What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cover?

It is always the better case to call a personal injury lawyer to help you if you have been in an accident and have suffered personal injuries. This is not the time to get well-intentioned advice from your family, friends, coworkers, or neighbors regarding your case, claim, and what you should do about them. Instead, you need to call a personal injury lawyer as soon as you are injured and let that professional help you to manage the claim at all stages to r successful recovery.

A personal injury lawyer “covers” whatever it takes to ensure that the client gets the full recovery compensation package that is required and necessitated for the case and claim. This will presuppose that the lawyer knows what to do in this type of case. Let’s start at the beginning to review what a personal injury lawyer needs to know to get a full recovery package for you.

You can start with the fact that the personal injury lawyer who takes your case needs to know what to do with a personal injury case. Yes, it is true that all personal injury lawyers had to start somewhere. But, they don’t need to “cut their teeth” on your personal injury claim. A personal injury lawyer needs to know that complex negotiations will need to happen with the big insurance companies. The personal injury lawyer needs to be steadfast in dealing with big insurance companies because they can often “lowball” the value of a settlement claim to get it settled out to their advantage.

Personal Injuries Come from Being Involved in an Accident

Most people are injured from the involvement in an accident. An accident can come from any variety of actions, such as:

  • Car accident
  • Hit while walking or jogging down the street
  • Hit while on a bicycle
  • Hit on a motorcycle
  • Falling at work
  • Falling on uneven sidewalks
  • Tripping, slipping, and falling in a business or retail space (the mall, the grocery store)
  • Assault
  • Sexual assault

You can see that there are a number of places that a person can be hurt, such as by falling, being knocked down, or being hit by a car, any type of vehicle, or by a person. These types of accidents cause personal injuries. A personal injury is any type of injury that a person experiences due to an accident. These injuries can be serious or minor, temporary or permanent.

Personal Injuries Can Be Devastating After an Accident

A personal injury can be a devastating experience. Take the example of someone active and always outdoors, enjoying hiking and climbing. If this person is out jogging one day and is hit by a car, that person can experience a serious brain injury. That brain injury will be traumatic for an individual who is active in life. The attorney needs to highlight the changes in the person’s brain after the accident to ensure that the full settlement package reflects the new needs of this individual.

For example, a traumatic brain injury can be severe or moderate, with varying degrees of loss of physical limitations, brain capacity, awareness, diminished value of life, lowered life expectancy, and a variety of other factors and issues. A person who worked to support a family who experiences a traumatic brain injury because of a car accident, pedestrian and car accident, or who is hit by a car while on a motorcycle may have problems working to support their family in the future.

An attorney needs to know how to ensure that this client’s needs will be taken care of for the rest of their life if a reckless driver hits the person. The insurance company for the negligent driver needs to consider every aspect of the new needs for continued, long-term and permanent care that someone will need following a horrific accident such as the one exampled above. The lawyer needs to understand that the insurance company needs to develop a full and encompassing settlement package to take care of the person’s current and future needs who has personal injuries. If the attorney cannot do this to the best of the client’s needs, then the attorney should not take this case.

Personal Injury Lawyers Need to Know How to Investigate Claims

The personal injury lawyer needs to know how to investigate a claim and get the information necessary to help the client recover the full amount of compensation from the wrongdoer’s insurance company on this type of claim. Let’s take, for example, the case of a person who trips down a flight of rickety stairs. When the client falls down improperly maintained stairs and is injured, the personal injury lawyer needs to know how to investigate the claim properly.

This will mean that the stairs where the client fell need to be investigated, the duty and breach of duty to protect the client established, and the personal injury lawyer needs to know what should have been done to make the stairs safe. In this case, let’s look at a closer example. If the stairs were not code certified, lacked proper railings, or were not put in properly, the personal injury lawyer can bring this up in negotiations. This will show that the lawyer is on the ball, understands the responsibility of the at-fault party to protect the public, and show the insurance company that their insured acted recklessly, causing the accident with the lawyer’s client.

In this way, personal injury lawyers need to know how to do some investigation into a claim, find out the reasons for the accident, and use that information during negotiations to ensure the biggest settlement package is achieved for the client. The personal injury attorney cannot be shy, unsure of what to do, and ill-equipped to take care of the client’s needs.

Remember, the clients are coming to the office of the personal injury lawyer for help, and the client depends on the lawyer to know what to do at every stage of the case as it is being developed. The personal injury lawyer must be prepared to follow up every step of the way to help the client to get the recovery compensation that is necessary in that type of case.

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