4 Things to Consider When Handling Your Own Atlanta Personal Injury Lawsuit

atlanta personal injury lawsuit

Negotiating the settlement of your own Atlanta personal injury lawsuit might seem like a slam dunk. Some of the most common reasons people do this include:

  • I can research the law and other cases like mine on the internet
  • I know how to negotiate
  • I have the contact information of all the parties involved
  • The fault of the accident is crystal clear (not me!)
  • I have evidence
  • I understand the law
  • I want to keep the full settlement amount to myself and do not want to pay a lawyer

While there may be some validity to these points, there are so many more reasons why hiring an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer is always the way to go when handling your personal injury case in Atlanta, GA.

1. Free Consultation

First, schedule an obligation-free consultation with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer. During this call or meeting, you can find out things like rough estimates of the value of your personal injury case, get your legal questions answered, and learn why working with a lawyer is a much better idea than trying to handle things on your own.

2. Success Rate

Atlanta personal injury lawsuits cases can be complicated, and Google is not your friend when looking for legal direction. Save yourself hours of search dead-ends and fruitless conversations with insurance companies, and go with a law firm that has a high success rate. At CEO Lawyer, our success rate is 99.5%!

3. The Law Firm Handles the Type of Personal Injury Case You Need to File

Identify the specific type of personal injury accident you were involved in:

Then, find an attorney with specific experience in the type of personal injury lawsuit you were involved in. Experience matters, and when you have a firm that knows the ins and outs of your specific personal injury accident, they will also know how to maximize your payout in a way you would never know how to do.

4. The Evidence is Clear to You, but Maybe Not Everyone

You were there. You have pictures. You have witnesses. There is no question about what happened and who is at fault.

Remember that insurance companies are in the business of protecting their own and saving as much money as possible. For that reason, insurance companies may conclude that the insured is not at fault or may offer a nominal amount to make you go away. They will have a lot more experience arguing for their client than you will have serving as your own representation.

An experienced personal injury lawyer knows the arguments to make to win your Atlanta personal injury lawsuit and will accept the lowball offers insurance companies insist on or their various intimidation techniques.

Contact the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm Firm for the Best Path in Your Atlanta Personal Injury Lawsuit

The CEO Lawyer always puts his clients first. If you have any questions about your case and whether hiring an injury and accident attorney is right for you, contact us for a free consultation and see why Ali Awad is the Atlanta personal injury lawyer you want fighting for you!

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