’ve been involved in an accident that you believe resulted from poor road maintenance, lack of proper signage, or other unsafe road conditions. In these kinds of situations, it’s essential to work with a local attorney because they’ll be well-versed in the local laws, legal codes, and regulations you’ll need to file a strong claim.

On top of that, your Atlanta personal injury lawyer will also know who to hold accountable for every kind of accident and where and how to file a claim. Best of all, they’ll essentially function as your legal ally by protecting your rights every step of the way, fighting hard to secure you and your family any compensation you may be owed.

What Are Dangerous Road Conditions?

Dangerous road conditions encompass a range of factors that make the roads unsafe for drivers — and pedestrians — alike.

One key factor is poor maintenance, as the neglected upkeep of road surfaces, potholes, and deteriorated infrastructure can pose significant risks. Additionally, the absence of clear signage, such as missing or confusing traffic signals and warnings, will often only make matters worse.

Additional hazards include roads with design and engineering flaws, including those that fail structurally or that unreasonably allow conditions like heavy rain to affect their safe functioning. When you’re on the road, it’s important to make sure you always stay alert and do your best to spot any potential hazards, no matter how small they may seem.

For example, potholes (i.e., depressions in the road surface) can cause sudden jolts or even loss of control. Similarly, worn-out road markings and faded lines can lead to confusion, especially during adverse weather, and inadequate lighting can cast shadows that reduce visibility, particularly at night.

Other hazards like debris, construction zones without proper guidance, and obstructed signs can also quickly lead to a terrible accident.

However, even with reasonable precautions, a motorist could still be involved in a serious accident when defective roadway designs or dangerous conditions are allowed to persist.

Property owners and road designers have an obligation to follow due diligence, create and maintain structures in line with code, and correct any hazards within a reasonable timeframe. Any failure to take these measures, which results in an injury-causing accident, could cause the responsible party to hold liability for the resulting damages suffered by injury victims.A low shot of a pothole in a city street next to a row of parked cars.

Local Responsibility for Road Maintenance and Safety

In Atlanta, it’s often the local government’s job to ensure that some of our busiest roads are safe and free of dangerous conditions.

More specifically, municipalities have a legal duty to maintain most roads in a condition that minimizes risks to drivers and pedestrians. This responsibility includes regular inspections, timely repairs, and the expectation that any hazardous conditions will be addressed within a reasonable timeframe.

When the city government fails to uphold these obligations, they may be held accountable for any accidents that result from dangerous road conditions.

State agencies, like the Georgia Department of Transportation, are also responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of certain roadways in Georgia, such as state highways and federally funded interstate roads. Construction crews also hold their own level of responsibility for performing quality work in compliance with the awarded municipal, state, or federal contract.

Thus, the party that is ultimately responsible for the damages you have suffered can differ based on the exact nature of your case. This complexity is why it is often highly beneficial to work with an experienced dangerous road condition accident lawyer.

What Local Laws, Legal Codes, and Regulations Govern Atlanta’s Road Conditions?

A strong legal framework has been put in place to ensure that Atlanta’s roads are safe for everyone who uses them. These rules serve as a shield against accidents caused by hazardous road conditions and include the following statutes.

The Atlanta Code of Ordinances: Chapter 138 – Streets and Sidewalks

This cornerstone legal code establishes regulations for the maintenance and repair of streets and sidewalks. It mandates that roadways be kept in a condition that avoids potential dangers, including potholes and other obstructions.

This code also emphasizes the importance of clear road markings and proper signage to prevent confusion among drivers.

Georgia’s Official Code: Title 32 – Highways, Bridges, and Ferries

Georgia’s state-level laws contribute to road safety by addressing issues like road design, maintenance, and signage. Within Title 32, specific codes highlight requirements for proper road construction, including factors like drainage systems (to prevent water accumulation and deterioration).

Additionally, this title outlines the responsibility of municipalities to address unsafe road conditions in a timely manner.

Establishing Negligence in Dangerous Road Condition Cases

If you want to build a strong case, you’ll need to prove that the negligence of the city (or other responsible party) led to the dangerous road conditions that caused your accident. To do so, you’ll need to compile compelling evidence that can link the road’s unsafe conditions directly to your accident.

