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While we’d like to think that buying new, or certified pre-owned, can protect us from the threat of a game-changing defect or maintenance issue, the reality is that with every purchase, there’s always a small chance that your vehicle could be host to defective car parts.

Couple this with the possibility of receiving a defective part when you bring your car in for a small tuneup or major repair, and your chances of experiencing an accident due to a defective car part become all the higher.

Fortunately, there are certain legal protections in place that safeguard consumers from the harms inflicted by defective parts, products, and releases. Working with an attorney can ensure that you can file a strong claim that holds the manufacturer (or other responsible party) responsible and collect any compensation you may be owed for your resulting damages.

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Benefits of Working With an Atlanta Defective Car Parts Attorney

A defective car parts attorney is trained to help clients who have recently experienced an accident that was caused by faulty vehicle components. Unlike a general Atlanta personal injury lawyer, who covers a wide range of injury cases, these attorneys can hone in on the specific legal codes, manufacturer agreements, and various legal complexities that often surround defective car parts.

More specifically, an Atlanta defective car parts attorney can bring the following types of legal knowledge and services to the table to help strengthen your car accident claim’s chances of success.

A Technical Understanding of Defective Car Parts

Defective car part attorneys have a highly technical understanding of what goes into defective car parts claims, built over years of working on these cases. From manufacturing standards to the due diligence expected of companies, their knowledge of these case factors can help pinpoint exactly who is liable and why.

That said, they also know when to tap an expert to double-check their work. Our attorneys also know who to check in with across Atlanta and can tap their network to help you build a strong case empowered by grounded, technical insights.

The Power to Hold the Manufacturer Accountable

To hold a large manufacturer accountable, your Atlanta car accident attorney will need a deep knowledge of product liability laws. Our defective car parts attorneys understand how to navigate this legal framework and how to ensure that these major players are held responsible for producing unsafe products.

A Great Grasp On Product Recalls and Industry Trends

Our attorneys make an effort to stay up-to-date on all the latest vehicle recalls. This, plus years of experience reviewing claims against all sorts of manufacturers, helps them establish quicker, more organized next steps for every claim.

As a result, when a new client’s accident involves a recalled component, our team can swiftly make the connection between the defective part and better leverage it to strengthen your case.Firefighters putting out a car battery fire on a city road at night.

What Are Defective Car Parts?

Defective car parts are components of a vehicle that have flaws or issues that compromise their functionality and safety. These flaws can lead to accidents, intensified injuries, and even fatalities if left unchecked.

While supposedly rare, defective car parts are often more common than you’d expect.

For example, just this May, one report found that more than 30 million U.S. drivers may be at risk from one specific airbag defect. The defect involved an airbag inflator manufactured by ARC Automotive, which, under certain circumstances, can explode and spew shrapnel.

In another instance, Toyota was fined over one billion dollars for trying to conceal safety defects. Now, recent parts shortages have led some to worry that companies may rush to mitigate bottlenecked production by using replacement parts their teams are less familiar with.

These examples are just part of why it’s so important to work with a qualified defective car parts attorney to ensure you’re doing everything you can to hold a company responsible when they endanger the lives of you and your loved ones.

The Different Kinds of Defective Car Parts

To file a strong claim, you’ll need to understand the different types of defective car parts so you can properly categorize your own issue.

For our purposes, there are essentially three major ‘types’ of defective car parts:

  1. Design Defects: Design defects will happen when the initial design and engineering specifications for the car part are flawed. Because the design is flawed, every piece created under these instructions will be flawed. In these cases, an entire batch of parts can easily be affected.
  2. Manufacturing Defects: These defects occur due to an error in the production process. The flaw could stem from a one-time error, subpar materials, or a larger lapse in quality control. For example, say a manufacturer produced a batch of brake pads but failed to adequately bond them. In use, this mistake could lead to reduced braking efficiency, which could then potentially cause an accident.
  3. Marketing Defects: Also known as ‘failure to warn’ defects, marketing defects may happen when a manufacturer fails to provide the public with adequate warnings (or instructions) about the potential risks associated with their products. So, for example, if a company failed to provide clear instructions for installing a child safety seat (or did not clearly call out a major pain point), their oversight could lead to incorrect installation and heightened injury risks.

