Can Head Trauma Accelerate Dementia?

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An elderly woman with dementia is cared for by her daughter and granddaughter.Research shows that a single head injury increases the risk of developing dementia later in life A University of Pennsylvania study found that this risk was even more pronounced with repeated head injuries. This may be one reason why athletes who play contact sports like football are 3.5 times more likely to die from dementia or another neurodegenerative condition.

The Penn Medicine study followed a diverse population of patients for 25 years. Study participants with a single head injury had 1.25 times increased risk of developing dementia compared to people without head injuries, while those with two or more head injuries had over two times increased risk. The research also showed that women with head injuries had a higher risk of dementia than men with head injuries, and White participants with head injuries had a higher risk of dementia than Black participants with head injuries. The reasons for these differences in gender and ethnicity are not yet clear.

Other research indicates that the more severe the head trauma, the more likely the patient is to experience dementia later in life. One analysis of fifteen studies found that people who suffered a head injury severe enough to cause loss of consciousness had about 50 percent higher risk of dementia.

Can You Reduce the Risk of Dementia?

There are multiple risk factors for dementia besides head injury, including genetics and age (as you get older, your risk increases). These factors can’t be changed. However, maintaining a healthy diet, being physically and socially active, and managing stress may help to reduce your risk.

Why Do You Need a Head Trauma Lawyer?

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can cause more immediate health concerns. You may have lingering headaches, cognitive or memory difficulties, seizures, challenges with balance and coordination, other movement issues, or difficulties with speech or language. People with head injuries are also at increased risk of developing mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Right now, you may be dealing with medical bills from a hospital stay, follow-up appointments, and associated expenses. At the same time, you might be unable to work due to persistent symptoms from your head injury. The financial strain could affect your life now as well as your ability to save for the future and any further care or treatment you might need.

How Do Head Injuries Happen?

One of the first benefits of speaking with a head trauma lawyer is exploring the potential causes of your head injury. Car crashes and falls are two of the biggest causes of TBIs, and in many cases, these situations are due to another party’s negligence.

However, it is not always easy to know who was at fault in an accident, and figuring it out may not be top of mind when you’re struggling to recover from a head injury. If you’re in pain, trying to manage chronic symptoms, or working on rehabilitation to regain lost functions, you may not have the time or mental energy to figure out what happened. You also may not have a clear memory of the events that led up to your accident, especially if you suffered a significant head injury.

Your head trauma attorney will review the police report if you were injured in a car accident, but you should remember that these reports are based on the evidence available to the officer at the time. Many times, accident reports are inconclusive because the officer didn’t have enough evidence to cite anyone. Another problem is that if you were unconscious or rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, the responding officer might not have had a chance to get your statement. The other driver may have claimed that the crash was your fault or remembered things differently.

Fortunately, our law firm has an investigative team that can look into an accident and pursue additional evidence. We might canvas the area where the accident happened, seek out more witnesses, or collect video from doorbell or traffic cameras. If there is a way to demonstrate the crash was not your fault, we’ll find it.

In situations where we can’t locate any more evidence and fault isn’t clear enough to give you a strong case, we will consider other options for seeking compensation. Depending on the type of car insurance policy you have, we may be able to make a claim with your own insurer for your medical bills and other damages. In some situations, you may also have a claim against a third party who may have contributed to the accident in a less direct way. For example, if your seatbelt failed and you were ejected from the car and hit your head, you might have a claim against the seatbelt manufacturer. In certain circumstances, Georgia’s dram shop laws also allow you to make a claim against a bar or restaurant that overserved a patron who later drove drunk and caused your injuries.

What if your head injury was caused by a fall? Often people don’t consider filing a claim for damages in these situations. They may say, “I just tripped and fell; it wasn’t anyone’s fault.” Sometimes that’s true. But in some cases, we find that the person slipped or tripped because a hazard was left uncorrected. If your fall occurred on someone else’s property, it’s best to discuss what happened with an attorney to learn your options. Homeowner’s insurance or business liability insurance may cover your damages.

What is Head Trauma?

Head trauma can refer to any head, brain, skull, or scalp injury. Not all head traumas are severe or result in a TBI. However, any head injury should be taken seriously. Please see a doctor so you can be screened for serious issues and treated if necessary. In some cases, people with a severe head injury may feel fine initially and believe their injury wasn’t significant. Your doctor will likely order imaging to rule out potentially life-threatening issues, such as a brain bleed or significant swelling.

Brain swelling, or cerebral edema, is one common problem after a head injury. When the brain swells, it presses on the skull, causing an increase in intracranial pressure, or ICP. This increased pressure can depress blood flow to the brain, leading to a lack of oxygen and possible brain damage. It can also interfere with fluids draining from the brain, causing more pressure. Unfortunately, this situation can quickly be fatal. However, you might not notice any concerning symptoms immediately after your accident, as swelling may occur over the next few hours after an injury. The good news is that brain swelling can usually be treated with medication or surgery if identified soon after an injury, so be sure to have your head injury checked out, no matter how minor it might seem.

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Head injuries are associated with an increased risk of dementia, epilepsy, mental health issues, and other health problems. This can be distressing, especially if your financial situation has already been damaged by your injuries. You may not know how you’ll deal with future medical costs or any assistance you might need in the future. An experienced head trauma lawyer will search for and identify any available options to help you recover both financial and non-financial damages.

Please contact the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm to learn more about pursuing compensation for your serious head injury. Your initial consultation is free; if we take your case, there is no fee until we win or settle. Our friendly staff is always available to help, so please contact us today for more information.

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