The Scary Side of Furry Friends: Scar Compensation and Dog Bites

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Furry friends are great until they bite! You can file for dog bites compensation because of it. Unfortunately, many dog bites stay with us for the long haul because of the scars left behind. Once dog bites are treated and healed, scars can cause various types of disfigurement (visible damage, including loss of a body part or inability to use a body part). In addition, mental and psychological trauma can be as debilitating as the physical.

Even though you have a deal with the effects of a dog bite scar, possibly for the rest of your life, you are entitled to damages from the owner of the dog. Generally, homeowner’s insurance policies specifically include coverage for dog bites. Therefore, an injury and accident attorney experienced with dog bites can pursue those policies on your behalf.

Physical Damage of a Dog Bite Scar

After a dog bite heals, irregularly shaped scars are left behind, generally in the shape of the dog’s mouth, with jagged edges and differing depths. As a result, people notice dog bites more than other types of scars.

Victims may be more conscious of the scar depending on appearance and location. For example, a dog bite on the victim’s face is more noticeable and more traumatic than elsewhere on the body. Facial attacks usually happen with children. Scars heal over a period of one year and change little after the first year.

Dog Bite Treatment Options

Fortunately, dog bite victims have options that may help with what a dog bite scar looks like. Being seen by the right doctors as soon as possible is very important because those evaluations can establish damages you can recover for your injuries. Below are some tips on minimizing and treating dog bites:

  • Makeup. A dog bite victim can use regular makeup or heavy makeup designed to cover tattoos and scars as a temporary option.
  • Early Medical Treatment. Getting treatment immediately after a dog bite can help reduce disfigurement. However, delayed medical treatment creates a risk of infection of the wound site, creating additional medical and cosmetic damage. Working with the right doctors for immediate care will lead you to dermatologists or plastic surgeons for long-term scar management. These evaluations are important to establish amounts that you can collect from the homeowner’s insurance policy covering the dog bite.
  • Sun Exposure and Sunscreen. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause the scar’s pigment to change. Keeping the scar out of the sun is ideal but not always possible in Georgia’s sunny climate. For that reason, putting sunscreen on the scar (unless otherwise instructed by your doctor) is recommended.
  • Compression and Pressure Garments. Doctors prescribe pressure garments (tight clothing items) to suppress the growth of scar tissue and keep skin smooth.
  • Creams and Products. A doctor might prescribe creams and products designed to help reduce scarring.
  • Cosmetic Surgery. Cosmetic surgeries sometimes help correct serious scars. Surgeries may be costly with a varying success rate (and with some inherent risks), but getting estimates from plastic surgeons and other physicians will establish future damages that could be paid to you.

Compensation for Emotional and Psychological Effects from Dog Bites and Scars

In addition to the physical wound, emotional and psychological effects can be complicated, resulting in depression, body image issues, and anxiety. Child victims of dog bites often deal with the injury and scar throughout their life. All victims struggle with how they will be regarded by classmates, friends, professional colleagues, family, and romantic interests. Victims might require counseling or medication for the trauma itself, fear of dogs, the effect of the scar, and other emotional issues.

Generally, a dog’s owner is responsible for their dog, and the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy can help cover the cost of the dog bite. However, an experienced Atlanta dog bite lawyer can explore other coverage options if the dog owner does not have a homeowner’s policy.

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