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A woman calling for help on her phone after an accident where she crashed in a ditch.Single-vehicle accidents can be just as dangerous — if not more so — than an accident involving multiple vehicles. These crashes often stem from a collision with a fixed object, a road departure, or a road defect.

They commonly result in a rollover as well, potentially creating deadly circumstances for vehicle occupants.

Despite not involving another driver who was negligent, a single-vehicle accident could still provide sufficient legal grounds for an injury claim. The claim may be against the manufacturer of a defective vehicle, the owner of a property with an unacceptable hazard, the agency responsible for keeping roads safely maintained, or any other number of potential named parties.

In some circumstances, the injured occupants of a vehicle may even have a claim against their own driver.

Ali Awad, the CEO Lawyer, is highly experienced in helping clients recover from the aftermath of their accident. If you have been involved in a single-vehicle accident, he and his attorney team will fight for your right to claim the full amount of compensation from all negligent parties.

We will review the circumstances of your crash, investigate the cause, and estimate damages so that you can recover as much as possible in the wake of your unfortunate accident.

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Single-vehicle accidents are not as common as a typical accident involving two or more vehicles, but they are also much more deadly. According to statistics from the Georgia Department of Transportation, single-vehicle accidents accounted for just 18% of all accidents but over half (51%) of all motor vehicle fatalities from 2018 – 2022.

Because of the limited number of witnesses and the likelihood for them to occur in more remote areas, single-vehicle accidents can be more difficult to investigate. Determining the cause can require the input of accident reconstructionists and other experts.

There may also be allegations against the driver regarding speeding, alcohol use, reckless driving, or other negligent behaviors because of their tendency to be a prime causal factor in these accidents.

When you work with Ali Awad and the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm, you can rest assured that he will get to the bottom of what really happened in your accident. His team can also help you accurately value all damages you have suffered, ensuring that you get the compensation you need to recover from this extremely tragic event.

We have a track record that includes millions in secured settlements, and jury verdict awards won on behalf of our clients. While we can’t guarantee results for your own case, we can assure you that we will work as hard as possible using the full extent of our knowledge and experience.

When working with the CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm, you can expect the following services and benefits:

  • Comprehensive case management across all stages of your claim, including handling the insurance claims process and preparing your case for a possible lawsuit
  • Seasoned legal guidance from an attentive and empathetic attorney
  • Strategic insights to help maximize your case’s chances of success
  • Accurate valuation of all damages, including projected future costs
  • Rigorous investigation into your accident’s cause, as well as the outcomes of cases similar to yours
  • Aggressive negotiation for the fairest amount of compensation possible
  • Referral to our network of trusted professionals who can help you recover medically from your accident, repair your vehicle, and prepare your accounts so as to retain the highest possible amount from your settlement or award

What Are Some Common Single-Vehicle Accident Scenarios?

A single-vehicle accident can take many forms, and it can even involve multiple types of collisions. However, when analyzing these accidents, a number of common scenarios emerge:

  • Collision with a tree or other fixed object
  • Loss of traction or vehicle control
  • Road departure
  • Road Hazard
  • Severe weather
  • Rollovers

Collision With Tree or Other Fixed Object

Fixed object collisions almost necessarily require a departure from the road, but not all single-vehicle accidents involving a collision will see the vehicle leave the road entirely. That is because many hazards — including trees, signage, post office boxes, barriers, fencings, etc. — lie just outside the path of the asphalt, immediately adjacent to the roadway.

The vehicle can take a turn too broadly, for example, or malfunction in such a way as to cause a loss of control, leading the driver to hit a tree, parked vehicle, or other object on or immediately beside the roadway.

These types of accidents are often associated with severe weather conditions, impaired drivers, drowsy drivers, and unacceptable roadway hazards. As an example of the latter category, a vehicle may collide with a bollard or other traffic control device that is insufficiently visible, or that was placed unreasonably close to the roadway.

Loss of Traction or Vehicle Control

A vehicle can have an accident without departing the road or hitting anything whatsoever. These types of accidents typically involve a “spinout” or rollover incident, often after the vehicle has hit a road hazard.

The driver may also have overcorrected after making a driving maneuver, such as a lane change, creating a high level of force on the top or rear end of the vehicle, followed by the vehicle spinning out or overturning.

Impaired and drowsy drivers often make overcorrection mistakes, but some accidents have been linked to active safety features that are poorly calibrated or that confuse the driver and cause them to overreact to the situation, leading to an accident.

Road Departure

Road departure accidents are often fatal. They commonly occur at night, especially when the driver is under the influence, distracted, speeding, or unfamiliar with their route.

Road hazards, such as washed-out roadways or slippery substances, can also contribute to this type of accident.

Other Road Hazards

Debris, potholes, soft shoulders, and other issues can all cause or contribute to a single-vehicle accident.

Severe Weather

Single-vehicle accidents are more likely during and immediately after severe weather incidents. Drivers may lose visibility or control of their vehicle, especially when there is ice or standing water on the road.


Rollovers are an increasing problem in passenger vehicles. They can occur when the vehicle hits a “trip” point, such as a curb or object in the road, but they may even happen in curves or during other maneuvers at highway speeds.

Manufacturers may be liable when a dangerous vehicle design causes or contributes to one of these types of accidents.

How Can I Recover Money From My Single-Vehicle Accident After I Am Injured?

There are many possible sources of compensation available after you or a loved one has been hurt in a single-vehicle accident. This compensation can pay for your:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Pain and suffering

Some common sources of compensation available after a single-vehicle accident are listed below.

The Driver’s Insurance Policy

Depending on the policy, the driver of the vehicle may be liable for the costs of treating injuries and other expenses when they are determined to be at fault for the accident.

The Property Owner or Responsible Agency

Single-vehicle accidents are often caused by hazards, roadway defects, design flaws, improper signage, and other issues that fall under the responsibility of the state, local, or federal agency in charge of constructing and maintaining the road. Claims against state-affiliated entities require you to move fast, often leaving you just six months to file a claim and proof of your damages.

Private property owners can also be held liable if their negligence leads to a hazard or creates conditions that cause a single-vehicle accident to occur.

Defective Vehicle Manufacturers

Your vehicle may have had a design defect, a manufacturing defect, or a feature that was not adequately explained to you — all of which could have contributed to your accident. Your attorney will help you investigate the circumstances of your accident and determine if your vehicle or its systems played a part in causing your injuries or making them worse than they would have been otherwise.

Your Own Insurance

If you have collision insurance, you may be able to cover the costs of your vehicle’s repairs or replacement. Medical payments (MedPay) insurance coverage, which pays for your necessary medical care regardless of fault, is also available as an add-on for all policies.

Work With an Aggressive Atlanta Single-Vehicle Accident Law Firm That Wants to Fight for YOU!

Ali Awad and his entire team are not afraid to stand up against property owners, government agencies, vehicle manufacturers, and other parties when they hold liability for your injuries. Our experienced Atlanta car accident attorneys are prepared to assist you in any way we can, rigorously investigating your accident and then pursuing all parties who could have contributed to liability.

We understand that you may be scared and confused in the wake of your accident, especially when there’s not another driver who was obviously at fault. You can review all of your legal options and then entrust us to do everything we can to maximize your chances of obtaining the compensation you need.

Find out more about your legal options and what forms of compensation could be available when you call (833) 254-2923 or contact us online to schedule your free case review.

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