What Are the Common Causes of a Slip and Fall Accident?

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A man slips and falls down the stairs, which can be a common cause of slip and fall accidentsSlip and fall accidents tend to happen when you least expect it. You’re on your way, and suddenly you are on the floor, possibly injured. You may not know what happened, but there are many ways to slip or trip and take a fall. We’ll talk about some of the common causes and ways to prevent accidents in this article.

If you’ve already had a slip and fall accident and are suffering from injuries, you may wonder what to do about all the medical bills, lost wages, and other costs. There may be options for pursuing compensation after your accident, and the sooner you obtain legal advice, the better.

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Wet and Uneven Floors Are the Most Common Cause of Slips and Falls

According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), 85 percent of workers’ compensation claims are due to employees slipping on wet or slippery floors. They also say that about half of all slip or trip accidents are caused by an issue on the walkway surface, either spilled liquids or an uneven surface issue like a loose tile. For this reason, most businesses have OSHA training that focuses on keeping floors clear of spilled liquids and debris and fixing any problems with the tile or carpet immediately. If an issue can’t be fixed immediately, the area should be indicated with a “wet floor” or “keep out” sign to warn people of the potential hazard. Since floors take time to dry after mopping, it’s typical to put out the “wet floor” sign and leave it up for several hours.

Yet accidents still happen, often because someone failed to take one of the above steps. If you were injured at a business, public place, or even a private residence, you might be able to make a claim on their business or homeowner’s insurance policy. You will most likely be asked questions to determine whether you were at fault or if the accident resulted from the policyholder’s negligence. This can be tricky because you may not realize that’s what the insurance adjuster is after when they start asking questions – often, the company representatives are amiable and personable. They may put you at ease and assure you they just need to ask a few questions to process your claim. And while you may think that you’ve said nothing to indicate you’re at fault, they might twist your words and leap to surprising conclusions. This is why we recommend speaking with a slip and fall attorney before talking to the insurance carrier.

Other Common Causes of Slips, Trips, and Falls


Workplaces with frequent floor hazards often have strict rules about what shoes employees should wear to prevent these types of accidents. Although worker’s compensation insurance is meant to provide no-fault coverage, the insurance company may still question the shoes you were wearing at the time of your fall. If you were not at work when the fall happened, the insurance carrier might be concerned with whether you were wearing appropriate shoes for the environment you were in.

Lack of Training or Ability to Recognize Hazards

If employees don’t know all the steps to prevent a slip or trip accident, employees, customers, or guests of a business may be at risk.

Running in Potentially Dangerous Areas

This is why most pools have signs that say “Don’t run” or “Area around pool slippery when wet.” Instead of coming out and asking if you were running or being reckless, the insurance adjuster may ask what you were doing, if you were in a hurry to get somewhere, if you were late, etc.


We’ve all seen people so wrapped up in their phones that they nearly walk into an inanimate object. Or maybe they do bump into that shelf or telephone poll. The fact is that distractions like staring at your phone while you walk can prevent you from recognizing hazards or the signs put out to warn you. It’s best to put down your phone and watch where you’re going.

Bad Weather

When it comes to outdoor hazards, weather is the biggest problem. Ice, snow, sleet, and rain can render a typical sidewalk, stairs, or other walkway dangerous. If the property owner failed to take reasonable steps like shoveling a public walkway or at least posting signs to “watch your step when icy,” they may have been negligent. Again, the insurance company may want to ensure you weren’t slogging around in slippers or flip-flops when there was ice and snow on the ground.

Neglect in Nursing Homes or Healthcare Facilities

Falls are the leading cause of injury in seniors age 65 and older. As a result, nursing homes must take steps to prevent falls, especially for residents who are unsteady on their feet due to a disability or prone to faint or lose consciousness. These patients are considered “fall risks,” and staff is required to provide assistance and supervision when they’re walking around, as well as mobility aids like a walker. When these things don’t happen, because the staff is poorly trained or the facility is simply understaffed, residents may be at higher risk of serious falls.

Younger people may also be at risk in hospitals or other healthcare facilities, especially if they’ve just had surgery, have a disability, or have temporary difficulties getting around. Again, a lack of nursing staff or poor training may lead to negligence and injuries.

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