How to Establish Liability in a Speeding Car Crash in Atlanta

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Speeding is irresponsible driving behavior that is dangerous to traffic safety. Drivers who speed have a higher likelihood of crashing, resulting in severe injuries and even fatalities. On top of this, speeding has been verified as a contributory factor in about 30% of all road accidents across the country. However, it’s not always easy to identify liable parties in speeding collisions because they happen quickly, and the evidence may be incomplete or inconclusive.

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America’s love affair with speed has led to countless deaths on our roadways every year. Speeding is responsible for thousands of auto-related fatalities and injuries each year and costs millions in criminal and civil penalties annually. In addition, the injuries that arise from speeding are often severe or even fatal. Excessive speed can cause many types of catastrophic injuries, including concussions, whiplash, and amputation.

In Georgia, motorists are expected to obey all speed limits. The speed limit for cars and trucks is 70 mph in rural areas, 55 mph in urban areas, and 65 mph on limited-access roads.

When an individual is injured in a car accident caused by another driver, one of the most significant issues to overcome in getting compensation is proving who was at fault. Usually, at-fault drivers deny they were speeding and always fault the other party for the crash. While it may be challenging to prove who was speeding without photographic evidence, a personal injury attorney can be your best bet to establish a strong claim for damages.

According to state law, to recover damages in a Georgia speeding car accident case, the plaintiff must be able to prove that the defendant’s negligence was a cause of the accident and the resulting injuries.

Ways to Prove Speeding in an Accident in Atlanta

1. Electronic Data Monitors
The use of electronic data recorders (EDR) in vehicles has increased in recent years; they are generally known as “black boxes” after the actual box casing. The EDRs, also known as event data recorders (EDR) or vehicle data recorders (VDR), include sensors, control modules, and recording devices that log vehicle parameters such as speed. VDRs provide vital evidence in a crash case. With a VDR, you know exactly what happened because it captures the data–speed, seat belts, brakes, and such–leading to an investigation and determination of fault.

2. Video from the Dash Cams
Dash camera recorders or dashcams are small cameras attached to the outside of the vehicle’s windshield, often recording visuals up to 180 degrees. Dashcams can be recording at all times while the car is in motion. The information obtained by these devices could provide you with insight into whether there were multiple vehicles involved in an accident, if someone hit your car from behind and how fast they were going.

3. GPS systems
While a driver’s positioning data through a GPS may not be valuable as proof of speeding, this data may have value as evidence. It could confirm that a driver was going faster than the posted speed limit or could establish that there was no way the driver could have been at a specific location given the time and distance durations indicated by the GPS tracker.

4. Witnesses
Speed is a prominent element to consider after an accident. Witnesses near the accident scene will comment on the speed at which the vehicles were moving. Witnesses can also be experts in accident investigation and reconstruction who can help bring clarity to what happened in an event.

Reputable car accident lawyers in Atlanta at CEO Lawyer work with law enforcement officers, forensic experts, and reconstructionists who can be brought forth to the stand to present their findings. They get an inside look at all of the details and can properly reconstruct what happened, how a collision occurred, and why it happened.

5. Physical Evidence
Every driver understands how difficult it can be to estimate the speed of other cars on the road. Some drivers who have caused a car accident will deny that they were the speeding vehicle involved in the crash. Their insurance company may even attempt to back up their story. However, if skid marks are found at the accident site, there may be a significant amount of physical evidence that can help prove that a driver was speeding.

Besides, when a deadly vehicle accident occurs, evidence often lies in the damaged vehicles and the area around the accident. Taking photos of physical evidence, including skid marks, vehicle damage, roadway debris, and any injuries you might have suffered, will help to establish liability later on. Therefore, it is essential to take these photos as soon as possible after an accident.

By having all of your supporting documentation together at the time of your claim, you will have everything you need to help move your claim forward. With so many points of contact associated with an auto accident, photos help pinpoint specific events during an accident.

6. Police Reports
The police do not always come to the scene of every accident. Nor does the filing of a police report guarantee personal injury compensation. However, it can be beneficial to get the police report made available in many accident cases. Police officers are trained to document accident scene evidence in a clear, unbiased manner. In addition, they take witness information and contact information if needed.

This report will also provide a detailed record of the accident’s facts. It will contain information regarding the cars involved, their speed, and who was at fault. As a result, you can help protect yourself from any future legal action by receiving a copy of the police report.

What Should I do After a Speeding Collision?

It can be scary to remain calm and collected when an accident happens. However, it is essential to understand that it is the best way to handle the situation and the law. Everyone should stay at the scene and wait for emergency services to arrive.

It may also be required to move the vehicles out of lanes and onto a shoulder so traffic can flow and emergency vehicles can access wounded parties. It is essential to seek medical attention following an accident. Even if there does not appear to be an injury at the time, it is critical to undergo an evaluation by a medical professional immediately.

If you are involved in an accident, you should not discuss the event with the other driver. Even if the person admits fault, you should avoid making accusations or admitting any fault yourself. It’s best to avoid discussing anything which might be interpreted as evidence against your case. Saying anything to the other driver or anyone else, including police officers, can be used against you later.

Next, write down as many details as possible, such as the names and addresses of witnesses and law enforcement officials on the scene. Take photographs of injuries, license plates, damage to both vehicles, and the accident scene from different angles. Also, note all the facts from the other driver, such as name and address, insurance company, and policy number.

What Compensation Will I Be Awarded in a Speeding Accident?

When a collision occurs in Georgia, the law states that the party which caused the accident must pay any expenses arising from the crash. This includes medical bills, damaged property, lost wages for those injured, and restitution for pain and suffering. In death cases due to devastating accidents, family members may file a lawsuit for damages such as loss of consortium and pain and suffering.

When you get hurt in an accident, a sequence of events takes place to bring you the medical treatment and life-sustaining benefits from your health insurer. Unfortunately, insurance companies will do whatever they can not to have to pay your medical bills or your lost wages. Our attorneys at Ali Awad can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to help get a fair amount of money as compensation for your injuries or wrongful death.

How Can Ali Award Attorneys Help?

Insurance companies want nothing more than to minimize your injury claim by denying liability for their driver’s actions. If you or someone you know has been hurt in a car accident caused by a speeding driver, then you should talk with one of our lawyers about your legal rights. Having an accident reconstruction expert on your side can dramatically increase the amount of money you may be awarded when resolving your vehicular accident claim related to another driver’s negligence.

We know that suffering severe injuries from a car accident is not easy to deal with. However, we will protect your rights and strive for full justice. You can get in touch with us 24/7 by calling our toll-free number at (833) 254-2923 or complete our online form today.

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