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A dark hatchback damaged in an accident after an accident while merging with another lane.Lane changes are a fundamental driving maneuver, whether you’re traveling at high speed on a freeway or trying to inch your way into a lane during bumper-to-bumper traffic. Unfortunately, lane change accidents are quite common due to distractions, poor judgment, and confusion when moving from one lane to the next.

Even diligent drivers can be involved in a lane change accident if another driver fails to pay close attention.

If you’ve been hit while someone was switching lanes, the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm is here to help. Lane change accidents can result in significant injuries that leave you saddled with medical debt, disabling physical challenges, and mental or emotional struggles.

Our goal is to help you claim the compensation you may be entitled to after a lane change accident. Attorney Ali Awad has retrieved millions of dollars in settlements and jury awards for his clients in less than five years.

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What to Look For in an Atlanta Merging Lanes Accident Attorney

Choosing a car accident attorney to represent your personal injury case can be a challenge. There are many options, and Atlanta personal injury lawyers will be eager to represent you if they learn about your needs.

That said, it’s critical to choose an attorney with a good track record and a winning attitude. When seeking to hire any attorney, look for the following traits to increase your chances of a successful injury claim.

  • Experience: Above all, experience is crucial for lodging a successful claim. Like any profession, attorneys are constantly learning and adapting as they work with different clients. Choosing a seasoned attorney with a great track record is the safest bet for winning your case. They’ll have a deep understanding of the legal system, and they’ll know what strategies lead to success. As you speak with different professionals, ask about their prior cases. See if there is an overlap between your situation and other cases that they’ve handled. Of course, don’t hesitate to ask for testimonials from past clients, as well.
  • Reliability: A good attorney listens to your concerns, responds to your questions in a timely manner, and works patiently with clients no matter the circumstances. If you meet with an attorney who seems dismissive, disinterested, rushed, or self-absorbed, you should continue your search. You’ll benefit from working with someone who focuses on your needs above their own.
  • Detail-oriented: Attention to detail is key when making a personal injury claim. Your attorney must carefully manage your paperwork, keep track of key dates, and consider all aspects of your case. If there are weaknesses in the case that your attorney hasn’t addressed, your claim could fall flat. Therefore, you need a detail-oriented professional who won’t cut corners or make mistakes.
  • Compassionate: You shouldn’t feel like a number while working with your attorney. Instead, your attorney should treat you with care and respect your wishes. Making a personal injury claim is a collaborative effort.

What You Should Know About Merging Lane Accidents

Statistics show that human error causes 90%+ of car accidents. One study indicates that between 2010 and 2017, lane change accidents accounted for 17 percent of all severe crashes worldwide – a higher percentage than speeding (12.8%) and tailgating (11.2%).

Some of the factors that cause lane change accidents are described below.

Blind Spots

Drivers have blind spots or areas where they can’t see surrounding traffic due to the angle of the car’s mirrors, though many modern cars have blind spot monitoring. This technical feature alerts drivers if vehicles are passing through either blind spot.

Usually, the car will beep, or the lights will flash to indicate another car’s presence. However, if this feature fails to work or if a driver has an older vehicle, you could still get hit while passing through someone’s blind spot.

Further, someone may try to merge on top of you when you are in their blind spot, and they fail to check, as is expected of them. These accidents can be especially jarring since you have no forewarning.

Failure to Signal

Signaling is the only reliable way to let other drivers know your intentions. However, many people fail to signal due to laziness, forgetfulness, or being distracted.

There is no good excuse for failing to signal, and unfortunately, accidents often occur because drivers don’t reliably use their blinkers. If someone merges into your lane with no warning, there’s no time to react.

This is a significant factor in lane merging accidents.

Obstacles or Stopped Traffic

Sometimes, drivers veer into other lanes without warning to avoid stopped traffic or road obstacles. For instance, a driver might cut into your lane because a deer leaped into their path or another vehicle came to a dead stop in the middle of the road.

These accidents can be tricky to approach because the other driver may feel as if they had no choice but to avoid the obstacle.

Distracted Driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving claimed over 3,000 lives in 2021. It’s possible for drivers to veer or drift into other lanes while texting and driving, fussing with kids or pets in the car, or eating and drinking behind the wheel.

Once the driver realizes they’re drifting into another lane, they may over-correct and hit another vehicle. Alternatively, they may not realize they’ve drifted until it’s too late and they’ve struck another car.

Aggressive Driving

Unfortunately, some people let anger get the best of them while driving. Road rage is a common problem, and if you catch someone on a bad day, you could become a target.

