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The CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm springs into action when you need us most. After you have been hurt, we are here to help you formulate a legal strategy and manage every aspect of your case.

Attorney Ali Awad, the CEO Lawyer, has built a reputation on case successes and his ability to reach millions of social followers with his smart legal tips. Reach out to our experienced personal injury attorneys to receive personalized advice and guidance on the next steps to take in your case. The longer you wait, the more difficult recovering your damages becomes, so act now!

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Chattanooga Personal Injury Law Firm Practice Areas

Car Accident

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of injury and death in the United States. Don’t trust insurers to do the right thing after being hurt and having sustained losses; trust the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm.

Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents can be devastating, leading to serious injuries with long recovery windows. If you or your loved one have been hurt while out on their bike, contact the CEO Lawyer to get started on seeking compensation.

Defective Product

Manufacturers have a legal obligation to not offer dangerous products to the public. When you have been hurt by a defective product, reach out to our products liability lawyers to build a strong case for you.

Dog Bite

Dog bites can lead to major medical complications and permanent scarring or disfigurement. The traumatic experience can lead to mental scars, as well. Get back on the path to normality and seek out the compensation you need to recover with our attorneys by your side.

Drunk Driving

According to the NHTSA, drunk driving costs over two dozen lives each day. When someone’s foolish decision causes harm to you or the ones you love, fight to hold them accountable for all of the damages they have wrought.

Hit and Run Accident

Hit and runs can be devastating both medically and financially. With the CEO Lawyer on your side, you can explore every legal avenue available to seek compensation for your injuries and track down the perpetrator when possible.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases require expertise, research, and extensive legal resources. Let us put in the hard work for you and seek to prove how your provider deviated from the standard of care, causing harm and leaving you with unpaid damages.

Motorcycle Accident

Getting in an accident while riding a motorcycle can change your life in an instant. You or your loved one will likely have major injuries, a long recovery process, and growing expenses. Let us help you get back to your life and seek to recover the damages you have suffered. 


Negligence can be any act where a person or business fails to uphold its duty of care. Let us analyze your case, identify all negligent parties, and seek to prove how their carelessness led to your devastating personal losses in order to hold them liable.

Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents are on the rise, and many of our country’s most vulnerable are afflicted by them. When you or a loved one have been hurt as a pedestrian, know that we will come to fight for you and assert your legal rights to seek compensation to the fullest extent of the law.

Personal Injury

Your personal injury should not force you to make impossible medical decisions or slide into financial ruin. Get represented by proven and trusted injury lawyers in your area to form a case and take action to seek all your damages.


Rideshare companies will often do everything they can to avoid accountability. When you have been hurt during a ride or by a rideshare driver, don’t accept pennies for your resulting personal injury. Work with the CEO Lawyer to fight for full and fair compensation.

Slip and Fall Accident

Falls are a leading cause of injury, disability, and death, especially among the old and very young. Worse, slip and fall accidents are almost always avoidable, but negligent property and business owners put you in harm’s way. Seek to prove their liability with the CEO Lawyer at your side.

Truck Accident

Trucking companies are among the most difficult when it comes to recovering money for the full amount of your damages. Work with the CEO Lawyer to track down who’s responsible for your injuries, stand up to big corporate interests, and seek the maximum settlement or award possible.

Uninsured Motorist

Uninsured motorists compound irresponsibility with irrationality by refusing to get the coverage required of them by the law. Yet, when they cause an accident, their injured victims are often left holding the bill. Don’t let this happen; fight to retrieve the compensation you need from all available sources with the services of the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation claims are supposed to be straightforward, but they are often anything but. Getting representation from a workers’ compensation lawyer allows you to fully understand your rights and use every available resource to seek the full amount of benefits you need to get back to normal.

Wrongful Death

The tragic loss of a loved one can inflict repeated pain when those responsible aren’t held accountable. We will help you identify all contributing negligent parties and seek the full value of the life that was lost, which can never truly be accounted for but can at the very least be quantified by the damages you and your family have sustained.

The CEO Lawyer Team Gets It Done

The CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm will use the full extent of the law to open every legal option available as you seek recovery in the aftermath of your injury. You don’t have to feel alone or helpless in the process. We connect you to the professionals that can help you get back on the path to recovery, and through our assistance, you can stand up and fight for every penny of damages you have suffered.

Pursuing compensation can be stressful, difficult, and heartbreaking, but you should never give up. Instead, lawyer up! Call (833) 254-2923 or reach out to us online to speak to an experienced Chattanooga personal injury lawyer near you during a confidential, 100% free case review.

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