What Is the True Nature of a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

slip and fall lawsuit

There is nearly any amount of money available to recover in a slip and fall lawsuit. There are also many factors and considerations that will apply in this type of case. If you have had a slip and fall and are looking to bring action against someone for the losses you experience, there will be many conditions and factors to review before this can be accomplished.

Premises Liability Basics

If you are injured on someone else’s property, you may have a claim that you can make that the premises where you were injured were deemed unsafe. If the area was unsafe, then you could recover compensation for your losses if you were injured in that area. The owners or property managers of a property or business are tasked with keeping the premises in good standing, with no hazards, chipped walkways, or dangerous conditions in the region that people can be hurt on.

For example, if a store or shop has a building that sells goods to the public, all areas around the store need to keep and maintained safely to prevent slips and falls. Even the areas behind the store where the loading dock is located must be kept free of hazards because workmen are in that area all day long delivering goods to the store for sale to the customers.

What Happens If an Area in a Store is Hazardous?

Inside a store, if there are slipping hazards from slippery floors, broken bottles of liquids that can cause someone to slip, the store owner is responsible for cleaning up these hazards right away. In some stores, the employees are trained that when they see a slipping hazard, that they follow a protocol of:

  1. Grabbing a yellow hazard sign and putting it near the slippery area
  2. Calling maintenance for the store to come and clean up the mess immediately.
  3. Having an employee stand near the spill to direct customers safely around the area.
  4. Waiting until the area is cleaned up before allowing customers to frequent the area again for shopping.

What is the Value of a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

A slip and fall compensation package can vary widely and will depend on many factors. If a person slips and falls on a property and sustains a serious or debilitating injury, the award can be upwards of $250,000 to millions of dollars or higher, depending on the injury. What else depends on the value of the award is how the person’s injury will affect the individual for life. Is this a serious injury or a recoverable injury? What is the person’s age, such as is someone who is 22 years old, or is the person injured 82 years old? These and all factors need to be considered in these cases to determine the proper value of the case.

Legal Principles of a Slip and Fall Lawsuit

There are many legal issues that will kick in when determining whether there can be a claim or lawsuit started against a property owner or manager. There are duties of care for this use, maintenance, or the management of a property or premises, that are meant to be upheld to prevent the exposure of people who frequent the area to unreasonable risks of harm. For example, if a landowner or manager has a duty to care for the building and sidewalk and you are injured, there needs to be a determination that the duty was not fulfilled to keep the area safe. This failure to complete the duty to keep and maintain a safe premise may result in the claim of negligence, and there are legal responsibilities associated with this term.

Slip and fall accidents happen and are fairly routine. How they are reviewed, managed, and strategized to win you the recovery that you deserve is anything but ordinary. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, give us a call. Our injury and accident attorneys are here for you at the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm and will discuss all of your options for recovering compensation in this type of case. Call now. We are here and will work with you every step of the way.

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