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A crashed white car is on its roof after a drunk driving accident.Death and serious harm to the drunk driver and other road users are the main risks associated with drunk driving. But those are not the only outcomes that could occur. Drunk drivers should expect to pay hefty fines or spend a significant amount of time in jail.

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[H2] Drunk Driving Deaths per Year

The issue of drunk driving continues to plague the country’s highways. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that approximately 10,000 lives are lost each year as a result of drunk driving accidents, or one every 52 minutes.

Prevention of Drunk Driving

The twin pillars of education and monetary fines serve as the foundation for reducing drunk driving. Fortunately, there are many quick and inexpensive alternatives to drinking and driving, like booking a rideshare or spending the night in a hotel. Furthermore, parents should start educating their kids about drunk driving while they are young, ideally even before they start driving. Driving is a major duty, and any failure in judgment can have lifelong repercussions, which education should highlight.

The data from last year serves as a depressing reminder that drunk driving continues to be a severe issue across the entire country, despite an overall trend toward a decline in fatalities. Fortunately, efforts for education and enforcement can be improved by collecting and evaluating annual statistics to lower fatalities year after year.

Drinking and Driving

Follow these recommendations to stay out of drinking and driving collisions:

1. Choose a Driver

Each year, accidents involving alcohol cause injuries and fatalities; in fact, in the United States, a drunk driving accident causes a death once every 52 minutes. Making a commitment never to drink and drive is the simplest method to avoid accidents caused by intoxicated drivers. Instead, have a conversation with your pals and choose a driver. The driver should stick to water or soda the entire evening because driving while “buzzed” is the same as driving while intoxicated. Of course, if you’re the one driving, it’s best to stay away from alcohol entirely.

2. Act with Caution as the Host or Hostess

You must ensure that everyone leaves the party safely if you are the host. People who don’t like drinks shouldn’t be forced to consume them; otherwise, they could do so out of politeness. Invite guests to stay the night and arrange for cabs for those who insist on leaving.

It might be challenging to determine whether someone is fit to drive. Even people who are beyond the permitted limit may not show many symptoms. If you’re unsure if someone can drive, be safe and make arrangements for another mode of transportation.

3. Pay Attention to Drunk Drivers

Even if you take all reasonable measures to prevent drunk driving, you cannot control other people’s behavior. The likelihood of sharing the road with a drunk driver increases over the holidays since there are more parties. About 4 million people have acknowledged driving while intoxicated at least once. Be alert for the following warning signs of intoxicated driving:

  • Abrupt driving, including accelerating and decelerating quickly
  • Unexpectedly slamming on the brakes
  • Exceeding the speed limit by over ten miles per hour
  • Shifting focus between lanes
  • Taking a wider turn than usual

Give these symptoms plenty of room if you see any of them, and avoid attempting to stop them on your own. Instead, dial 911 and provide the police with enough details to track them down, such as the direction they were traveling in and a description of the car.

You should never choose to drive after drinking, but there are other things you can do to lessen your risk of suffering an accident. Keep an eye out for the warning signs of drunk driving and notify the police in your area. Designate a driver before going out or to a party, and don’t make anyone drink if they don’t want to. Keep in mind that your choices can have a significant impact on someone else’s life. You can make the road safer for other drivers and yourself by heeding these recommendations.

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