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An angry driver yelling at another after a road rage incident led to a crash.Road rage incidents are on the rise, and they’re leading to serious accidents that maim and kill. While most drivers have found themselves shouting four-letter words and jockeying for space on the road at some point or another, those who perpetrate road rage take it to the extreme.

They are willing to seriously hurt — even kill — others for the sake of their own delicate egos. In their wake, they leave injury victims and their families reeling from the costs of their petty anger.

If you’ve been in a road rage-fueled accident, contact Ali Awad of The CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm. You may be entitled to damages for your injury treatment costs and other losses from the at-fault driver(s) responsible for your wreck.

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What an Atlanta Road Rage Accident Attorney Can Do for You

A personal injury attorney can help you build a case to successfully receive the compensation you may be entitled to from the perpetrator of road rage aggression. Your attorney will speak with you about the incident and gather documentation to paint a picture of what happened. Building your case may require extensive research.

Your attorney will coordinate with law enforcement, medical professionals, insurance companies, witnesses, and the other driver to gather the details they need. Finally, they’ll consult state laws and preceding cases to bolster your claim.

Your car accident attorney’s ultimate goal is to get the compensation you may be entitled to for injuries sustained during the accident, lost wages from being unable to work, and pain or suffering.

Road rage accidents can be extreme: you could end up disabled or impaired due to someone else’s negligence and lack of consideration. Therefore, it’s always wise to speak with an attorney if you’ve been hit by an angry driver.

Civil and Criminal Penalties for Road Rage in Georgia

Road rage incidents make headlines every year. Sadly, road rage is incredibly common – 8 out of 10 drivers admit to driving aggressively, and around 90 percent of drivers say they’ve seen someone else act aggressively on the road.

You may think of road rage as an isolated incident where someone honks, swears, or gets upset and speeds off. However, data from the last ten years shows that fatal crashes due to road rage are up 500%.

Participants in surveys have openly admitted to sideswiping other cars, ramming into other vehicles on purpose, or even running drivers off the road. Needless to say, road rage can be dangerous, and anyone can be a victim.

Because of their intentional nature, road rage accidents can be especially frustrating and infuriating. You can follow all the rules of the road but end up hurt because someone having a bad day decided to make yours worse.

Georgia has aggressive driving laws to protect people who fall victim to road rage:

  • Drivers can be found liable for aggressive driving if they annoy, harass, intimidate, molest, obstruct, or injure another driver. If they’re found guilty of aggressive driving, they can be held liable for damages
  • Drivers who use cars to threaten or intimidate others may face a $5,000 fine and/or a maximum of 12 months in jail.
  • You can recover punitive damages (compensation) for a road rage accident

What Causes Road Rage?

Psychologists have done extensive studies on the causes of road rage. Understanding how the human mind works is useful for reducing or preventing these types of incidents altogether.

Through the studies on this topic, researchers have created a profile of the typical aggressive driver:

  • Aggressive thinking: Rage-prone drivers tend to have aggressive thoughts about other drivers on the road. They may wonder or express harsh thoughts about another person’s style of driving, shout or scream at other drivers (whether they have passengers in their car or not), or make rude gestures.
  • Risky driving: Rage-prone people tend to take more risks on the road. They might drive over the speed limit, make sharp or unexpected maneuvers, tailgate other drivers, or disregard traffic signals.
  • Impulsivity: Aggressive drivers are often impulsive, meaning they act on their feelings at the moment instead of thinking things through. This may lead to extreme overreactions that cause accidents and injuries.

While many people who drive aggressively fit the profile above, there are some circumstances where relatively calm drivers exhibit road rage. Environmental factors can cause people to react in unexpected ways. Examples include:

  • Traffic: Being stuck in a surprise traffic jam on the way to an important appointment can put even the most calm driver on edge. Therefore, it’s no surprise that traffic and chaotic driving conditions may increase the chances of road rage.
  • Weather: Bad weather is disorienting, stressful, and frustrating. This is especially true if the weather comes on without warning or if you haven’t properly planned your commute. Drivers may be quick to anger in poor weather conditions.
  • Confusing conditions: Construction, obstacles in the road, or unexpected delays can also heighten stress and contribute to road rage incidents. You can’t always bypass or avoid these circumstances on the road. Therefore, you should remain calm in these conditions and follow signs and instructions closely to avoid any incidents.
  • External factors: We all have bad days. Disappointing news, stress at home, health problems, and a myriad of other issues can weigh on your mind and affect your day-to-day life. If you’re struggling mentally, it’s wise to delay driving until you can think clearly.
  • Passengers: Drivers should avoid traveling when emotions are high. Fighting with a spouse or debating with a passenger can lead to distractions and anger — both of which can be deadly. These heated conversations should never happen behind the wheel.

Regardless of the reason for the feelings behind road rage, there’s no justification for putting others’ lives in danger because of an immature reaction to stress. Road rage perpetrators can and should be held accountable for the damages they inflict.

The Aftermath of Road Rage Incidents

Sadly, drivers are injured every year in road rage-related accidents. They may be injured as a result of an accident that started with road rage or as a result of violent acts committed by another driver.

Regardless of what happened, there is legal recourse if you’ve been harmed by an aggressive driver. The common effects of road rage incidents are described below.

Impact Injuries

A driver who is blinded by anger may not give a second thought to protecting themselves or their vehicle. They might ram into the side of your car, rear-end you, or even run you off the road.

The impact can cause a range of injuries, such as whiplash from rapid head/neck movement, broken bones, internal bleeding/injuries, lacerations, or brain damage. These injuries can range from mild to severe, depending on how the accident happened.

Direct Violence

In some cases, enraged drivers might exit their vehicles and engage with you directly. There’s also a rise in incidents where people have fired a gun from their vehicle at the subject of their ire.

In these incidents, if you can, it’s best to quickly and safely drive away. If you’re forced into a confrontation, you could end up with injuries.

These may include cuts, bruises, broken bones, or gunshot wounds if the angry driver uses a weapon. These wounds can leave scars and affect your quality of life for years to come.

Anxiety and Fear

Road rage can be terrifying. Naturally, you may feel nervous about engaging with other drivers or traveling on the road after an incident or confrontation.

People may experience panic attacks, depression, anxiety, grief, isolation, or mood swings. In severe cases, these crippling conditions prevent people from working, traveling, and enjoying day-to-day life.

Schedule Interruptions

If you’re injured in a road rage incident, you may have to take time off of work to heal. Further, you might need extra services, like childcare, assistance around the house, or rehabilitative therapy.

These needs can be costly and challenging to arrange. When you’re facing lost wages and mounting medical bills, the last stressor you want to deal with is schedule interruptions that affect your mood and quality of life.

Financial Challenges

Dealing with insurance, hospitals, and medical providers can feel overwhelming. Medical bills can be shockingly high, even with help from insurance.

Further, the bills will add up if you have to use multiple providers and services. In addition to medical bills, you may need car repairs or a replacement vehicle.

Insurance can help, but it takes time to process claims, complete paperwork, and get the reimbursement you need for your car.

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If you were injured or harmed in a road rage incident, Georgia law has protections in place that allow you to claim compensation. Ali Awad of the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm can help you determine how much compensation is possible.

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