How to Avoid U-Turn Accidents and Determine Liability in Atlanta

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U-turn accidents can be caused by negligent acts, including failure to yield or make a clear observation before swinging into a U-turn. Aggressive driving, such as cutting off other motorists and failing to obey traffic signs, also leads to U-turn crashes.

The resulting collisions often cause severe injuries and property damage. A driver turning in front of oncoming traffic can leave you with serious bodily injuries and other losses. If you were injured in Atlanta because of an aggressive or accidental U-turn, you should be able to recover compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

The seasoned U-turn accident attorneys at the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm have represented numerous clients injured in car crashes. We are committed to providing personalized attention and dedicated legal representation to every client. We understand that being injured in an accident can be devastating, so we work hard to allow our clients to focus on recovery while handling all aspects of their claims.

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Why Are U-turns So Dangerous?

U-turns are dangerous for a variety of reasons.

  • First, the driver making the U-turn often makes the turn without realizing that there is another vehicle approaching. The approaching vehicle may be traveling at a much faster speed than the car making the U-turn and, therefore, will not have time to stop in time.
  •  Second, it is illegal in most places to make a U-turn at an intersection, especially when heavy traffic is coming from both directions. This means that drivers making illegal U-turns are taking a huge risk. They may be hit by oncoming traffic, even if they see it coming.
  • Third, drivers who make U-turns may be acting recklessly or negligently. For example, they may be drunk or distracted (for instance, texting while driving), making it more difficult for them to see other vehicles and react to them quickly enough to avoid an accident.
  • Finally, drivers who make U-turns may not realize that their actions are dangerous. They may think that other cars will see them and stop in time, but this is not always the case.

Five Common Types of U-Turn Accidents in Atlanta

  1.  A U-turn rear-end collision occurs when a car making a U-turn does not yield the right of way to oncoming traffic. The oncoming vehicle may have time to stop, but as a result, another car behind it may rear-end it, causing serious injuries to both drivers.
  2.  A head-on collision is often caused by one driver making an illegal U-turn in front of another vehicle going in the opposite direction. If a car is making an illegal U-turn and is hit by an oncoming vehicle, the driver who caused the illegal U-turn will almost always be found liable for any resulting damages.
  3.  A side-impact collision can occur when one car overtakes or passes another car that makes an unexpected or sudden U-turn without checking its surroundings first.
  4.  An intoxicated driver is more likely to speed, drive erratically and make risky U-turns. Alcohol impairs judgment and slows reaction time. U-turns caused by drunk drivers often result in T-bone crashes where the back end of one car hits the front end of another vehicle.
  5.  Many vehicles have blind spots that can make it difficult for drivers to see other cars when they are making a U-turn. Blind spots are typically located on both sides of the vehicle and in the rear. When making a U-turn, if a driver fails to check the blind spots, they may hit another vehicle, pedestrian, or stationary object.

How to Avoid U-Turn Accidents?

  •     Do not overtake or cut any vehicle while taking the U-turn.
  •     Check for vehicles in either direction before you take a turn.
  •     Maintain proper speed and watch out for a dip on the road while taking a U-turn.
  •     Be careful of other vehicles as they will be more focused at the front, not in your direction.
  •     If you are riding a two-wheeler, be extra careful as there are chances that you might end up slipping due to less support area in contact with the road.

Figuring out the At-Fault Party in a U-Turn Accident

When two vehicles collide during a U-turn, it can be difficult for law enforcement officials to determine liability. In many cases, both drivers will seek compensation from their insurance carriers and argue that they were not at fault for causing the accident.

While it’s not always easy to establish liability in a U-turn accident, working with the right legal team can significantly impact your case. And at CEO Lawyer, we’re committed to doing everything we can to help injured victims get access to the compensation they deserve. The professionals we work with pride themselves on their ability to investigate every detail of a crash and consult many resources. They can determine why an accident occurred, reconstruct the accident site, and ascertain who is actually at fault for the accident.

We have assembled law experts in various areas to help us achieve our goal of providing results for our clients, keeping you focused on what is important to you while we take care of the tough stuff.

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Although each case is different, and many factors can affect the outcome of a personal injury claim, U-Turn accidents are scary. It can be challenging to continue life after suffering an injury due to someone else’s carelessness. It’s important to remember that you still have legal rights that must be protected and preserved.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you have a case,  it’s best to consult with our competent Atlanta car accident attorneys at the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm who have considerable experience handling U-turn accidents in Atlanta. As a results-driven law firm, we understand that the first priority for personal injury cases is to make sure that you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

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