6 Safety Tips for Bicycle Riders in Atlanta

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Bicyclists are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users in Atlanta. They are exposed to grave injuries due to a lack of protection in case of an accident. When a bicycle collision happens, it can often lead to physical injuries. Whether you are experiencing the pain of a fractured wrist or debilitating head trauma, it is essential that you get the financial compensation you deserve.

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Whether you’re a beginning cyclist or an expert on two wheels, the risk of a bicycle accident is always present. Here are six things you can do to help reduce those risks.

Wear a Helmet

Helmets are designed to resist penetration by sharp objects and reduce the severity of blows to the head. Wearing one is the most effective way to prevent head injury resulting from a bicycle crash. Even a low-speed fall can cause a traumatic brain injury, but helmets can reduce the risk by as much as 85%.

Check Your Equipment

Bike accidents can happen with no warning, but most cyclists can avoid the consequences by taking one small step: checking their bike equipment. Equipment malfunctions like flat tires and brake issues can cause a crash in a split second, leading to serious injuries.

Chain defects are recognizable by metal-on-metal grinding noises. And gear issues range from clipless pedal release failure to broken spokes or axle deficiencies. By looking for these signs before you hit the road, get them fixed and you can prevent the accident that could change your life.

Be a Defensive Rider

Some cyclists ride defensively, anticipating what other drivers might do and keeping out of harm’s way. Other riders are more aggressive, taking risks that increase their chances of getting hurt. The safest riders are neither aggressive nor submissive but assertive—they obey traffic laws and assert their right to use the road with motorists. Besides, know that sidewalks are shared by pedestrians, so if you were to use a sidewalk to ride your bicycle, remember to:

  •     Ride slowly and use a bell or voice to alert pedestrians of your presence.
  •     Ride in the same direction as traffic moving on the roadway.
  •     Get off and walk your bike across driveways or intersections where drivers aren’t expecting you.
  •     Watch for cars backing out of driveways or turning into driveways.
  •     Yield to pedestrians
  •     Signal turns and stop just like motorists.

Obey Traffic Laws and Signs

Always ride with the flow of traffic and obey all traffic laws and signs, just as motorists do. Otherwise, you increase your risk of crashing into vehicles going your way or being hit by vehicles coming up behind you in your lane or making a turn toward you.

See and Be Seen

Most bicycle-motor vehicle crashes occur at intersections –involving a motorist who didn’t see the cyclist until it was too late to stop or avoid the collision. Limited visibility is another cause of bike accidents because cars can’t see riders. Even with reflectors, the problem persists if you don’t have anything to reflect light from.

As a cyclist, you can increase your visibility and reduce your risk of being involved in a collision with a moving vehicle by wearing reflective clothing and ensuring that your bike is easy to spot with lights and reflective tape.

Limit Your Distractions

Distracted cycling is a danger that seems to have grown in parallel with the popularity of cycling. When you’re out riding a bike, it’s easy to get wrapped up in your music, phone, or conversation at hand. While cycling is an excellent form of exercise and recreation, it is imperative that you focus on the road. Keeping your eyes on the road and watching for potholes and pedestrians will significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Do not wear headphones or tune into the music to keep both you and your bicycle protected from potential damage and injury. This can block important sounds and make it harder to monitor traffic conditions. If you need to drink water or eat food during a workout session, look for a container with a unique handle that makes it easy to grab with one hand. By keeping these precautions in mind, you’ll be safer during your next bike ride.

Tips for Drivers to Avoid Bicycle Accidents

As a driver, you should be aware of the potential for accidents involving bicyclists and practice defensive driving techniques to help reduce the likelihood of such accidents.

  •     When passing a bicyclist, remember to give at least three feet of space between your vehicle and the bicyclist.
  •     When turning right, watch for people on bicycles who may be passing you on the left and may want to go straight through the intersection.
  •     If you plan to turn left, wait until any bicyclists going straight through the intersection have passed.
  •     Never pass a bicyclist and then make a right turn across their path unless there is an adequate gap in oncoming traffic.
  •     Watch for bicyclists in your blind spots before opening your car door or leaving a parking space on the street.

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Atlanta can be a dangerous place for bicyclists. There are many high-traffic stretches of road and other high-risk spots to ride through the downtown area. DeKalb Avenue, Peachtree Street, Ponce de Leon Avenue, and Northside Drive are all nightmare courses for bicyclists. No matter who is at fault in an accident, bicycle riders can sustain severe and debilitating injuries that could last for a lifetime.

If a bike accident has left you with more than just injuries, we understand how this terrible event could affect your emotional state. Our personal injury and accident attorneys in Atlanta are here to ensure that you get the best possible care and are supported throughout this process. The law offices of the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm promise that you will receive top-notch representation for your claim or lawsuit if you choose us. For a free case review with one of our lawyers, call us today at (833) 254-2923 or complete this online form.

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