How Much Is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Worth?

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A man does research on wrongful death claims in Georgia.Because every case is unique, there is no average wrongful death settlement or verdict sum. Let’s start by discussing the ranges we frequently encounter in wrongful death claims and what influences the settlement amount. You should speak with a lawyer to increase your case’s worth and receive the greatest settlement.

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Average Wrongful Death Settlements

Some wrongful death lawsuits reach settlements in the tens of millions of dollars, while others can only reach a million dollars. Unfortunately, there isn’t an “average or usual” settlement amount, which is unfortunate. Why? Read on. There is no way to compare legal matters to one another because no two instances are identical. While some cases are resolved before trial, others go to trial. There may be a lot of unknowns during the trial. Let’s examine some of these criteria, since they will all affect the amount of compensation you may be eligible for.

Here is what our wrongful death lawyers feel you should know.

Determine How Much You Have Lost or Stand to Lose Financially

It may seem strange to consider money when grieving the loss of a loved one.

The loss of a husband or child cannot be replaced by money. However, Georgia law permits family members to be compensated for specific monetary losses, including:

  • The cost of homemaking services. For instance, it’s possible that your wife did the cooking and laundry. You’ll need to recruit another person to complete these chores after she passes away. To cover these additional costs, you may be compensated.
  • Future monetary assistance. If you are financially dependent on a loved one, their passing will significantly impact your finances. Therefore, you are entitled to compensation in an amount equivalent to the amount of financial support you logically anticipated receiving.
  • The cost of a funeral and burial.
  • The deprivation of gifts or benefits you would have gotten had your loved one survived.

It is difficult to calculate these economic damages. Nobody knows what kind of employment your loved one would have done or how much you would have been paid in the future. Nevertheless, by considering your loved one’s age, education, experience, and employment history, you can determine how much financial help you would have received. The estate may also file a survival action to recover damages for pre-death medical costs and the suffering your loved one faced in the days before passing away.

Investigate Your Intangible Losses

Georgia wrongful death law acknowledges the emotional trauma that a loved one’s passing causes for family members. As a result, the law entitles you to compensation for a range of emotional damages, such as:

  • Loss of affection, moral support, guidance, supervision, attention, companionship, and a sexual relationship.

These losses do occur. However, since no bill or receipt states their value, they are more difficult to calculate. So instead, you and your wrongful death lawyer in Atlanta will need to think about how to demonstrate these intangible losses. You might be compensated for these intangible losses at least as much as you are for the loss of services and prospective earnings, if not more.

In Georgia, the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm has been known as the “go-to” firm for wrongful death claims. We are knowledgeable about the evidence you will need to provide in order to win your case, and we are adept at finding it.  Our seasoned Georgia wrongful death lawyers have years of experience negotiating advantageous settlements for our clients that make up for their present and future financial losses and emotional suffering. We are unable to guarantee a result because no two cases are alike.

Factors that Could Lower the Amount of Your Wrongful Death Settlement

There are a few simple explanations for why you can obtain wrongful death compensation that is less than you anticipated in some circumstances.

Your loved one may have contributed to their own accident, for instance. There may be gray areas in some cases, and victims may be at fault.

As an illustration, it’s possible that when riding a bicycle, your loved one failed to signal a turn. Because the truck driver did not anticipate your loved one to stop, they might have been struck by the commercial vehicle following them.

In this instance, your loved one contributed to the collision that resulted in their death. Therefore, their percentage of guilt will be deducted from the amount of a settlement you receive. For instance, if you anticipated receiving $3 million in compensation but your loved one was 50% to blame for the tragedy, you will probably only receive $1.5 million.

Other Causes Why You Get a Smaller Agreement

  • You wait too long. Family members in Georgia have just two years from the date of the death to file a wrongful death lawsuit. If you don’t meet this deadline, there won’t be any compensation in the settlement.
  • You don’t retain a knowledgeable lawyer. Legal and factual challenges are particular to wrongful death claims, making them different from other types of cases. For the best chance of increasing the amount you receive, you need a professional with years of experience who is completely familiar with the law.

Are Wrongful Death Settlements Taxable?

Your location and the specifics of the recovery heavily influence the award’s taxation. Contact us to learn more about taxation and the unique circumstances surrounding your case.

The Reasons Why Wrongful Death Settlement Calculators Fail

Even though you might be tempted to utilize one, you will discover that they are ineffective and inaccurate at estimating a prospective settlement. This is so because different circumstances in every situation are different, such as who might be responsible for covering losses, how much the deceased person earned, and others. These calculators for wrongful death settlement and recovery are usually only intended to obtain your contact information.

Should You Go to Trial or Settle Your Case?

Unfortunately, the details of your situation will determine this response. Insurance companies frequently attempt to settle a lawsuit for less money than it is worth. We will go to trial if they can’t agree on a just settlement. Speak with one of our wrongful death lawyers today. It’s common to experience these emotions after losing a loved one, along with sadness, rage, and worry about the future. So here’s where we step in.

You can spend time with your family while our Georgia wrongful death lawyers at the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm take over the case and start putting together a compensation claim. You can concentrate on what really matters: your loved ones and the memories of your lost love—instead of stressing about court dates and insurance adjuster documents.

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