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dog bite from another dog

If your dog suffered from a dog bite from another dog in Georgia, you might have a case for liability against that dog’s owner. Georgia follows a “first bite rule,” which means that the owner is not always liable for a dog bite if the dog has previously never bitten a person or animal before and has never shown any signs of aggression. This does not mean that “the first bite is free” or is not punishable. It only shields a dog owner from unforeseeable actions of the animal.

However, if the owner was acting negligently, you may have a case. In this instance, you should contact a dog bite attorney to help you navigate the local and state ordinances concerning dog bites.

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What Are the Laws That Apply in These Types of Cases?

There are three requirements under this law that apply to the dog and owner.

First, the law states that the animal must be considered to be vicious or dangerous. Georgia Code O.C.G.A 4-8-21 provides definitions of dangerous and vicious dogs. A dangerous dog is a dog that aggressively attacks in a way that causes a reasonable person to believe that dog is a threat or a dog that has caused a substantial skin puncture. However, barking, growling, or showing teeth is not sufficient to classify a dog as dangerous. A vicious dog is a dog that has continued to pursue and inflict serious injury on a person who is trying to flee the animal or attempting to escape the animal. In Georgia, dogs are not classified as dangerous or vicious by breed alone. 

Second, the dog owner must be taking steps to secure the dog through leashing, fencing, or crating. If the owner is acting negligently in this case, they may be held liable for damages.

If a dog is allowed to roam around a neighborhood, town or city, it may be declared that the animal was under the “careless management of the owner.”

Finally, there is a requirement in the case of a person that the person did not provoke the dog to bite. In the case of another dog, there may be different issues that will come into play, depending on the scenario that occurred just prior to and during the dog bite. Each case is different. It may be difficult to determine if the dog that did the biting was “provoked” by your dog, and each case needs to be reviewed for this information on the merits.

Veterinarian Bills for My Dog After a Dog Bite…Who Pays These?

If your dog has a vet bill after a dog bite from another dog, that other dog’s owner may be liable to pay the bills incurred because of the dog bite. An investigation into the circumstances of the dog bite or dog attack will determine if the owner of the dangerous or vicious dog is liable for your pet’s veterinary expenses. 

This investigation will determine if the dog has been dangerous or vicious in the past. The dog must be shown to have a demonstrated history of bites, aggressive or threatening behavior, and previous attacks on other animals. Recall that growling, barking, and barring of teeth are not sufficient to prove that a dog is dangerous. 

CEO Lawyer Can Help in Your Dog Bite Case

There will be many questions, factors, and issues related to the dog bite. You will want an experienced injury and accident attorney by your side in these cases, especially if your dog is seriously injured in a dog bite. 

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