How is Personal Injury Settlement Calculated?

A person who has been involved in an accident will usually experience some sort of person al injury. Personal injuries are the injuries that are suffered as a result of a loss or car accident. Personal injuries can include the physical injuries, pain and suffering and any psychological injuries that you are now experiencing, even days after the loss event has passed. Personal injuries are separate from damages or losses to your vehicle. The personal injuries are injuries where you need to your body and your mind after an accident.

Personal injuries can be complicated. Personal injuries include the physical injuries that you can see, and also the injuries to your psyche that someone cannot readily witness. There can be injuries that you experience that no one can tell exist by looking at you or talking to you. You can definitely experience more than one personal injury at a time after your accident. These types of accidents can include being involved in:

  • A car crash
  • Suffering from a dog bite
  • Slipping, tripping or falling down at a property
  • Becoming hurt or injured at work
  • Being injured by a defective product
  • Hurt by a healthcare medical error
  • Experiencing other types of cases causing personal injuries

A personal injury is the injury that is personal to you, suffered as a result of the accident. Once it is established that you were injured as the result of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, you should be able to recover from that person for your injuries. You can claim for personal injuries your:

  • Medical bills
  • Medication expenses
  • Hospital or clinic visit expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Medical equipment expenses
  • Physical therapy expenses
  • Lost wages from work
  • Modifications to the home after your loss

What are Personal Injuries Suffered?

The personal injuries suffered in a case are the injuries that affect your body or your person. For example, if you are bitten by a dog, you have the incidence of a dog bite, and the bruises where you fell down to the ground, as well as the broken bone you suffered in the fall. The expenses for all of your injuries need to be added up together. This and any future medical expenses will need to be covered by the insurance company paying you for your claims.

Your personal injuries include a wide range of factors, and are all a part of your total final settlement. You may experience personal injuries, and then have aggravated or triggering conditions on top of the original personal injuries themselves. Your personal injuries can include:

  • Changes in the way you are able to walk after an accident
  • If you have stiffness of joints as a result of the accident
  • Any headaches that you now have because of the accident
  • If you experience visual impairment after the accident
  • If your sleep has disruptions after the accident
  • You experience triggers of associated pain in different areas after the loss

What are the Losses and Damages Suffered?

The loss and damages suffered in a case are added in to the total settlement. These losses are separate from the personal injury calculation in a case.

Is There Pain and Suffering in this Case?

Pain and suffering can also be experienced in a case, when you have been injured in a loss or accident. The pain and suffering associated with an injury can be the addition of many other factors associated with the loss, but more difficult to measure. The pain and suffering are not a literal more pain or whether you are suffering because of the loss. But rather, this is a general catch-all phrase for other issues that you experience that lower your quality of life as a result of the accident.

What Does Pain and Suffering Look Like?

Pain and suffering look different for everyone. No two people have the same degree of pain and suffering after an accident or loss. If you have a new or more intense level of discomfort after a loss, that is pain and suffering. If you have a different level of emotional disorders or emotionally based problems after an accident, that will be pain and suffering related too.

Is Loss of Consortium Part of Pain and Suffering?

Yes, loss of consortium is considered a part of your pain and suffering experienced after a loss. Loss of consortium is the loss of being able to have physical relations with a spouse, or to be able to have a sustained and close supporting relationship with your children or family members. You may feel depressed after an accident or loss, and if you cannot enjoy your life to the same extent, you are experiencing pain and suffering in that case.

Experiencing Psychological Trauma After an Accident

Many people experience psychological trauma after an accident or loss. It can be difficult to measure the full effect of the psychological trauma that someone feels, because it is personal to the individual. If you have feelings of intense emotions after an accident, you may have psychological trauma associated with the accident as well.

How Is Pain and Suffering Related to Overall Well-Being?

Pain and suffering are related to your overall well-being. If your injury as experienced from your accident has changed your emotional health, you may be suffering from a trauma. This is often difficult to measure and to prove. You will need to have a doctor diagnose your issues, to show that you have a valid claim. For example, imagine that you have had an injury related to a loss. Because of that injury, you are prevented from now performing an outdoor sport that you used to enjoy, such as rock climbing. If you felt that rock climbing was your “passion” in life, but now cannot do it, you may become depressed. If you have to see a professional to discuss your sad feelings related to giving up your favorite sport, you have pain and suffering related to your personal injury in that case.

Pain and Suffering Also Includes Your Diminished Feelings on Life

If you are experiencing pain and suffering, and also have diminished enjoyment or feelings about life, you may have a reduced feeling of joy related to your life and happiness. This can be a direct factor that you have because of the accident. For example, if the accident has left you with daily pain, daily struggles to perform your life function, and a fear that you will have a permanent disability as a result of the loss – you may be experiencing a diminished quality of life. These feelings need to be factored into your final settlement package, as you settle your claim and case with an insurance company or at fault party.

A diminished quality of life can occur when you have been the victim of a personal injury after an accident. If this has happened to you, you should come in and talk to us about your case. We are able to help you to get the compensation package that you need to recover from your injury. We have attorneys on our team, who are able to get you the compensation that you deserve in every case. If you have been in an accident and have a claim for personal injuries, you need to give us a call. Call the injury and accident attorneys at the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm at (833) 254-2923. We look forward to talking to you about your case now.

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