How Does a Third Party Lawsuit Affect Workers Comp Cases?

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An injured worker clutches his broken arm.In some situations involving workers’ compensation, third parties may be required to contribute to the settlement of third-party litigation in the event of a work-related accident. Employees who sustain injuries at work have the right to anticipate that their employer will pay for their medical expenses and a sizable portion of their lost wages. However, it is not necessary for an employee to demonstrate that the employer was careless or to blame for the accident. The downside of not needing to demonstrate employer culpability is that the employee cannot pursue pain and suffering damages. However, there are frequently third parties that may be held accountable in injury situations.

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What Is a Third-Party Lawsuit?

Third-party lawsuits, as opposed to workers’ compensation claims, give the plaintiff the right to seek compensation for their pain and suffering. Workers can file a claim for worker’s compensation and demand all unpaid lost pay. A claim for third party compensation or workers’ compensation can be made by an employee. The good news for the worker is that they will likely be eligible for wage loss compensation and will be able to access the necessary medical care while their personal injury claim is being processed.

Employers may add their own demands to the claims made by the injured employee in a third party lawsuit. They have the right to request repayment from the third party for all money paid to the employee. This often covers all of the pay and medical expenses they covered for the employee. Third-party workers’ compensation attorneys with experience can clarify who is eligible to file a claim for damages and how the employer is compensated.

How Do I Get Workers Comp?

In most cases, employees cannot directly sue their employers for negligence. The employee cannot bring a civil lawsuit against the company, even if they were aware of a known danger or failed to follow established procedures. Like in other legal problems, there may be exceptions when an employee can file a lawsuit against the company, although this rarely happens. However, as long as an injured worker is unable to work, the employer is responsible for covering their medical costs. The employer is also responsible for covering any further medical costs incurred by the employee once he or she resumes work. While they are unable to work, employees are also eligible for wage loss benefits through a workers’ compensation claim. Speak with an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney to discuss your options for compensation following an injury while on the job.

Workers Comp Laws

Federal statutes and state laws both regulate workers’ compensation laws. Both offer set awards to workers or their dependents in the case of illnesses and accidents related to their jobs.

The wounded worker can collect compensation through these statutorily mandated awards without suing an employer. The types of workers covered, the quantity and length of benefits, and other specifics vary between the various state legislation.

The Federal Employees Compensation Act, the Jones Act for sailors, and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act for longshore and harbor workers are just a few of the laws that protect federal employees.

Most workers’ compensation laws have the effect of holding the employer strictly accountable for injuries received while on the job, regardless of whether the employer or the employee was negligent. For a claim to be legitimate, the damage must occur during the course and scope of employment, and there must be a link between the employee and the employer.

What Does the Workers Compensation Law Do for the Worker?

  • Your employer or their insurance company is required to pay for all necessary immediate and comprehensive medical care if you become ill while on the job.
  • They are legally entitled to choose the hospital or doctor who will treat your work-related illness or injury.
  • The hospital is unable to balance and collect money from you.
  • You are free to object to the doctor’s diagnosis.
  • As you receive medical attention for your injuries, you have the right to compensation.
  • You have the right to have medical treatment resumed if you believe it was cut off prematurely, including any therapy.
  • It is illegal for an employer to treat a worker unfairly, discriminate against them, or fail to provide them with reasonable accommodations at work. Contact the Office of Workers Compensation in your state if you believe you have been the victim of such discrimination or retaliatory behavior. They have the right and ability to defend your rights against such retaliatory behavior.
  • Your work-related injury may potentially give rise to a third-party personal injury claim. This kind of claim is made against other people or companies whose carelessness resulted in your injury rather than your employer. An instance of this is having a car accident while driving for your work.
  • To defend your legal rights, you have the right to retain legal counsel.

Workers Compensation Lawsuit

Employers are required to provide benefits to employees who become permanently disabled. Depending on the type of injury, the length of the payments will change. Additionally, employees who contract an occupational injury are entitled to wage replacement and payment for their medical expenses. The remuneration varies according to the sort of work performed and the employee’s earnings. To learn more about filing a workers’ compensation lawsuit, contact the team of experienced attorneys at the CEO Personal Injury Law Firm to receive your free consultation.

The wounded worker must file a separate personal injury lawsuit to request a third party lawsuit agreement to pursue claims for pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and punitive damages. This could be a careless employee, a manufacturer of a faulty product, or any other third party that needs to be held accountable.

Third Parties’ Responsibility in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Depending on the responsibility laws in your state and how the accident occurred, third parties may be liable for a variety of reasons.

Common third-party claims that employees may submit include:

  •   Product liability claims are made against the makers and distributors of all machinery, tools, and equipment that workers use while on the job.
  •   An employee may bring a product liability claim, for instance, if they sustain an injury due to a forklift’s malfunctioning brakes or unstable scaffolding materials used during construction. In this case, if a construction accident was caused by equipment from a third party, the employer is typically not accountable.
  •   In certain situations, the worker is not required to demonstrate that the manufacturer was careless. If the product is flawed and the flaw causes damage, they may pursue a settlement through a third party lawsuit.

Lawsuits By Third Parties for Negligence Claims

A third party defendant can be any person who causes a job injury but is not an employee of the employer. Your employer’s coworkers cannot be included in a third-party liability action.

  •   Architects who create dangerous structures may be held accountable for their subpar work.
  •   Contractors who were at fault for an accident on your jobsite.
  •   If a worker falls, snow removal teams the employer hires may be held accountable.
  •   When a worker is hurt while on a property owner’s property, such as when a salesperson visits a client, the property owner may be held responsible.
  •   Particularly in the construction sector, contractors and subcontractors may be liable for third-party workers’ compensation claims.
  •   Equipment service providers may be held accountable for neglecting to maintain or decommission their equipment.
  •   If your job involves driving, you might be a car or truck driver in an accident.

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