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Although avoidable, drivers still get involved in fatigue-related accidents due to challenging factors.

It’s impossible to pay adequate attention to happenings on the road when fatigued. A supposedly peaceful ride can quickly become a nightmare for you and other road users.

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Damages an Atlanta Fatigued Driving Accident Attorney Can Help You Claim

In a fatigued driving accident claim, damages are provided to compensate you for loss or injury suffered due to the incident. The types of damages available are specific to individuals, the injuries they have suffered, and the other unique details of their claim.

Common types of damages claimed for fatigued driving accidents include:

  • Medical Costs: Refers to all medical bills, present, past, and future, including checkups, medications, supplements, surgeries, physical rehab, and follow-up appointments.
  • Lost Wages: If you were away from work due to your medical appointments or an inability to work, this part of your claim ensures reimbursement of your lost income, including all lost tips, commissions, and benefits to which you would normally be entitled.
  • Pain and suffering: Accounts for all physical, emotional, and overall discomfort caused by the accident.
  • Property Damage: Covers damages to your vehicle or other personal belongings.

An exhausted driver asleep at the wheel of his car.

Common Causes of Fatigued Driving an Atlanta Drowsy Driving Accident Lawyer May Handle

Falling asleep at the wheel is more common than you think. Fatigue while driving can set in at any time for a number of reasons— poor quality sleep, stress, extensive, rigorous work, sleep disorders, or even medication.

Making matters worse, drowsy driving has similar effects to driving under the influence of alcohol. In this tired state, drivers are constantly drifting out of consciousness, giving them poor awareness of their surroundings and a poor ability to react to any dangerous situations that arise.

According to the CDC, almost one in every five fatal crashes in the general population involved a drowsy driver.

The signs of tiredness can be hard to tell. Most fatigued drivers don’t have a full comprehension of their bodies’ state to abstain from the wheel.

Drivers who engage in this behavior have a high risk of:

  • Crashing their car,
  • Slowed response times to surrounding hazards,
  • Making bad decisions and impairing situational awareness,
  • Ultimately causing or getting involved in an accident

Some of the most common reasons for drowsy driving are listed below, but know that any driver who decides to engage in this dangerous behavior could be held liable for the costs of injuries they cause.

Lack of Sleep

Drivers often underestimate the importance of quality sleep when behind the wheel. Intensive work sessions, erratic schedules, and untreated health or sleep disorders often add to the risk of fatigued driving.

Sleep deprivation is common among teenagers, who need longer periods of sleep compared to adults or younger children. If you’re a parent, ensure your teen has adequate bedtime before driving.

Late Driving

Nighttime driving when barely rested is another common cause of drowsy driving accidents. The body can automatically shut itself down at night during periods of intense drowsiness.

Being physically active at this time risks sudden loss of consciousness, trouble recognizing hazards, and delayed reaction times.

Intoxication and Effects of Meds

Alcohol, sedative substances, and other over-the-counter medications also magnify drowsiness during driving. This happens more often when abused or when used contrary to marked instructions.

Sleep Disorders

Untreated conditions like sleep attack (narcolepsy) or sleep apnea can lead to daytime sleeping. Drivers suffering from these disorders need urgent treatment to lessen driving risks.

Long Driving

Extended road trips without enough breaks can lead to fatigue. To prevent this, a driver should make several stops to ease off the stress before continuing the journey.

Late or Swing Shifts

Shift workers with irregular hours often battle with irregular sleep patterns. This continual change in circadian rhythm poses a considerable risk as they commute to and fro from work.

How Many Deaths and Injuries Are Caused By Fatigued Driving?

Road crash figures for drowsy driving are most likely underestimated. In 2017, NHTSA accounted for over 90,000 filed cases. These accidents resulted in 50,000 plus injuries and close to 800 deaths. In 2020, 632 fatalities were documented.

The impact of fatigued drivers on road safety is high. Stress and drowsiness severely impair reaction time, a critical factor in avoiding accidents. In this condition, a driver’s ability to perceive hazards, process information, and respond appropriately becomes delayed. This hampered reaction time increases the likelihood of collisions and the severity of their consequences.

Studies have shown that fatigued drivers exhibit reaction times similar to those under the influence of alcohol. This makes it a substantial contributor to catastrophic road crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

According to the CDC, one in twenty-five adult drivers attest to falling asleep while driving within 30 days prior to the survey. This is often a result of unwholesome lifestyles resulting in sleep reduction.

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How To Avoid Distracted Driving Injuries

To avoid road crashes, drivers should always stay alert. There are multiple short and long-term methods to ensure you keep your focus while manning the wheel.

The primary recommendation is to get enough sleep, especially before driving. Medical experts recommend seven to eight hours of sleep daily. Adhering to this will keep you well-rested and ready to set off for your trip.

If you’re embarking on a long journey, plan your route to include multiple stops and rest breaks. You should get off the road every 4-6 hours of driving to rest.

If you’re on any medications, check the labels to ensure drowsiness isn’t a side effect. Otherwise, get a driver or use commercial transportation when possible.

Sometimes, you might need to drive during peak sleeping periods. This could be either in the dead of the night or at dawn.

You must stay alert and ensure you are not showing signs of drowsiness behind the steering. Drinking coffee or energy drinks can serve as temporary interventions to keep your focus when necessary, but they are not a replacement for adequate rest and full alertness while on the road.

Drivers who choose to get behind the wheel while drowsy put others at risk, and they can be held responsible for the damages they inflict through a drowsy driving accident injury claim.

Important Things To Do If You’re Injured In a Fatigued Driving Accident

If you get injured in a fatigued driving accident in Atlanta, don’t panic. It’s important to follow the right protocols to ensure your safety.

  • Check for injuries and seek help: After an accident, examine yourself first and other passengers for any injuries. Call the appropriate authorities for help if anyone is hurt.
  • Document the accident site: Take pictures and video at the scene, and get the contact information of any witnesses.
  • Go for a medical checkup ASAP: Sometimes, after accidents, pains and injuries aren’t immediately apparent. Ensure you go to the nearest clinic for an overall checkup, especially if you feel pain.
  • Seek legal advice: The CEO Lawyer often advises victims of fatigued driving accidents to consult an attorney if injuries or disputes arise. This will give you a shot at certain compensations you’re entitled to, especially if you think someone else is to blame.

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