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Two vehicles on a flyover having collided after one attempted to change lane at the wrong time.Driving in Atlanta can be a stressful situation for even the most experienced drivers. The numerous interstates intersecting, the traffic, the airport, the tourists, the construction, and numerous one-way streets are just a few of the reasons why driving in Atlanta can be particularly challenging.

It may be no surprise, then, given all the circumstances, that accidents are commonly caused by unsafe lane changes. Drivers may be distracted or lost, or construction may have caused exits to change. Others on the road, even those who are particularly safety-conscious, may not be able to do anything to prevent lane change accidents with aggressive and reckless drivers. These accidents tend to cause serious injuries.

If you or somebody you love was involved in an accident due to someone else’s reckless driving practices, such as changing lanes unsafely, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries from the responsible driver. If you are thinking of pursuing compensation, an experienced Atlanta unsafe lane changes accident attorney will give you the best chance at receiving the money you deserve to move on with your life.

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Hire an Atlanta Unsafe Lane Changes Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a serious, injury-causing car accident, you may be tempted to accept the insurance company’s settlement check just to pay your bills and move on with your life. However, doing so will most likely close the door to you ever being able to receive more money, even if you find out later that the amount the insurance company provided was insufficient to truly pay for all your expenses related to the accident.

Instead of trying to handle everything alone, contact an experienced Atlanta accident attorney. An attorney will work with you to help determine and prove liability for the accident, act as a liaison with the insurance company, help you calculate the amount of money in damages to seek, and be there to handle all the administrative tasks while you stay home, resting and recovering from your accident.

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During this meeting, we will get to know you and learn about your case. We will use this information to devise a legal strategy that will maximize the chance that you are able to get the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

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What Is an Unsafe Lane Change?

Unfortunately, unsafe or improper lane changes occur across Atlanta and the surrounding cities constantly. Georgia law requires drivers to use their turn signals to indicate a planned lane change and to maintain a single lane while driving on any road with more than two lanes. Any time a lane change is needed, they must first check to see it is safe and perform the maneuver one lane at a time, checking each time they need to enter a new lane.

Though these seem like simple, straightforward rules to follow, drivers often fail to do one or all of these actions.

When changing lanes, drivers are also expected to check and ensure there is enough room between their vehicles and other vehicles on the road. Drivers are expected to maintain an awareness of other vehicles on the road, no matter their location, and use that information to inform their judgment about when a lane change is appropriate.

Though changing lanes is common and normally allowed on most roads, there are situations where lane changes are unlawful. For example, changing lanes in a construction zone, when passing a school bus, or in other no-passing zones is considered an unsafe or improper lane change and will be treated as such by law enforcement officers.

The penalties for changing lanes in an unsafe manner are fairly significant. Drivers can face fines of up to $1000 and can receive up to three points on their license, which will accumulate with any other points they have received, which could eventually cause their license to be suspended.

In addition to the legal penalties a driver may face for unsafe lane changes, they may also face civil penalties if their actions cause wrongful injury or death to other drivers. The victims of these actions, or their families, may bring lawsuits forward to receive compensation for the injuries they received as a result of the reckless driving of the responsible driver.

What Should I Do if an Unsafe Lane Change Causes An Accident?

If you have been involved in an accident caused by a driver making an improper lane change, there are some important steps you should take.

Move to Safety

If you are able, the very first thing you should do is move your vehicle to an area that is out of the way of traffic, such as a median or shoulder, to prevent a worse accident from happening. Keeping yourself safe is the most important thing to consider in the aftermath of a car accident. However, stay close to the scene of the accident – you should never leave the scene altogether.

Call the Authorities

According to Georgia law, if an accident results in more than $500 in property damage, injuries, or death, you are required to call the police and have them file a report. A police report is one of the most important documents you will need, both for your insurance company and for yourself, if you choose to seek compensation for your injuries.

Document the Accident

Take as many pictures of the accident as you possibly can. Use the camera on your cellphone to take pictures of your vehicle, the other vehicles involved, the location of the accident, the weather conditions, or any injuries you or your passengers sustained.

Collect Contact Information

If you are able, you should try to get the name, contact information, and insurance information for anyone involved in the accident. Avoid arguing or assigning blame at this time. If there were any witnesses of the accident, get their name and contact information, as well. It is possible that their testimony could help you with your case.

Seek Medical Treatment

Even if you don’t think that you have been injured, it is imperative that you seek medical treatment as quickly as possible after an accident. Doctors are familiar with car accident injuries and will be able to help diagnose and treat injuries, sometimes before you are even aware you have them. Additionally, your medical record will serve as proof of the injuries you sustained as a direct result of your accident, which will be necessary when trying to prove that you deserve compensation for your injuries from the liable party.

Contact an Attorney

Before you speak with an insurance company, either your own or the insurance company of the responsible party, contact an accident attorney to represent you. An attorney will advise you of your rights and help facilitate conversation between you and the insurance company while making sure that your best interests are protected.

Proving Fault in an Unsafe Lane Change Accident

Under Georgia negligence law, there are four elements that must be satisfied or proven in order for a driver to be held at fault for an accident. These elements include:

1. Existence of a duty of care

In Georgia, all drivers owe a duty of care to other drivers to drive in a reasonable and safe way. So, any vehicle on the road automatically owes a duty of care to the other drivers.

2. Breach of duty of care

If a driver operates their vehicle in any way that would not be safe and reasonable, such as driving under the influence or driving while distracted, they have breached their duty of care.

3. The breach of duty of care directly caused the accident and associated damage/injuries

This element in determining fault for the accident is why it is so important to seek medical care as soon after the accident as possible. The medical professional can tie your injuries directly to the accident and ensure the liable party can’t argue that the injuries you have received are due to pre-existing conditions or situations that happened apart from the accident.

4. Injuries, damages, and losses that actually occurred

The breach of duty of care must have resulted in actual injuries, not just theoretical losses. For instance, you can only recover compensation for the injuries you actually received in an unsafe lane change accident, but not other injuries that you could have potentially received as a result of the accident.

If you are feeling lost or unsure about what to do and who to talk to after an unsafe lane change accident, reach out to an experienced Atlanta accident attorney today. Your attorney will help you explore your options and will ensure that you know your rights and are pursuing a legal path that will be the most beneficial to you and your family.

Hire an Experienced Atlanta Unsafe Lane Changes Accident Law Firm

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident due to a reckless driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

The time immediately following a serious accident can be stressful and confusing. Hiring an attorney can help you rest at ease, knowing that you have someone who is looking out for you and fighting to make sure you get the compensation you need in order to rebuild your life after the accident.

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