What to Do After a Car Accident That Is Not Your Fault?

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what to do after a car accident not your fault

Have you ever wondered what to do after a car accident that is not your fault? It may seem impossible if you are in a moving vehicle accident, but if the other driver is clearly at fault, you could still be given fault at the end of the day. This is because in some jurisdictions if the accident was not witnessed by law enforcement or others, there can still be blame placed on both drivers.

Think Clearly About Your Part in the Accident After the Car Crash

It may be difficult to admit, but were you partially at fault for the car accident? Is that a potential issue that you played a part in the crash? If you sit down and think clearly after the car accident, you may find that you are also liable and responsible for the accident. If you feel that you had no part in the responsibility for the car accident, then tell that to the authorities when questioned. But if you are responsible for the accident, you may have to bear the liability for part of the losses for the crash.

Georgia Is Not a No-Fault State

The State of Georgia is not considered a no-fault state. That means for every car accident, someone needs to be given fault or assigned responsibility for that loss. In some cases, it is clear as day who is responsible for a loss. Such as when a car is parked and another car hits it. That should be a clear case to determine the at-fault driver in that type of accident. But what of the case where drivers turn into each other, or drivers have their vehicles over the line, and it is more difficult to determine fault? At those times, there will need to be an investigation by the police or law enforcement authorities as to who is the person most at fault for the loss.

Keep All Documentation Regarding the Loss

After a car crash that you feel is someone else’s fault, you will need to keep track of all documentation regarding your losses or damages in this loss. If you have to have your car towed from the scene of the accident, keep the tow bill. If you are offered to be checked out at the scene, allow the paramedics to determine if you have any internal injuries or other injuries that you can’t find at the scene. If you have ancillary injuries, such as whiplash or headaches after the loss, then keep track of all visits to the doctor or emergency room. You can even make up a special file folder to keep all of your car accident paperwork in, to stay organized about your damages and injuries related to the loss.

Give a Statement to the Police Immediately After the Accident

After a car accident, you will be the most aware, alert, and focused on exactly what happened during the time of the accident. The time just before the accident occurred is also a very important time to remember! This can have critical information that relates to the loss, and you want to get all of this information down on paper before you forget it. After a car accident, you will want to get back to normal and your normal routine as soon as possible. It is human nature to want to go back to a normal schedule. But once you go back to your normal life, it will be very easy to forget the details of the accident. Always keep a journal of what happened up to the loss, during the accident, and immediately afterwards. These records will help find out the responsible parties for the loss.

Exchange Information with the Other Drivers and Witnesses

If you can safely exchange information with other drivers and witnesses at the scene of a car accident, feel free to do so. There are some situations where you may not want to do this and are cautioned not to do this. If the accident appears to result from road rage, or the other driver is irate, angry, belligerent, ranting, or dangerously upset, do not attempt to talk to this person. This is the situation where an angry driver may take out rage on you, and it could result in an assault on you personally. This is the case, especially when the other person is in the wrong. In those cases, wait for the police and get that driver’s information from the law enforcement authorities. Often from your car, you can take photos of the other driver’s license plate, car, or damages to the cars, and it is a safer way to handle this type of situation and remain safe in the heated moments after a car crash.

Call Your Insurance Company Immediately After the Car Accident

You will want to call your insurance company as soon as it is safe to do so. Once you are in a safe area and your emergency medical care has been administered, you can call your insurance company and file the claim. Tell the insurance company all of the information related to the loss and accident, don’t leave out any details. As they investigate the loss to determine fault, the details will matter. You will answer their questions, which may ask the time of day, whether the sun was in your eyes or a factor for glare, the weather conditions, whether any drivers were or seemed distracted, etc. These are all questions you might be asked about this loss. The insurance company can determine liability based on these details.

How Much Recovery Compensation Will I Get Back?

It is difficult to determine what your monetary compensation will be after a car accident, especially one where you feel you were not at fault. This is when you want to talk to a legal expert about your claim. No two accidents are alike. You should not turn to the advice of your family, friends, and co-workers, as they are not experts in determining losses of this type. You will want a legal expert on your side in these cases to help you navigate and determine the right way to bring the at-fault parties into line to repay you for your damages and losses after a car crash.

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