At best, an angry driver could distract you by shouting obscenities or making rude gestures. However, angry drivers can react in extreme ways that you wouldn’t expect.

An enraged person might rear-end other vehicles, sideswipe cars, or even try to run vehicles off of the road — even if these actions result in damage to their vehicle.

Road rage incidents can cause injuries or even fatalities.

Injuries From Lane Changing Accidents

Like any car accident, lane-changing incidents can result in significant injuries. This is especially true for accidents that happen on freeways, where speed increases the risk.

Some injuries you could incur from a lane change accident include:

  • Whiplash: Whiplash is a neck/spinal injury that results from rapid head or neck movement. Whiplash can resolve itself after a few days or weeks, or it can cause lasting issues that impact your range of motion and quality of life.
  • Broken bones: The impact of being hit can lead to sprains, fractures, or broken bones. You’ll need casts, medications, and (potentially) rehabilitative therapy to regain the use of the impacted body parts.
  • Cuts and lacerations: Jagged metal, broken glass, and loose objects in a vehicle can cause deep cuts, bruises, and similar wounds. If you have these wounds after an accident, you should seek urgent treatment to avoid infections.
  • Organ damage: A car accident can damage sensitive organs like your liver, lungs, or heart. Internal bleeding is a serious complication. Without immediate help, internal injuries can be fatal.
  • Brain injuries: You may sustain a concussion or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) following a car accident. TBIs can range from mild to severe. The side effects can include memory loss, confusion, behavioral changes, and confusion.
  • Mental/emotional challenges: Accidents can be life-changing. In an instant, your sense of security, peace, comfort, and life as you once knew it can disappear. People may struggle with feelings of depression, anxiety, sadness, guilt, grief, and anger after an accident. This is especially true in cases where someone is seriously injured or killed.

Even with good personal health insurance, medical bills can pile up quickly. In complex cases, you may be hospitalized for a long time or required to see many different specialists.

Some of these providers or services may not be in-network, which compounds your financial burden. Further, if the accident leaves you impaired or disabled, you may have to rely on caregivers or family for ongoing help.

No one should have to rely on their own insurance to pay for the costs of someone else’s negligence, anyway. Doing so could impact your premiums or even your eligibility for further coverage.

Instead, seek to reclaim the costs of your medical care and other damages through a liability claim with the help of an experienced Atlanta injury attorney.

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To quickly resolve matters following an accident, insurance companies will offer you less than you deserve in compensation for your injuries. Many victims feel pressured to accept these offers as the bills begin to pile up, but that is rarely a good idea. The insurance company is looking to protect its bottom line; and will offer injured victims less than they deserve. An experienced personal injury attorney understands how to negotiate with the insurance company and can look out for your best interests by getting you the compensation you deserve after an injury. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, it is important to avoid negotiating or providing recorded statements to the insurance company without first seeking help from a qualified personal injury attorney.

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The best way to determine if you have a personal injury case is to speak with a knowledgeable attorney. Our legal professionals have the expertise to evaluate your case and determine a strong legal strategy so that you can obtain the greatest amount of compensation possible under the law. We will enlist investigators, assistants, and other specialists to collect accident reports, speak with witnesses to your accident, and put together a plan. While you focus on your physical recovery, we will remain committed to fighting for the compensation that you deserve.

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Accident victims have a limited time to file a personal injury lawsuit. This time period is referred to as the statute of limitations, and in Atlanta, it lasts only two years. This means that if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you have only two years to pursue a personal injury suit. If you wait too long to reach out to an experienced attorney, you might be forever barred from seeking the compensation you deserve.

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During your initial consultation with CEO Lawyer team, we will go over the important details of your personal injury accident, which include the nature and extent of your injuries, how your injuries have impacted your ability to earn a paycheck, the cost of your medical treatment, and whether further medical treatment will be required. We will answer any questions you might have, as well, in regards to our experience, our track record of success, and what to expect from the legal process. Many personal injury victims wonder if they will be able to afford the legal fees required to pursue a lawsuit. CEO Lawyer injury and accident attorneys will not ask for any type of upfront fee unless we are successful in obtaining compensation for you. That means that if you have been harmed in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall accident, defective product accident, or any other type of personal injury accident, you can absolutely afford to contact our law office today for assistance. In fact, you cannot afford to wait. Reach out today. We understand that some accident victims might have already obtained the assistance of an attorney but may be dissatisfied with the services provided. We are standing by and prepared to help you change legal representation, regardless of where you are in the process.

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