Can Hitting Your Head Cause Seizures?

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A female doctor reviews a MRI for a patient with seizures.Yes. According to the CDC, a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can cause a person to have seizures. Sometimes these happen shortly after the injury, but they can also appear months or even years later. Sometimes, a person may develop epilepsy, a chronic condition in which the patient repeatedly has seizures. When this occurs after a TBI, it’s often called post-traumatic epilepsy (PTE) or post-traumatic seizures (PTS). The CDC reports that about 1 in 10 people with a TBI are diagnosed with epilepsy within the next three years.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injury or TBI refers to damage to the brain’s neurons, most frequently caused by a blow to the head. Two other types of TBI are also possible – you can get one from a penetrating head wound or an extreme jolt or shaking. Symptoms of TBI range in severity and are highly varied, depending on the damaged area of the brain. Many people suffer long-term effects or disabilities, including difficulty with movement or speech, chronic headaches, cognitive difficulties, and seizures.

Why is Epilepsy One of the Possible Results of a Brain Injury?

Post-TBI seizures are believed to be caused by damage to one or more brain regions. Anyone can develop seizures after a head injury, but they are more likely after a severe TBI, such as a penetrating head wound or depressed skull fracture. When you have a seizure right after a head injury (within a week), there is a good chance it may be an acute problem that will not recur, but your doctor will want to prescribe medication to prevent any further seizures, as they can cause additional brain damage. If the seizures don’t appear until weeks or months later, they are more likely to be a chronic problem (epilepsy).

How is PTE Treated?

Your doctor will attempt to control the seizures with antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) like phenytoin or pregabalin. Narrow-spectrum AEDs are used for specific types of seizures, like partial, focal, or myoclonic seizures, while broad-spectrum AEDs are helpful for a wide variety of seizures.

Finding an AED that works well at preventing your seizures with a minimum of side effects can take time, but many people eventually get their symptoms under control. However, in some situations, medications simply don’t work. If this is the case, the patient may be referred to an epilepsy center to explore other treatment options, including surgery.

How Can a Head Injury Lawyer Help?

Head injuries can be costly to treat. Even a simple MRI or CT scan to look for damage or determine the cause of a seizure can cost several thousand dollars before health insurance. You may also need to stay in the hospital for treatment or observation, fill prescriptions for seizure medications, and go to follow-up appointments.

The medical bills may be only the beginning of the financial concerns a head injury can bring. If you’re hospitalized, you may miss time at work. Then when you’re released, your doctor might tell you that it’s not safe to drive until they’re sure the seizures won’t return. If your seizures become chronic, finding a medication that manages them could take weeks or months. Then, the state of Georgia requires people with epilepsy to be seizure-free for six months before driving a personal vehicle again. For those who don’t live close to where they work, this can mean large bills from a ride-share service or inconvenient public transportation.

Other people may not be able to work at all until their seizures are controlled. If your job involves any activity that could be dangerous in the event of a seizure, you may not be able to work safely for some time – or ever. For example, getting a CDL license to drive a commercial vehicle is extremely difficult and requires permission from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration if you’ve ever had epilepsy, even if your condition is now managed with medication. Another problem some people run into is that the medication that controls their seizures may make them drowsy or groggy, interfering with their ability to work.

For all these reasons, seizures after a head injury can be financially devastating – without counting other injuries or disabilities caused by the same event.

If your head injury was caused by another party’s negligence, you should not be forced to pay for these additional expenses or lost income. We recommend talking with a head injury lawyer, who can help determine liability and identify any insurance policies that may pay your costs. Never assume that your injuries were “just an accident” or “probably my fault.” We’ve met many people who mistakenly thought their accident was simply bad luck or an error on their part. If they hadn’t consulted a lawyer, they would have assumed financial responsibility for tens of thousands of dollars (or more in some cases).

Here are some examples of common causes of head injuries and how we can help you pursue compensation:

Car Accidents

Determining fault in an accident can be difficult, and the stress of recovering from a head injury doesn’t make it any easier. Do not take the word of the other driver or their insurance company that you were at fault. Instead, speak with a qualified personal injury lawyer who can review your accident report and conduct an investigation to learn more about what happened. If we can find evidence of the other driver’s liability, we may be able to seek compensation from their insurance.


Falling is the second-leading cause of accidental injury deaths globally. It’s much more common in older adults (60 and up), but anyone can suffer a fall, particularly in unsafe situations – for example, if you slip on a puddle or slick surface, you could hit your head when you fall. “Slip and fall” and “trip and fall” situations are the most common reasons for falls in younger people, while older adults are more likely to fall due to health conditions that affect balance or coordination (although a slippery floor may also contribute to those situations). If you were on someone else’s property when you fell and hit your head, there is likely a liability insurance policy, either for a homeowner or a business, that should cover your damages.

Firearm Injuries and Assaults.

A gunshot to the head can cause a very serious TBI if the injured person survives – in fact, 65 percent of people whose TBI was caused by a gunshot suffer seizures. Even assaults without a weapon can lead to a TBI if you receive a solid blow to the head or fall and hit your head after being attacked.

While you can sue your attacker, this usually isn’t the best way to seek compensation. Generally, liability policies don’t cover intentional acts like the insured party attacking or shooting someone, and the assailant may have spent all their assets on legal fees for their criminal charges. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of luck. Depending on how and where the attack happened, you may have a case against the property owner. For example, if you were assaulted in your hotel room by an assailant who easily forced their way into the room, the hotel may be liable for negligent security (failing to provide a safe environment for guests and employees). Liability isn’t always apparent to a layperson in these situations, so if you’re dealing with a head injury after an assault, we recommend going over the details of your case with a Georgia head injury lawyer.

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If you’ve suffered a TBI and have recurring seizures or other chronic symptoms or disabilities, you may need extensive treatment or accommodations to assist with your condition. Don’t rely on the insurance companies to ensure you receive fair compensation – their job is to pay you as little as possible. Please reach out to a personal injury lawyer who can help you seek an equitable settlement for your pain, suffering, and financial losses.

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