Can I Sue for Atlanta Personal Injury?

Yes, you can sue and bring a lawsuit on a personal injury, but you have to act quickly. If you have suffered a personal injury in an accident that is the fault of another party, you need not suffer in silence. Give us a call to discuss your claim with our attorneys. We are here for you and can help you with the next steps to initiating a lawsuit in your case.

Personal injuries can be debilitating when associated with a loss, damages, or an accident. If the accident results from someone’s carelessness, recklessness, or negligence, then that individual or the insurance company insuring that person will need to reimburse you for your damages, losses and personal injuries.

This compensation may need to pay for the medical bills, surgeries, future surgical care, medical interventions, lost wages and other losses associated with an accident. If you are in an accident with someone else who is at fault, it is only the responsibility of the other party at-fault to pay your medical bills. If that person is at fault, that person will need to reimburse you, it is the general way that accountability works in our society.

It is safe to say that nine times out of ten you will be dealing with the insurance company for someone who was responsible for your accident. It is the rare situation that you will have an accident with someone, and that person will take responsibility and turn around and offer you a wadge of cash to “get rid of the problem.” Most people would be shocked if someone had a car accident, that person was 100% at fault, and the driver of the at-fault vehicle jumped out at the accident scene and physically offered you $50,000 in cash to “make the issue disappear.” This probably only happens in the movies in Hollywood.

Back on earth, this is not the case. Instead, it is necessary for people to get legal representation to have an attorney bring a lawsuit for a personal injury that is suffered when someone acts irresponsibly and causes an accident where you get hurt.

Let’s look at the example of a personal injury and see how it develops with the help of legal representation by an attorney.

Example of a Serious Hip Fracture on Account of an Accident

We will use the example of a person we will call Person A, who is involved in a serious automobile accident. Person B is cited by the police as being responsible for the car accident involving Person A. In this example, Person B is completely unharmed, but Person A has suffered a total hip fracture. Let’s review how this will play out if there is a lawsuit brought by Person A on the merits.

First, Person A will have been seen by first responders or EMTs at the scene, and will likely be taken to an area hospital. At the hospital or urgent care facility, Person A finds out the diagnosis is a total hip fracture. This injury will require several surgeries to allow Person A to walk again, and to live a life without pain. Although there is no guarantee that the surgery will be 100% successful.

This injury is a serious injury and will affect whether Person A can recover, can recover completely, or even will be able to walk again in the future. At the start of this claim, Person A has a serious injury and the likelihood of the personal injury being valued at over $200,000 already exists.

Future Surgeries and Pain and Suffering Influence the Value of a Claim

Person B’s insurance company, Sample Insurance, has been alerted to the claim by Person A’s attorney. As the Sample Insurance company begins to investigate the claim, Person A is in the hospital recovering from the accident. Person A has several surgeries scheduled, is on serious pain medication, and is losing time from work (lost wages). These bills are being sent to Person B’s insurance company, Sample Insurance for coverage. As Person A starts to discover the length of time it will take to recover from the injury, the Sample Insurance company is working overtime to try to determine how much this is all going to cost.

The attorney is working overtime too, to determine what it will take to settle out this case in the most advantageous way for Person A. The attorney may already have the idea that a lawsuit will need to be filed, as there will be significant future medical expenses for Person A. Person A has now been told that there will be problems in the future related to the broken hip. This is because there are complications to the injury related to:

  • Pre-existing degenerative changes of Person A’s bones
  • Issues with Person A’s youth and younger age
  • Limited medical interventions and treatments for this type of fracture
  • A serious impact on the ability to sit for long periods of time and work again at a desk
  • The negative effect of Person A’s active outdoor life before the accident
  • Person A developing pain and suffering in the form of depression because of the dire prognosis
  • Extensive hip fractures that will require extensive surgeries in the future
  • The talk of a hip replacement and future revision surgery highly likely
  • The risk of future arthritic hips
  • The hip fracture interfering with future natural childbirth (if female)
  • The recovery time of over 8 months noted for a substantial recovery
  • The requirement of extensive physical therapy and treatments
  • The possibility of not being able to walk again for 1 year or longer as the hip heals

The Value of a Personal Injury

So far, this injury of Person A’s is becoming more complicated by the minute. As it stands now, this is a claim that may be worth over $500,000. The likelihood of Person A not walking for one year, or never walking again is also a possibility. If that is true, then the value of the claim will shoot up into the millions ($2 million and up to several more million). So, is it worth it to sue for a personal injury? The answer is still a resounding yes. In this case, Person A will have no choice but to bring a lawsuit, as it is a difficult position to be in when there is a serious injury as the result of Person B’s negligence, carelessness and recklessness.

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