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ambulance chasing lawyer

Why does pop culture hate lawyers? You’ve seen it a hundred times in movies and TV shows. A slimy lawyer helps a minor villain jam up the heroes by filing a frivolous and capricious lawsuit. Why is this so common? Did a personal injury attorney steal the heart of someone that a Hollywood screenwriter was secretly in love with because while the writer was only going to admit their feelings after writing the perfect screenplay starring thinly veiled versions of the writer and that person falling in love, the Personal Injury Attorney was an adult and asked that person out? Because in matters of the heart, yes or no, it’s better to know the truth rather than pine-like some moon-eyed child? Yes, most likely, that is exactly what happened. Personal injury attorneys are charming and assertive with a natural and disarming charisma. The most likely explanation is a very cool PI lawyer dated a writer’s crush. It happens, but now we have to talk about the aftermath. The frequently appearing character, the sad-sack, slimy, ambulance-chasing lawyer.

Facts About Ambulance Chasing Lawyer

All true facts about PI attorneys aside, this character appears because it’s a funny, easy plot point, and unfortunately, sometimes it’s true. I’ve mentioned in other articles that with all the esoteric terms and byzantine procedures that lawyers navigate, we are often treated like wizards. Or at least shifty characters who are into something shady because we wander through this weird world that is nearly impenetrable to outsiders. As a result, people often feel intimidated when dealing with lawyers because they don’t understand what we’re talking about. But ask any ambulance-chasing lawyer, and they will be happy to yammer on about whatever they are talking about, trying to explain the whole thing to you. Back to the point of our article, though. There is a stock character that is a very unflattering depiction of a specific kind of lawyer that appears in a lot of media. Part of it is driven by the lack of knowledge about the law, but part is also driven by the fact that there are opportunistic and immoral lawyers.

That’s it, I’ve told you our dark secret. Bad lawyers exist. Despite a horrendous test and professional licensing serving as barriers to entry, the legal profession is pretty decentralized and mostly self-regulated. Our governing body can and will issue sanctions and take away someone’s license to practice law when they commit egregious violations, but like how being a jerk isn’t illegal, neither is being an opportunistic goblin desperately grasping any money that comes near you. This article has a much longer outline of the particular societal pressures and influences that create the fertile ground for this shared image. But it gets pretty spicy, political spicy. So, let’s pretend to make like Justice Scalia and skip to the conclusion.

The real question you should be asking yourself isn’t “are these economic pressures and the fear of losing all I have worked for due to being outmaneuvered in a game I didn’t know I was playing at their root an expression of fear created by a lack of a social safety net?” It should be “has my insurance company ever dealt with me fairly and in good faith? The first time?” I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who both has health insurance and has not fought with their insurance carrier to cover something they are supposed to cover. There is something about paying for anything more than annual doctor’s visits that boils the collective blood of insurance companies. Auto insurance is no different. They do not want to pay for your accident. Your fault? The other guy’s fault? They want to get out of it.

I have a dear friend who got into a car accident a few years ago, he and his wife were t-boned, and their car rolled. Twice. Miraculously, they got away with just some bruises. But they did not know that at the time. The car was wrecked, and they weren’t sure what had happened. They took EMS to the Emergency Department and got checked out to be safe.  Physical exams, x-rays, and an MRI each. Everything came up clean, and they were told to rest and follow up if the pain continued or got worse. They were on the mend and had no adverse effects after a few days. So, they decided not to get a lawyer and negotiate with the insurance company directly. Well, they got all of their medical bills and had a total figure they were going to agree to and nothing less. They did so well that they could get all their bills covered plus $1000. Awesome job. Except. When they signed the release form with the insurance company, they hadn’t received the physician bill from the ER. Because the hospital bills you for the use of facilities, but the actual physician is an independent contractor and is billed separately. Any adjuster could have looked at their stack of bills and saw the ER physician bill was missing. But they didn’t say anything because they got a great deal. Two months later, a $3000 bill for two people seeing an ER doctor came, and they had already signed a release, so the insurance company didn’t owe them anything. Sure would have been cool if a person who knew the tactics of insurance companies was on their side. Maybe that stock character isn’t so bad.

Consult With An Ambulance Chasing Lawyer

Well, we have been around the world on this one. But we are out of space for this article. I look forward to the next one, where we’ll continue our drive to educate you on some of the law basics and maybe have a little bit of fun along the way. Remember, though, these articles are to give you an introduction to some common legal topics. These articles are no replacement for a good injury and accident attorney. So please make sure you consult with an attorney before taking legal action, and if you’ve been in a car wreck and want to make sure you get a fair deal from the insurance company, Call the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm at (833) 254-2923.

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