Does Texting and Driving Cause More Accidents Than Drunk Driving?

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A driver is texting while driving.Many of us are aware of the inherent danger of driving while distracted. Whether the distraction comes from texting, selecting music, pulling up a map, drinking, eating, or any other activity while driving, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2020 alone, over 3,000 U.S. citizens were killed due to distracted drivers. In fact, fatalities linked to distracted driving are on the rise, despite several national campaigns, public service announcements, and laws designed to reduce the number of injuries related to distracted driving. While everyone knows that distracted driving and driving under the influence are dangerous, just how dangerous is texting and driving? Could texting and driving potentially be more dangerous than drinking and driving? Some researchers say yes.

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Texting While Driving Versus DUI – Which is More Dangerous?

While many drivers understand that driving under the influence and texting while driving is dangerous, they may not understand just how dangerous it is. Although many online statistics claiming texting and driving is far more dangerous than drinking and driving have been debunked, it is well supported that texting and driving and drinking and driving are extremely dangerous practices. While driving under the influence may impair judgment and severely delay response times, texting and driving cognitively distracts the driver and removes their eyes from the road. Below you will find some alarming distracted driving statistics.

How Many Accidents Are Caused by Texting and Driving?

So, just how many accidents are caused by texting and driving? Check out some of the statistics below.

Texting and Driving Statistics

Texting and driving statistics in the U.S. are startling. It was found that:

  •   About 20% of drivers in the U.S. claim they text and drive.
  • Nearly 390,000 car accident injuries were sustained in 2018 that were attributed to drivers using cell phones on the road. Furthermore, it was found that nearly ¼ of all car crashes in the U.S. involve cell phone usage.
  •   It is estimated that nearly 11 teens die every day due to texting and driving.
  •   The National Safety Council estimates that around 1.6 million vehicle collisions occur annually that may be attributed to cell phone use while driving.

Texting & Driving Dangers

Virginia Tech found that your risk of being involved in a crash when texting and driving is 23x more likely than driving without being distracted. The texting and driving risks discovered through the Virginia Tech study indicated the following statistics:

Cars & Light Vehicles

When driving a car or light vehicle:

  •   You are 2.8x more likely to be involved in a collision when using your phone.
  •   You are 1.3x more likely to be involved in a crash if talking or listening with your cell phone.
  •   The risk of an accident is 1.4x more likely when reaching for an object in the vehicle.

Trucks & Heavy Vehicles

When driving a truck or other heavy vehicle:

  •   You are 5.9x more likely to be involved in a crash when using a cell phone.
  •   You are 1.0x more likely to be involved in a collision if talking or listening with your cell phone
  •   Texting makes the risk of an accident drastically more likely, around 23.2x more likely.

Is Texting While Driving as Dangerous as Drunk Driving?

Virginia Tech completed a distracted driving study in which it was found that while driving at 55mph, texting and driving takes the driver’s eyes away from the road for 4.6 seconds on average, which is akin to driving blindfolded for the length of an entire football field. This study, along with others, suggests that texting while driving is as dangerous, if not more hazardous, than drunk driving.

In addition to the drinking and driving v. texting and driving studies overseen by Virginia Tech, the CDC presented texting and driving v. drinking and driving statistics by using a driving simulator to analyze the performance of intoxicated drivers v. drivers who were using their cell phone. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention study indicated the following results:

  •   When driving and speaking on a cell phone, whether in hand or hands-free.
  •   Drivers using their cell phones were involved in more simulated accidents than drivers who were not on cell phones.
  •   In contrast, drivers who had been drinking and were intoxicated while using the driving simulator showed a more aggressive style of driving, followed closer to the vehicle in front of them, and braked more abruptly.

What Damages are Recoverable After a Texting While Driving Car Accident?

After being injured in a car accident, a personal injury attorney can assist you with filing a claim to recover financial compensation for your damages, such as:

  •   Medical expenses
  •   Lost wages
  •   Lost earning capacity
  •   Pain and suffering
  •   And more

Filing a Car Accident Injury Lawsuit

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