What Must I Prove to Win My Car Accident Lawsuit?

car accident lawsuit

Several factors will show and prove to your advantage if you hope to win a car accident lawsuit. This means that you will need to show that you were not at fault for the loss, deserve to recover compensation, and have someone else who is liable to you for the loss.

Determining Fault for Your Car Accident

Let’s look at who is at fault for the loss. After your car accident, there will be police called in most cases to investigate the loss and determine the fault for the loss. If you are determined to be at fault for the loss, you may not be in the position to recover all of your losses and expenses related to the accident.

Are You the Right Person to Recover Compensation for the Loss?

Next, let’s determine if you deserve to recover compensation for the loss. If you were in the vehicle and were injured, you have the standing to recover from the loss. If you are the spouse of someone who was injured in a car accident, you may be able to recover damages for the family vehicle or losses related to the spouse’s lost wages from work. This is where you have “standing” or a right to recover for someone else who has been in an accident. If you were an innocent bystander or experienced a serious accident and were also damaged by the loss, you may have the right to recover damages as well, it will depend on the case.

Determining Liability for the Loss

Finally, let’s decide if someone else is liable for the loss. There will need to be a duty for someone to be liable for the loss and negligence that will result in the loss. Of course, freak accidents can occur that are no one’s fault in particular, but these are rare. It is more likely that a person acted wrongly or failed to act when they should have that result from most accidents or losses that most people experience.

Our qualified team of Atlanta car accident lawyers can talk to you regarding any loss that you experience to help you get the money back that you deserve in the case of a car accident. We can discuss your specific case, investigate the claim for you, and tell you the next steps to get back the money you are entitled to recover in compensation for your damages or injuries.

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