There are also possible “strict liability” claims that can allow injured parties to hold manufacturers or other named parties responsible for the consequences of parts that may be deemed unacceptably dangerous by virtue of their history of causing injuries. These claims negate the need to show that the manufacturer (or other party) was negligent, instead proving that the product itself posed unreasonable dangers to the public.

Real World Examples:

  • Design Defect: A car manufacturer designs a vehicle with a flawed gas tank placement that makes it susceptible to explosions in rear-end collisions.
  • Manufacturing Defect: Faulty welding during the manufacturing of a car’s frame leads to lesser structural integrity, which then makes the vehicle more prone to crumpling in accidents.
  • Marketing Defect: A tire manufacturer fails to adequately warn consumers about the dangers of using a particular tire in extreme weather conditions, which then leads to tire blowouts and accidents.

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Liability in Defective Car Parts Claims

In a defective car parts claim, liability will revolve around determining who is responsible for the faulty component that led to the accident.

Establishing liability involves proving that the defective part directly contributed to the incident. In Atlanta, this involves navigating a web of legal considerations that govern product liability. More specifically, these include the following:

Strict Liability

In Atlanta and throughout Georgia, the legal doctrine of strict liability[1] holds manufacturers accountable for defective products, regardless of their level of care. This means that if a defective car part caused an accident, the manufacturer can be held liable.

Local Code 51-1-11[2] underscores this principle, emphasizing manufacturers’ responsibility for producing safe products.


Proving negligence will mean outlining that the manufacturer’s actions — or lack thereof — deviated from a reasonable standard of care, which ultimately led to the defect.

Local law, such as Section 51-1-8[3] of the Georgia Code, outlines the standards of negligence that can be applied to defective car part cases. For example, if a manufacturer fails to perform adequate quality checks during production, they may be deemed negligent.

Breach of Warranty

In Atlanta, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)[4] governs warranty claims related to defective car parts. Section 11-2-314 states that sellers are responsible for providing goods that are fit for their intended purpose.

If a car part doesn’t meet this standard and causes harm, a breach of warranty claim can be pursued against the manufacturer or seller.

Proving Fault in Defective Car Part Cases

While proving fault can feel like an upward battle, it’s actually a very simple process. At its core, proving fault just means working through the following four steps:

  1. Identify the Defective Part: First, you’ll need to clearly identify the specific defective car part involved and its type of defect (design, manufacturing, or marketing).
  2. Determine Causation: Next, make sure to establish a direct link between the defective part and the accident to demonstrate how the defect contributed to the incident.
  3. Highlight the Manufacturer’s Responsibility: Then, work with your attorney to demonstrate how the manufacturer’s (or other party’s) actions or omissions directly led to the defect and any subsequent harm.
  4. Lack of Alteration: Finally, simply prove that the defective part was not altered or modified after purchase to ensure that the manufacturer’s liability remains intact.

If you run into any speed bumps along the way, make sure to consult your lawyer to determine the next best step. Even from your initial consultation, they should be able to provide you with a clear checklist of actionable items to follow.

Should I Work With a Defective Car Parts Law Firm if My Vehicle’s Manufacturer Has Issued a Recall?

Working with a defective car parts law firm will practically always be to your advantage, even if your manufacturer has issued a clear recall.

A recall is when a manufacturer acknowledges a problem with their product could jeopardize your safety. However, recalls don’t always cover all the damages that can happen due to the defect.

That’s where a defective car parts law firm comes in.

Their knowledge and experience with handling cases like yours ensures you’re informed of your legal options and able to build the best claim possible, seeking recovery of all damages. A defective car parts law firm knows how to dig deep, analyze the extent of damages, and seek rightful compensation for injuries, medical costs, and other losses that might not be part of the recall package.

Remember, the recall is a starting point, but it’s not the finish line when it comes to ensuring your rights are protected.

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