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A rear-ender collision between a drunk driver's blue car and an SUV.Being the victim of a car accident is already bad, but when you add a drunk driver to the equation, the circumstances surrounding a car accident become much more dangerous. A driver under the influence often cannot control their car enough to stay in a lane, is more likely to violate road rules and speed, and is even known to make unpredictable maneuvers, like driving in the wrong direction down a divided highway.

Drunk driving is illegal in Georgia, but people still get behind the wheel when they know they shouldn’t. Each year, there are millions of dollars in property damage and injury associated with drunk driving accidents.

In the worst accidents, it has claimed the lives of passengers and even pedestrians. Fortunately, if a drunk driver hits you, you do not need to fight this alone.

Reaching out to a drunk driving lawyer in Smyrna is your best bet for increasing your chances of receiving satisfactory compensation for the injuries you have suffered. The legal team at CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law firm is ready to review your case.

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Help from a Smyrna Drunk Driving Attorney

Driving under the influence is a one-way ticket to disaster. And yet, knowing this, about 1 million DUI arrests are made each year in the US, with many drivers attempting drunk driving 80 times before they’re caught.

When drivers enter the roadway, they have a duty to drive carefully and with safety in mind. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Forbes states that 24.2% of all Georgia traffic accident deaths are related to drunk driving incidents. Smyrna alone had almost 11,500 car accidents between 2018 and 2022.

Out of those crashes, over 4,700 resulted in injuries and seventeen fatalities. That is almost 1,200 drunk driving-related deaths in four years.

Drunk driving is negligence, and committing the act can have dire consequences — not just for the driver but also for anyone they happen to injure. However, despite the compromised state of the driver, you will still need to prove that they caused an accident with you in order to seek appropriate compensation for your medical bills and other damages.

This is where working with an attorney who focuses on drunk driving helps. The attorney you choose to work with will represent you throughout the case, providing you with guidance and resources.

Comprehensive services include:

  • Gathering all available evidence to support your claim
  • Calculating costs that reflect your full damages, including projected future care
  • Handling conversations and paperwork with insurers, other parties
  • Representing you during negotiations with insurance companies
  • Fighting on your behalf to reach a settlement
  • Preparing and representing you if your case goes to court

Steps to Take After an Accident

A car accident can rattle the nerves of even the most level-headed person. The shock of an accident may prevent you from thinking of the appropriate steps to take next.

Should you find yourself in this situation, here are some steps you can take if you are ever in a car accident involving a drunk driver in order to maximize your chances of receiving appropriate compensation:

1. Contact Authorities

Calling 911 is the first step if you are in a car accident. Prior to calling, look over yourself and others in your car for any visible injuries.

If possible, check on any other vehicles’ occupants to make sure. If anyone is hurt, or if they may be hurt but you aren’t sure, request an ambulance to be safe, along with a police respondent.

The police and an ambulance will arrive to investigate the cause of the accident and address any injuries.

The police will generally know if someone is driving under the influence. They are specifically trained to detect and evaluate any signs of intoxication.

At the same time, any information you can provide them, such as any erratic maneuvers the other driver took or their appearance immediately after the accident, can assist them in arriving at the conclusion that the driver was possibly under the influence.

The legal BAC limit for any driver is 0.08 percent. Anything higher than this will result in a DUI and arrest. Police officers will know to look for:

  • Dilated pupils and red eyes
  • Slurred speech
  • Odor of alcohol
  • Lack of bodily coordination
  • Mood swings or odd behavior
  • Difficulty maintaining balance

If the officer suspects the driver is under the influence, they may pursue a Field Sobriety Test. The other driver does not need to pass the legal BAC limit to face arrest, as most states passed legislation allowing police to arrest someone even if they are under the legal limit.

2. Allow EMTs to Treat You

An EMT will take your vitals, examine any visible injuries, and take any parties requiring immediate medical attention to the hospital. Even if you believe you are not injured, it is best to let them look you over.

The human body is under a lot of adrenaline after an accident, and often, you will not realize that you are in pain or hurt until much later. Some injuries can become deadly if not treated quickly.

It is recommended that you visit an emergency room to confirm that you do not have any underlying injuries that are not visible, as well as to create documentation of a medical visit immediately after the accident.

3. Trading Contact Information

Receiving the other party’s information is critical if you pursue any claims in the future. Collect their:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Insurance provider and information

In addition, you will want to take note of their car. Look at the color, make, and license plate number.

All this information is essential so that you can pursue a claim. Make sure at this point not to falter and admit fault, apologizing, especially if you are not the one who caused the accident in the first place.

4. Gather Evidence

Once the police review and investigate the accident, they will develop a police report stating the parties involved and who was at fault. All parties should receive a copy of this report.

In the meantime, gather evidence to support your claim at the scene. Video and photos of the property damage are valuable case evidence, as they can show the other parties’ state at the time of the wreck and give a clear picture of what happened.

If there are any witnesses, speak to them and see if they are willing to testify. You will need their contact information if they confirm that they are willing to do so.

5. Call Your Insurance

After a drunk driving accident, the next step is to report the incident to the appropriate insurance. Auto insurance policies usually have a time limit on when you can file a claim.

Reporting the accident as soon as possible to the insurer covering the accident will ensure that you submit your claim within the time limit and are eligible to receive some compensation for your damages.

When you report the accident to your insurance, only state the facts, even if reporting to your own insurer. Do not admit fault or anything that can place any blame on you.

In fact, avoid drawing any conclusions, including on your medical condition and likely treatment plan, until you are certain of the total timeline. It is best to defer these conversations to an experienced Smyrna drunk driving accident lawyer to avoid saying something that could jeopardize your claim.

6. Call Your Smyrna Drunk Driving Attorney Right Away

After a car accident, calling a personal injury lawyer can be the smartest decision to protect your financial and legal interests. Lawyers are knowledgeable in reviewing information and evidence in order to build a successful case for fault and damages.

The circumstances surrounding a drunk driving accident are usually complicated, as they can lead to serious injuries. An attorney can help you get all of the documentation you need and seek to build a strong claim while you are able to devote more of your time and energy to recovering from your devastating accident.

Damages Involved in a Drunk Driving Claim

Working with a drunk driving attorney is key to increasing the chances of obtaining the most possible value from your claim. They are trained to know the ins and outs of Georgia law and how it can apply to the circumstances of the car accident you were involved in.

The last thing you want is to force yourself to pay out of pocket for damages you didn’t calculate or anticipate.

While each case is different, generally, there are multiple types of compensation, or “damages” that a victim can include in their claim. In car accident claims involving a drunk driver, your claim may include one of these types of compensation.

Some examples of damages are:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income and earning capacity (lost wages)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Replacement of domestic services
  • Funeral and burial costs for fatal accidents

Call Your Local Smyrna Drunk Driving Law Firm

Being in a car accident is a terrible situation to be in, but when it involves a drunk driver, an already complicated situation will become that much worse. Dealing with injuries, medical appointments, and other added responsibilities will make it difficult to pursue compensation yourself.

Fortunately, with the help of a Smyrna drunk driving attorney, you are not alone. The CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm is ready to review your case and provide legal guidance.

You have rights if you were involved in a drunk driving accident. Don’t wait and call us today.

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