8 Common Motorcycle Crashes and How to Avoid Them

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common motorcycle crashes

Motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy being out on the open road, and can experience our nation in a different way than just traveling by car on our nation’s highways and byways. But traveling the roads by motorcycle can also have a dangerous side – as anyone who has ever been in a serious motorcycle accident will tell you.  Motorcyclists are less protected than drivers in a vehicle, and are highly vulnerable to being in a life-threatening or fatal crash, based on the nature of a collision of a motorcycle with a car or truck on the road. Here are 8 common motorcycle crashes and how to avoid them.

The 8 Common Motorcycle Crashes and How to Avoid Them

1. Drivers Under the Influence

At any given time, there are drunk drivers or drivers in their cars driving under the influence of drugs or medications on our nation’s roads. This situation occurs quite frequently around the holidays, during seasonal warm weather in a region, or at any time of the year. Even if the driver of an automobile has a blood alcohol level below the legal limit, that individual can still be a menace and impaired while driving on the roads, and the cause of a serious accident. Most times, alcohol in a person’s system tends to dull, slow or prevent normal reaction times, which can cause an accident with other drivers or motorcyclists on the roads. As a motorcyclist, you need to be mindful of any cars or trucks also traveling on the roads where the driver acts irrationally, drives erratically, or does not seem to be “all there” or aware of the immediate road conditions.

2. Wet and Slippery Road Conditions

Wet, icy, rainy or wintery conditions on the roads can create slippery conditions for a motorcyclist. While driving a motorcycle in these conditions, it is especially important to pay attention to road conditions and pavement surfaces to avoid issues in driving the motorcycle. For example, when traveling over a bridge in cold weather conditions, the bridge and road may experience varying weather conditions (hence the signs “Bridge freezes before road”). When it is wet out, it is necessary to use extra precautions to stay safe on a motorcycle in inclement weather.

3. Automobile Doors Opening Suddenly

Motorcyclists on the roads need to obey all road rules. If a motorcyclist is in the habit of weaving in and out of traffic in cities, going around cars or riding to close to parked cars outside of designated lanes – a run in with a car door could occur. This is dangerous, since pedestrians, bicyclists and other motorists can be found in areas near to parked cars off of the active driving traffic lanes. Motorcyclists should never weave in and out of areas around cars or trucks, and should only drive in laned areas where cars travel as well to avoid collisions with automobile drivers.

4. Rear End Collision from a Car

When a motorcyclist comes to either a slow stop or a sudden stop, it is critical that the motorcyclist is always aware of how close the other cars are to the motorcycle before completing this maneuver. A motorcyclist can avoid being hit by a car from behind by pulling over to the breakdown lane, or in an emergency pulling in between a line of cars, to avoid a collision with a car from behind.

5. Horseplay from Others Riding on a Motorcycle

Any time that motorcyclists ride out on the roads together, there needs to be a certain level of trust and responsibility displayed by all motorcycle riders in the motorcycle club or “pack.” Motorcyclists should never engage in stunts, horseplay, racing, pop-up wheelies (riding on one rear wheel), or other dangerous pranks while riding on a motorcycle. It is critical that motorcyclists traveling the roads together in a group always observe the rules of the road, and pay special attention to the safe distancing necessary between their motorcycles while on the roads.

6. Avoid Locked Brakes on a Motorcycle

People who ride on motorcycles need to learn how to utilize the brake systems on their motorcycles before ever taking the motorcycle out on the road. Motorcycles have different braking systems than automobiles, and the art of careful and slowly braking on a motorcycle needs to be practiced to perfection to stop safely on the roads. If a motorcyclist grabs the brakes or panics in an effort to slow down the motorcycle too fast – the result can be a locked brake on the motorcycle. Avoiding locking the brakes on a motorcycle needs to be maintained to prevent a serious accident while making a quick emergency stop on the motorcycle while traveling on the roads in general traffic.

7. Falling Out of a Corner

Motorcyclists need to understand the physics of being on a motorcycle safely. This includes practicing taking turns and tight corners while on the motorcycle – well before having to use these safety maneuvers “for real” while traveling on the roads with other motorists. Motorcyclists should handle turns and curves expertly by leaning into the cure correctly, being easy on the brakes according to the conditions, and managing the gears and throttle carefully in all turning situations.

8. Car Changes Lanes Without Notice

An automobile on the highway or city roads may change lanes quickly without notice. This maneuver by the automobile can be fatal for someone on a motorcycle. It is important to remember that motorcycles are smaller than cars and can easily hide within a driver’s blind spot on a car or truck. For this reason, motorcyclists should not make sudden lane changes, but need to plan for lane changes well in advance. This will give notice to all motorists sharing the road that the motorist is making a lane change and can do so safely.

Learn More About the Common Motorcycle Crashes and How to Avoid Them

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