Think photographs of the scene showing potholes, inadequate signage, or poor lighting. Provide visual proof or witness statements from those who observed the conditions (and the accident).

These will undoubtedly lend credibility to your claim. You will also have to establish that a specific duty of care was violated, such as a failure to inspect roadways in compliance with state or federal standards.

Additionally, expert opinions can also play a vital role. Engineers, accident reconstruction specialists, or road safety experts can provide unbiased assessments.

Their insights offer a professional perspective on how the hazardous conditions contributed to the accident, which will reinforce your case’s strength.

By effectively gathering and presenting this evidence, you can create a compelling narrative that shows how the party’s negligence played a significant role in causing your accident.

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Seeking Compensation for Damages

After an accident, seeking compensation can help alleviate any lasting financial (or emotional) burden.

Compensation covers a range of areas, including medical expenses incurred for treatment and rehabilitation, as well as property damage, like repairs to your vehicle. If the accident caused you to miss work, compensation can account for lost wages.

Then, there are also possible damages for emotional distress, which can stem from pain, suffering, or trauma caused by the incident, is also considered.

To calculate your total damages[1], you’ll need to assess the overall impact the accident had on your life.

For medical expenses and property damage, it’s relatively straightforward to tally up the total dollar value of costs incurred. However, you will also need to project the costs of any future losses you will suffer, such as the costs of follow-up care.

Similarly, lost wages are evaluated based on the income you’ve been unable to earn since the accident, including any related to reductions in hours, changes in job duties, or your need to tap into sick leave or other benefits.

Emotional distress damages, while less tangible, is equally significant. Compensation for emotional distress considers the pain, suffering, anxiety, and emotional toll experienced.

If you’re working with an attorney, they’ll be able to help you consider how the accident has affected you overall and accurately calculate any damages you may be owed for pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, all too often, receiving fair compensation requires strong legal representation. Our experienced dangerous road condition accident lawyers can evaluate the extent of your damages, gather evidence, and negotiate with the municipality (or other party) to seek a settlement for all damages you have suffered.

Plus, legal proceedings can quickly become extremely complicated, especially when you’re dealing with a dangerous road condition claim. If you’re unsure about notice requirements, deadlines, or the legal process, consulting an attorney ensures you’re on the right track.

Filing a Claim Against Your Municipality

In Atlanta, if you intend to file a claim against the municipality after experiencing a car accident caused by unsafe road conditions, there are specific notice requirements you need to be aware of. Generally, these requirements entail notifying the city or municipality within a relatively short time frame after the incident occurs.

However, the exact notice requirements can vary based on local laws, regulations, and ordinances — but this is where your attorney comes in. Working with an experienced Atlanta dangerous road conditions lawyer is the easiest way to streamline the claims process and ensure that you don’t miss any key steps.

They will help you assemble all available evidence in a timely manner and manage the process of your claim from start to finish. Since time frames are tight for such claims, often requiring notice within just six months, it’s important to work with an attorney capable of expediting the process and filing the correct paperwork.

Typically, the process will require you to begin by filing a formal notice of claim where you outline the incident, the dangerous road conditions involved, and the harm you’ve suffered. The municipality then investigates the claim.

If a resolution isn’t reached during this stage, legal proceedings may be initiated.

When Should I Reach Out to a Dangerous Road Condition Accident Law Firm in Atlanta?

Typically, you will want to involve an attorney immediately after the accident because time is of the essence. As soon as you’ve ensured your safety and sought medical attention, contacting a dangerous road condition accident law firm should be your first priority.

The sooner you engage legal counsel, the better they can guide you through the necessary steps.

Additionally, if the accident caused injuries requiring medical treatment, property damage, lost wages, or emotional distress, you should reach out to an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you’ll be able to recover compensation for any applicable damages.

So whether you’ve just experienced an accident that was caused by dangerous road conditions or you’re struggling to secure the compensation you think you’re owed, reach out to our team to see how we can help you file your claim as smoothly as possible. At the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm, we know that dealing with your local municipality or other public entities can be a headache — but we also know how to maximize your chances of successful recovery.

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