What Is a Manufacturing Defect?

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A metal clasp with a manufacturing defectEven carefully designed products can hurt customers. Prescription drugs, for example, could pick up contaminants in the processing facility. The manufacturer is responsible for any harm sustained by customers.

You require skilled Georgia product liability attorneys at the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm if you sustained injuries due to a manufacturing flaw. Our Georgia personal injury lawyers have years of expertise defending customers against harmful and subpar goods. No matter the situation, we always want our purchase items to be free of harm. Call (833) 254-2923 or contact us online to receive your free and confidential case evaluation. Attorney Ali Awad, ‘the CEO Lawyer,’ established the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm and quickly turned it into one of the fastest-growing law firms in the country. If we take your case, you won’t pay anything until we win.

Who Is Liable for a Manufacturing Defect

Who is liable for a manufacturing defect? The product’s maker, producer, distributor, seller, or retailer may be required to compensate an injured individual when the product results in loss or harm to a consumer, user, or bystander. The product distribution chain can be traced back to manufacturers, contractors, suppliers, producers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and commercial lenders, among others. Product liability law may be somewhat complex, depending on the kind of product and the resulting harm.

Product Liability Attorneys

Product liability lawyers must demonstrate the following in order to bring a successful product liability claim:

  •   The manufacturer or seller, who is the defendant, owes the injured party a duty of care.
  •   This duty of care was broken by the defendant.
  •   The harm was predictable and was brought on by that breach.
  •   The plaintiff (you) experienced a harm that qualifies for compensation.

Anyone involved in the distribution chain, such as the manufacturer, the assembler, and, in some circumstances, the seller or retailer, can be held accountable for a defective product. In addition, a duty of care may be owed to the buyer, their family, bystanders, or those holding or renting the goods from the initial purchase.

What is the Georgia Product Liability Statute of Limitations?

Because there is a statute of limitations on product liability claims, anyone who has suffered harm from using a defective product must act quickly to seek justice. The statute of limitations in Georgia for cases involving defective products that result in injuries is two years from the date of purchase. The four-year statute of limitations applies to claims alleging that the use of a defective product resulted in property damage.

What Do Manufacturing Errors Entail?

A design or development flaw that results in a product malfunctioning is referred to as a manufacturing defect. Customers risk being injured, killed, or damaged by the product because it deviates from its original design. Injury victims are safeguarded by product liability legislation, which gives them the authority to file a lawsuit.

Types of Product Liability Defects

In contrast to other harm claims, product liability cases are based on liability alone. Here are a few examples of typical manufacturing errors.

  •   Materials that have been improperly made, like plastics
  •   Faulty electrical circuit installation
  •   Erroneously attached components
  •   Incorrect bolts or fasteners

Why Do Manufacturer Defects Occur?

Manufacturing issues are most frequently caused by poor material quality and neglect. Low-quality materials used to construct items increases the likelihood that they will malfunction and endanger the user. Mistakes are simple if the maker does not pay attention and uses the proper approach when producing something.

The courts also define manufacturing faults as an instance in which the construction of an object deviates from the original, intended design. People are at risk of harm as a result of this reckless activity. The manufacturer is held accountable for product liability and any potential damages in this kind of strict liability lawsuit.

How Can a Manufacturing Defect Be Established?

Evidence is crucial in every product liability case. However, four critical components can support you in a manufacturing problem.

  •   You were using the products in the right way. Proof that the product’s defect or your harm was not your fault is one of the critical components of a successful lawsuit.
  •   The item had problems. You must show that a flaw in the product was brought on by a process step, from design through manufacture.
  •   You’ve suffered some sort of harm or injury. The injury must have caused you some financial or emotional difficulty, whether via lost wages, medical costs, or discomfort and suffering, for your claim to be successful.
  •   Because of the defect in the product, you suffered damage. Finally, your attorney must make a solid connection between the product flaw and your injuries.

If you can demonstrate those four requirements, you will need the necessary evidence to support them. You can present your case in several ways using specific evidence. Critical evidence examples include the ones listed below.

  •   The item itself
  •   Emails or memos that show the manufacturer was aware of the flaw
  •   Payroll documents and medical bills that reflect the damages you incurred financially
  •   Videos or images of your wounds, the event that led to them, or the product defect
  •   Accident information
  •   Bystander and expert witnesses
  • Records of insurance policies
  •   Advertisements for the product
  •   Labels for the item

What is the Malfunction Doctrine?

The malfunction doctrine holds that a victim need not rely on the product to demonstrate that it is defective. Although it is crucial to a product liability case, proving that a product was defective is not always possible.

However, under the malfunction theory, a plaintiff may point to the product’s destruction as evidence of malfunction. After establishing that a defective product was most likely to blame for the damage, the plaintiff may then demonstrate that other probable causes of the harm were unlikely or impossible.

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