What Are the Consequences of Driving Under the Influence in Georgia?

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In Georgia, you will be arrested and have to appear in court if you are found to be operating a vehicle while intoxicated. You can receive a fine, a jail sentence, or have your license suspended, depending on how serious the offense was.

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Consequences of Drunk Driving

The two sorts of penalties for a DUI conviction in Georgia are administrative license suspension and judicial penalties. If you don’t appeal within the allotted period, your driver’s license can be suspended after your arrest. The ALS hearing is different from the DUI case. The maximum punishment for a first DUI conviction is a $1,000 fine, one year in jail, or both. Other possibilities include a substance dependency assessment, a DUI alcohol or drug usage course, and 40 hours of community service.

On July 1, 2008, Georgia became the first state to pass a felony DUI statute. Like every other nation, driving while intoxicated is prohibited in the United States. For driving while intoxicated, drivers in Georgia may be charged with a range of offenses. In Georgia, the crime may become a felony within ten (10) years, with a fourth DUI offense serving as the most frequent justification.

Drinking and Driving Consequences

First-time DUI offenders in Georgia are subject to a 12-month probationary period. The offender must also pay court fees and surcharges in addition to a $300 fine.

When establishing the severity of a first-time DUI conviction in Georgia, several variables must be considered. You can receive a year of probation or a jail sentence, depending on your offense’s severity. If you receive a sentence of 24 hours in jail, you will then receive a second sentence of 11 months and 29 days on probation, with the potential for a prison sentence if you break the terms of your release. In addition, a police officer in Georgia has the authority to request that the Department of Driver Services suspend your license. The police officer has the right to ask for suspension if you decline a blood, breath, or urine test.

A driving while intoxicated conviction can significantly affect a person’s life. If you are found guilty of a DUI, you could receive a jail sentence and a license suspension. You can also be expected to pay a sizable sum in addition to higher insurance costs.

Georgia’s Definition of a DUI

You may be charged with DUI regardless of your blood alcohol content (BAC) or whether you choose to submit to a state-mandated chemical test if the arresting officer determines that you are sufficiently inebriated to make driving less safe. Additionally, you may be prosecuted with DUI per se if chemical testing within three hours of driving reveals that your BAC is .08% or higher.

Criminal Penalties in Georgia for a First DUI

The particular punishments you’ll receive in Georgia for your first DUI conviction depend on a variety of variables. However, we discuss the range of potential punishments below.

For a first DUI, jail time and probation are required. A first-time DUI is often considered a misdemeanor. You may be ordered by the judge to serve up to 12 months in county jail. Prison is only available for punishments lasting longer than 12 months. Some judges may give you credit for the time you served while you were being detained and not force you to return to jail after receiving your sentence. However, the law stipulates that you must spend at least 24 hours in jail if your BAC was 0.8% or higher.

Your overall sentence cannot be less than a year, and if this is your first DUI, you will probably serve the majority of that time on probation rather than in jail. You’ll have to pay a monitoring fee while on probation, and your probation officer will keep an eye on you to ensure you’re fulfilling all the conditions of your sentence.

First-time DUI Offender Fines and Costs

Even if it’s your first offense, DUIs are costly. The range of fines is $300 to $1000, but when the necessary fees are applied, the sum might virtually quadruple.

The DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program (“Risk Reduction Program”)

A 20-hour course that costs more than $350 is another requirement. (The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS)) lists this course as one of the requirements for getting your license reissued.)

Community Service and Drug Abuse Treatment

You must also perform 40 hours of community service and participate in a professional assessment for drug or alcohol dependency. You will be sentenced to serve the recommended number of counseling sessions if the clinical evaluator finds that you require treatment.

Restricted License

Depending on your driving history, you might qualify for a restricted license to drive to and from work, school, and other permitted locations.

License sanctions for convictions for DUI and drugs

There are various regulations for license suspension if your DUI conviction was drug-related, meaning you were under the influence of both narcotics and alcohol.

Georgia Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

A first DUI conviction typically doesn’t result in lengthy jail time. However, the judge can revoke all or part of your probation and send you to jail if you don’t comply with any portion of your sentence. As soon as you’re arrested, speak with an expert Georgia drunk driving accident lawyer to ensure you are aware of the punishments you face.

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